Sundin Circus Ends; ‘Hawks in Calgary

Sundin a Canucklehead

In a shocking end to a six-month circus, Mats Sundin did the unthinkable; he signed with the only contending NHL team with any cap room.  (And, no, it wasn’t the ‘Hawks.)  Sundin (finally) presumably accepted the long-standing Vancouver deal of two years, $20 million.  His (presumed) $10 million salary will be prorated this season, which gives him a $5.5 million abbreviated ’08-’09 season.  (As an update, it actually appears as though Sundin will accept a one-year deal, which reportedly will pay him around $5 million – a $4 million bonus and $1 in salary.)

“I am truly excited to be joining the Canucks,” Sundin said – so happy he waited six months and forfeited four or five million to do it.  Only when other suitors weren’t able to clear cap space did Sundin finally sign with Vancouver.

But, we can now go back to living our lives, and allow this sad, sad reality to sink in: We’re just going to have to settle for watching and rooting for this current group of ‘Hawks who have now collected 13 of their last 14 available points…

More Misery for Stars

It appears as though the Stars will also be without the services of Sergei Zubov for the rest of the season.  The team, picked by many to be at least conference finalists this season, is the second worst team in the Western Conference, and has already deemed recent free agent signee Sean Avery persona non grata.

Having a Party?  Hire the Flyers!

You think your college parties were fun?  Were Mike Richards and Jeff Carter there?  Probably not.

Think You Have What It Takes to Make the NHL?

Think again.  This is P.K. Subban, second round selection of the Montreal Canadiens and current Belleville Bull and representative of Team Canada in this year’s World Junior Championship.

It’s a harsh reminder that (a) you’re out of shape, and (b) these guys are good.

Sassone Finds His Senses

Tim Sassone of the Daily Herald is the latest media member to join the Fifth Feather wagon, which implores Dale Tallon to keep this young group in tact.  (No, we don’t need to acquire Michael Nylander or any other slow-footed second line center, or worse yet, another enforcer.)  He said the following:

Don’t look for GM Dale Tallon to do any tinkering with this team, not right now, and why should he? Too many times in the NHL we’re so eager to see trades and such, which is fine when there is a need for one, but the Hawks are fine for the right now.
Keep the goalies, keep Havlat and ride this out and see where it goes. There are going to be valuable veterans made available before the trade deadline in March. Perhaps the right one will be there for Tallon to add for the playoff push.

Listen, I’d like a couple more top-notch scorers and another responsible defenseman as much as the next guy, but what about the last few weeks suggests the ‘Hawks need to make a big trade?  As the Fifth Feather said when the Michael Nylander trade winds were blowing, let’s just keep this group together and let the chips fall where they may.

National NHL Rankings

It’s not exactly the BCS, but TSN ranks the ‘Hawks #3 in the NHL behind only the Sharks and Bruins.  ESPN and SI both put the ‘Hawks at sixth in the league.

And, while I certainly enjoy seeing the ‘Hawk head among the league’s elite, perhaps it’s a bit early to rank them ahead of the defending champs, who have captured all four available points against the ‘Hawks this season.

Khabby to Play vs. Flames

Blackhawks starting/back-up goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin will be in net for the ‘Hawks tonight in Calgary.  Game time is at 8:00 pm CST.

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One Response to Sundin Circus Ends; ‘Hawks in Calgary

  1. John says:

    Two things went through my head as I watched Subban.
    1) I’d hate to be the Zamboni driver. He probably left about 3 inch divots in the ice.
    2) How fast do you think Matt Walker could do that?

    If I was at a party and Mike Richards and Jeff Carter showed up, I can’t even imagine what would happen. When I was in college, Lucas Johnson showed up to my apartment party and the place went up for grabs.

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