Ambassador Savard

Just weeks after Denis Savard was relieved of his duties as Head Coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, he has, according to a November 13th ‘Hawks press release, accepted a position as Blackhawks Ambassador.  With this title, he joins Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita and Tony Esposito, former ‘Hawks who accepted similar roles during last year’s campaign.  This release comes on the heels of a huge ovation following Savard’s introduction during last night’s Keith Magnuson/Pierre Pilote ceremony; indeed, it was the largest of the night – even larger than any ovation for Pilote or Magnuson’s family.  The ovation lasted nearly 30 seconds, and seemed to humble the Hall of Fame ‘Hawk.  Following the ceremony, current Blackhawks, who watched the ceremony from the home bench area, skated to the carpet at the center ice area to greet Savard, who shook hands and hugged the players.  All in all, Savard treated the evening like he treated most nights during his NHL playing career: like a smooth, courteous professional – something worthy of Lady Byng consideration.

So, the Fifth Feather, freely admitting an intense bias, would like to share must-see Denis Savard material.  Sit back, relax, and strap it on down: EnjoyDo it again.

Now, aside from the gorgeous jerseys – including those Devil, Jet and Nordique beauties – one thing should jump out at you: there may be no current NHL players with that kind of flash and grace.  This would explain our bias.  Don’t even get us started on the goal vs. Edmonton where Savard nearly skated around each Oiler twice.

Bottom line: welcome back, Ambassador.  Make yourself at home.

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One Response to Ambassador Savard

  1. John says:

    Yes, welcome back. Just please whatever you do, don’t get behind the bench.

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