Havlat’s Blackhawk Future

Though conventional wisdom would suggest the opposite, it seems likely Martin Havlat will remain a Blackhawk past this season.  As Havlat has followed two injury plagued Blackhawk seasons with a – to this point – healthy and productive 2008-09 campaign, numerous reports during the past weeks have indicated Dale Tallon and Martin Havlat are committed to striking an agreement that would keep Havlat here past this season.

As such, a Havlat deal would obligate Tallon to move considerable money off the books for the ’10-’11 season – at least in the amount Havlat is signed for annually.  This likely means Dustin Byfuglien – and his $3 million per deal – will be trade bait in the near future, as it’s hard to imagine Tallon parting with any of his other valuable young guns.

The Toronto Sun is also reporting – in the linked Havlat article above – the Pittsburgh Penguins may be using Ryan Whitney as trade bait to lure Florida’s Jay Bouwmeester to the Penguins at the trade deadline.

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4 Responses to Havlat’s Blackhawk Future

  1. John says:

    Only reason to make this move is if Byfuglien is out the door for an expiring contract. I love Marty Havlat but signing him for anything but less than what’s he making now could be a tragic mistake. We shall see…

  2. LML says:

    Call me skeptical, but I see the “underachieving Havlat” returning when this new contract is inked.

  3. John says:

    Hard to say for sure. His first year, after the opening game against Nashville, teams just keyed on him the whole game and let Jeff Hamilton and Denis Arkhipov beat them. He still ended up with 57 points in 56 games. Last year, he was rarely healthy and when he was, he was dealing with a coach who hated him. As long as he’s taking a paycut and Byfuglien gets dealt, I’d be relatively satisfied with this move.

  4. blackhawkbob says:

    Moving Buff for more money would defeat the purpose of moving Buff to make room for Havlat. Of course, if they move him, it will be for an “expiring contract” or draft picks – anything to make cap room.

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