New Rules; New Year’s Game

After Friday night’s scintillating win against the Flyers, a couple of things really annoyed me, and none of it had to do with anything on the ice.  The Blackhawks just finished off a dominant third period against one of the Eastern Conference’s finest and tied a franchise record with their 8th straight win.  The team gathered at center ice, Frank Pellico was tickling the ivories, and what does the crowd feel the need to chant?  Was it ‘Let’s go ‘Hawks?  Nope, as usual the inferiority complex came out in full force and everyone chanted ‘Detroit sucks’.  Look, I hate the Wings just as much as anyone but it’s country dumb to chant ‘Detroit sucks’ when they’re not playing each other.  The ‘Hawks are one of the top four teams in the conference and gaining fast on Detroit.  What happens when they eventually pass them on the Central Divison Totem pole?  Are we as ‘Hawk fans still going to be chanting ‘Detroit sucks’ after wins or during games?  We shouldn’t.  There’s no reason to be concerned with anything Detroit is doing unless the ‘Hawks are playing them or need them to lose to clinch the division title.  Everything else is meaningless.  It reminds of Sox fans being more worried about what the Cubs are doing than what their own team is.  It’s silly and juvenile.  Let it go.  Be more worried about the ‘Hawks beating who they’re playing and let the Wings fall where they may.

The other thing I saw that made me want to poke my eyes out was the ‘W’ flag with feathers on it and ‘Hawks win’ underneath it.  Ok, first of all, everyone in Chicago knows what the ‘W’ stands for, so the ‘Hawks win’ thing looks a little silly.  Now, why are the ‘Hawks trying to start a tradition that’s firmly entrenched on the North Side.  I understand they’re playing one game there next week but after that, do we still have to be objected to it?  No one is going to ride on the el looking out the window as they pass the United Center to see if the ‘Hawks won the night before.  It’s a Cubs thing, not a ‘Hawks thing.  It’s like if next year, everyone started cheering through the whole National Anthem during a Cubs-Pirates game in May.  Just doesn’t feel right.  Please, I’m begging you, after the New Year, let’s get rid of those flags.

Speaking of Wrigley, it looks like the recent warm spell won’t do much to slow down the ice making process.  You haven’t heard much from me concerning the Winter Classic so let me spill my beans about it now.  Am I looking forward to it?  Yes.  Am I dying in anticipation over it?  Meh, not really.  It’s a game against Detroit being played outside.  It could have implications for first place.  That’s all.  It’s just one of 82 games.  The winner only takes home 2 points and after the game is over, there is still the rest of the regular season to play out and the playoffs.  A lot of the excitement is warranted and I don’t blame anyone for being pumped up about it or wanting to be part of the experience, but I just hope people realize after the game is over, there are far better things to look forward to the rest of this season.  Ya know, like seeing the ‘Hawks with a realistic shot at winning the Central Division, Western Conference, and Stanley Cup (gulp).

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2 Responses to New Rules; New Year’s Game

  1. Jim says:

    Thank you.

    I don’t mind one “Detroit Sucks!” chant a game. I didn’t partake, but whatever. But there were some people in my section who kept trying to start it, almost like, “This is the place where people can yell Detroit Sucks! so let’s do it!” Not a fan.

    Also agreed on the “W.” I’m hoping that stops after the Winter Classic.

    And it’s a travesty that they don’t sell “L” flags in stores. I would like to buy one.

  2. John says:

    I was at a game in November when they were playing Colorado and absolutely dismantling them. By the end of the game, I heard more ‘Detroit Sucks’ than any one should ever have to listen to. Here’s hoping the end is near.

    I’m thinking if they come out with a Hawks ‘L’ flag, they make the feathers black and kind of sag off the edge. Make them look depressed. As for the Cubs ‘L’, I know I’ve seen people wave those things around but I’m guessing they don’t sell them at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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