Shy Two on the Plane to Florida and Dale Speaks

The results from Patrick Sharp’s MRI are in and the results are…’re guess is as good as ours.  Tim Sassone says he’s out a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks.  Joel Quenneville says he’ll be out anywhere from 14 days to 42.

“He’ll be out at least a couple three weeks,” Quenneville said.

So there ya go.  As long as nothing is torn in his knee, I’ll venture to guess Sharp will be ready come playoff time and really, that’s all that matters.  Who knows though.  This new NHL policy has all the arm-chair doctors turning into CSI investigators trying to figure out what’s wrong with injured players.  I can see where the league is trying to protect its players but it’s also keeping their biggest promoter, the media, in the dark about key issues.  Somewhere a happy medium lies.  The league would be wise to abolish this new rule in the regular season and provide full injury disclosure and then use the ‘upper body injury’ and ‘lower body injury’ descriptions for the playoffs.  I don’t see how that can hurt anybody.

Another development at practice today was Nikolai Khabibulin’s inability to finish it.  As a result, Khabibulin will not be traveling with the team on the next road trip.  Just like Sharp, we really have no clue as to what’s wrong with Khabby.  Fortunately for you, I just picked up a doctor/CSI hat at the store and will give you my best guess and say it’s probably groin related.  He was able to finish last Thursday’s game against the Thrashers but the next day was ruled to be out for the weekend.  The ‘Hawks were fairly confident that he’d be back for this road trip and then right on cue, Khabibulin aggravated the mysterious injury today. 

Maybe I still get ‘Alexei Zhamnov being misdiagnosed on a wrist injury, lawsuit ensues’ flashbacks but I never fully trust the ‘Hawks medical staff when it comes to treating injuries.  I’ll give the benefit of the doubt for the Patrick Kane injury because it happened right before the Winter Classic and no one was going to keep him out of that game, but I won’t be so lenient this time.  If his injury was serious enough to reaggravate it so soon, what business did he have out on the ice?  Don’t you think someone should’ve wondered aloud, ‘Why don’t we wait on this for a couple days instead of risking a setback?’  In the long run, this might not mean much, but if April rolls around and we’re still getting updates on Khabibulin’s ‘lower body injury’, then somebody on the medical staff will be in pretty big trouble. 

As of 9:15 Monday night, the ‘Hawks have yet to announce who they will be calling up from Rockford to take Sharp’s spot in the line up but with little cap wiggle room, they’ll probably take the guy with the smaller hit and that’s Pascal Pelletier.  I know Bobby is comfortable with this because Jack Skille makes him break in sweats everytime the puck is in the defensive zone but I would like to see what he’s capable of with Q at the helm.  Savard certainly couldn’t teach Skille anything about defensive coverage. 

–From the obvious headline department, the Chicago Tribune gives you this gem, “Blackhawks likely to be buyers at trade deadline.”  Just like we guessed a couple months ago, Dale Tallon confirms it might be a quiet trade deadline if you’re into the big names moving.  The one quote that irked me and hopefully it’s just Tallon propping himself for negotiations was this….

“The team is in a better position than we probably thought we would be. We’re 15 games above .500, and if we can maintain that, then we’ll see. It has to be something that makes sense long-term for us. We’re not going to sell our future to get somebody to be a Band-Aid.”

Nothing used to bother me more than former GM Mike Smith saying this exact same thing.  He’d be damned if he ever sold his future.  Who exactly was that future you ask?  Pavel Vorobiev, Steve McCarthy, and Mikhail Yakubov, just to name a few.  Look at the riches they brought.  I understand it’s silly to send Kyle Beach and Shawn Lalonde to the Islanders for Doug Weight but let’s not overvalue the farm system.  If Tallon can acquire a Doug Weight or Mike Comrie or Tim Connolly, it would be silly of him to refuse on the behalf of Corey Crawford, one head of the Akim Aliu-Kyle Beach two headed monster, or even Jack Skille.  The ‘Hawks can only win this year’s Stanley Cup.  They can’t win the Stanley Cup in 2012.  I’m not saying the ‘Hawks need anyone at this point, but if Tallon is refusing to trade any prospects whose futures look dim at best, for a guy on an expiring contract who also may help the ‘Hawks win the Cup, well that’s just kooky talk.

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