The Curious Case of Rozner, Nylander, and the Dueling Goaltenders

Barry Rozner has some odd thoughts today in his column.  He continues his season long campaign for the Hawks to acquire some physical toughness and fighting skills because those are the kind of guys that were littered on Quenneville’s roster in St. Louis.

When you look back at his St. Louis teams, he always had a heavyweight champ on his roster, sometimes as many as three, with Kelly Chase, Chris Pronger and Tony Twist.

Kelly Chase: 458 career games, 53 points.

Tony Twist: 495 career games, 28 points.

Chris Pronger: a no-doubt Hall-of-Famer who is one of the top 5 defenseman of his generation. 

That is probably the only time Kelly Chase and Tony Twist have ever been included in the same sentence as Pronger other than the time Quenneville said, ‘Hey you two meatheads, stay after practice and let Chris practice his hip-checking technique on you.’  Rozner even included Reed Low in on the conversation, he of the 6 points and 234 penalty minutes in a season.  I don’t think there’s any way to say this other than THERE’S NO ROOM ON A NHL ROSTER FOR A GUY WHO BRINGS NOTHING TO THE TABLE OTHER THAN FIGHTING.  Those St. Louis teams played in a completely different era of the NHL.  Teams can’t plug important roster spots with guys who can only take a shift a period and are a liability on the ice especially a team like the Hawks who like to roll all 4 lines.

Rozner closes his argument with this:

You can talk about the “new” NHL all you want, but one thing hasn’t changed.

You still have to protect your stars. 

Yes, I agree with you sir but those bodyguards must be able to do other things for your team like skate, shoot, and pass.

On to the neverending Nylander rumors:

According to a source close to the Washington Capitals, Michael Nylander is buried so deeply in coach Bruce Boudreau’s doghouse, playing on the fourth line after being a healthy scratch the other night, that the team might be ready to part with the veteran center for a draft pick.

Nylander has basically become a total loss for the Capitals.  If the Hawks were able to nab him for a draft pick, beautiful.  Unfortunately, the league and the salary cap have something to say about that.  Including Byfuglien or Barker on any trade for Nylander would be, and I can’t say this enough, an abomination.  Washington can’t do anything with him so let him rot away on their bench or in the press box.  The Hawks would be incredibly foolish to give into the Caps’ demands for a guy they can’t wait to get rid of.

Now onto the goalie saga.  Since the beginning of the season, the media and fans have been all over the Hawks because of the goalie situation.  Certainly with so much money tied up in the cap, it’s justified.  But, if the Hawks are only concerned with winning, this can only be a good situation to be in.  They have two proven, veteran goalies who can carry any team.  Play the one is going well (Khabby) until he isn’t.  Don’t trade him for 50 cents on the dollar so they can clear cap space to acquire the Nylanders of the league.  Unless of course, you’re Barry Rozner.

He has outplayed Cristobal Huet, and as expected created a dilemma. The Hawks need to make the playoffs and send the message to season-ticket holders, in brutal economic times, that winning comes first.

I imagine conversations like this taking place all throughout the Chicagoland:

Husband: Hey hunny, our house just got foreclosed.  Our car was impounded, we can’t pay our credit card bills but the Hawks figured out their goalie situation and proved they want to win and make the playoffs.  Do you think we should get season-tickets again?

Wife: Of course!

Also, Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune had an hour long conversation with John McDonough in which not one interesting thing was said.  Other than Bob Pulford is still the anti-Christ but we all knew that. 

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