Byfuglien not going anywhere…..for now

So after a bizarre couple days, it appears Dustin Byfuglien will not be traded for Michael Nylander.  I’m not really sure who to believe in this tale of He said, he said.  Tallon claims Byfuglien was never involved in any talks but as chicagokill posted at Second City Hockey yesterday, there were enough rumors to keep Tim Sassone busy until Christmas.  Tallon never makes the same claim for Brent Sopel which is reassuring, but I have to think if the ‘Hawks wanted to just dump him, he would be worth at least a later round draft pick and more than a few teams would be lining up for his service.  At this point, he’s better to hang on to as insurance until the ‘Hawks are positive Wisniewski will return.  Unless of course, Tallon wants Matt Walker to take a regular shift on defense and that’s cause for a whole other debate. 

I’m glad Tallon wouldn’t make a deal as silly as the proposed Sopel and Byfuglien for Nylander.  There’s always going to be a team willing to take on Byfuglien so to sell low on him now would be silly.  Ya know, because no team is looking for a big guy with loads of potential that can fill up the back of the net, a relatively affordable contract, and in a pinch could play defense (pinch= all the other defensemen decided to skip the game and hang out at the Beer Bistro).  Yeah, he’s pretty much worthless.

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One Response to Byfuglien not going anywhere…..for now

  1. Bob says:

    Trading Byfuglien for Nylander would be completely assanine. Buff scored 19 goals in about 60 games last year – and at least 15 or so of those games were as a defenseman. Though he hasn’t scored this season (yet) like he did last, he has certainly made very positive contributions over the past couple weeks. And, finally, let us not forget his power play time this year has been next to nonexistent – unless you count time on the point with the second unit significant – and most of his statistical production last season came standing in front of the net with the first power play unit.

    At this point, I would advise Tallon to stand pat and wait on a deal. Moving any significant contributors would be silly – especially for a finesse second line center whose better days are behind him. Watching Lang last year was – for me – maddening, and Nylander is the same kind of player – someone who refuses to use speed or strength as an aspect to his game. I’d much rather see a defensively responsible, speedy center play in between Havlat and Sharp, allowing those two to focus their offensive games. We’ve been down the Nylander Road with Lang last year, and, as good as those two can be on the power play, Tallon needs someone who can contribute, first and foremost, in even strength situations. Nylander is not our guy.

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