Steeling a Friday Night

The Fifth Feather has one eye on the future – and, more importantly, absolutely nothing to do on Friday nights – so one-half of the site attended the Chicago Steel game last night to check out John Moore, Chicago’s defenseman who’s ranked eighth among North American skaters by the NHL’s Central Scouting for the 2009 Draft.  Though I’d like to go see him again, I came away impressed with three other players: Chicago defenseman Max Nicastro, Moore’s defensive partner, and Cedar Rapids forwards Kyle Flanagan and Mike Seidel.

Moore, the Steel captain, seemed really raw.  On his first shift alone, he dumped two pucks up the boards in his own zone, one of which went the length of the ice for icing.  He also missed the mark on other passes, and didn’t seem to get much time on special teams.  All in all, I’d like to see him again.  Perhaps I can do so when he’s playing at Colorado College next season.

His partner, Max Nicastro, was impressive, though.  Nicastro, who will play at Boston University next season, is 6’2″ and moves the puck exceedingly well.  Nicastro got time on all special teams, and seemed to move the puck at will at times.

Cedar Rapids Rough Riders’ forwards stole the show, though.  Kyle Flanagan and Mike Seidel powered Cedar Rapids to a 5-4 victory over their USHL counterparts.  Flanagan had a goal and two assists, while Seidel added two assists of his own.  Flanagan, who stands only 5’9″, is about as smooth as they come and will attend St. Lawrence University next season.  Seidel, on the other hand, is only 5’10” and will attend University of Minnesota-Duluth next season.  Both were slick and made for an entertaining watch.

Cedar Rapids took the match 5-4, though the Steel made it interesting in the third.  For those of you who haven’t attended a USHL game, I would recommend it.  The Steel’s home rink, The Edge in Bensenville, is also the Blackhawks’ training facility, and provides for an intimate watching experience.  Being that close to players of that talent is a unique treat – especially when it’s for only $7.

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