Blue Jackets 4, Blackhawks 3 (OTL)

The Columbus Blue Jackets bled 20 minutes out of the third period desperate to get any kind of result out of the 3-3 tie.  Then two and a half minutes into the overtime, they incorporated the same strategy, looking like a team more interested in going to a shootout than to try for the win.

That was until Brian Campbell tried an unsuccessful give-and-go with Jonathan Toews in the Columbus zone.  The puck squirted to R.J. Umberger, who came down with a one-on-one with Matt Walker.  Antoine Vermette barrelled down on Brian Campbell, Umberger put an area pass in the slot, Vermette somehow got the puck, and in turn, somehow got the puck past Cristobal Huet (doing his best playoff Ed Belfour impression) and Columbus picked up the extra point. 

 The ‘Hawks reversed their latest trend by scoring a minute into the game when Dave Bolland squeaked one past rookie phenom Steve Mason.  The Jackets responded two minutes later when Huet made a lazy pass to Ham Sandwich.  The puck ended up on Jakub Voracek’s stick and he fed it to Umberger who re-directed it into the net. 

Columbus took the lead eight minutes later off a face-off when the puck pinballed around the boards and ended up on Derek Dorsett’s stick in the slot.  The ‘Hawks responded six minutes later with a goal off a face-off in the Columbus zone.  Troy Brouwer found Patrick Kane standing alone and he didn’t miss. 

The ‘Hawks took their second lead ten minutes into the second period when Toews knocked in a power play goal from a Cam Barker pass.  Of course, the Jackets came back forty seconds later and tied it when Rick Nash threw a puck to net from the goal line and Huet appeared to be distracted by the traffic in front.  Nevertheless, it was a softie and killed any chance the ‘Hawks had of extending their lead.

In the third, Columbus was trying really hard to cough up the game to the ‘Hawks.  They took three terrible penalties in the first ten minutes but with an injury knocking Cam Barker out and Steve Mason making some key saves including a toe save on Toews’ one-timer, the Jackets hung on to the precious tie. 

A bright spot for the ‘Hawks was their penalty killing which killed off all five Columbus power plays.  A major reason for that was deadline acquisition Sammy Pahlsson.  He’s totally calm in his zone and never seems to get himself out of position.  If this a preview of what’s to come, then consider the move a success, no matter what some buffoon behind the ‘Hawks bench thought.

If anyone had any doubts, the ‘Hawks are, in fact, in a slump.  Getting any kind of point out of this game was a success.  The other point would have been delicious, but at this point, we shouldn’t get greedy.

Quick Side Note– A week and a half ago against Colorado, I took Steve Konroyd to task for not noticing that Martin Havlat was hurt and not on the bench.  I even went so far as to say that would never happen on Edzo’s watch.  Boy, was I dead wrong.  Cam Barker didn’t see a shift after about the twelve minute mark of the second period.  Not only that, the ‘Hawks opened up with a power play in the third period and for some reason, Dave Bolland was on the point with Brian Campbell.  Apparently, that didn’t seem a wee bit odd to anyone in the booth.  Later, with just a couple minutes left in the game, they finally acknowledged that Barker was out for the rest of the game.  This coming after several shots of the ‘Hawks bench and anybody paying attention would have noticed Barker was nowhere to be seen.  So basically, all I’m trying to say is, “Sorry Steve.”

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6 Responses to Blue Jackets 4, Blackhawks 3 (OTL)

  1. GC says:

    After the game I saw that “One Goal” commercial with Campbell racing to the microphone talking about being the fastest skater. I cried a little…..

  2. blackhawkbob says:


    The ‘Hawks are alone in fourth place! Be happy!

  3. Leonidas says:

    I had the same experience as GC. My dad had stopped by to watch the game and during the second period we took specific count of indisputable Campbell blunders. We stopped the tally after we reached a dozen gaffes on two shifts. I might try to record an overdub of that “One Goal” spot:

    “My goal….to take part in every even-strength goal given up.” ::horn sounds::

    Seriously, he’s -11 over his last 10 games, and he looks like he needs a prescription for his helmet visor.

    blackhawkbob, I’m admittedly way too intense with my Chicago sports following (ask John), which leads to terrific mood swings. But I can’t but help thinking its rational to see the ‘Hawks fighting for the 6th, 7th, or, Patrick Sharp please forbid, the 8th spot. I think they’ll get there, but they need a morale boost. They need a game won by one of their goaltenders, even without much of a defense in front of him. At least a drubbing of the Oilers! It’s beginning to become less exciting when you have zero confidence that they cam hold a lead, and that guys like Campbell can be the other teams best penalty killer.

  4. John says:

    I’m still thinking it’s irrational to think the ‘Hawks will be fighting for a playoff spot. The magic number is 90 so with 14 games left, that’s a whole lot of regulation losses and I’m just not seeing it, even with an incredibly pessimistic view. Good call regarding a win stolen by EITHER of the goalies. That could be just what the doctor ordered and I’m pretty sure it’s going to come at some point this weekend.

    Re: Brian Campbell, stay tuned to the site the next few days because he is going to become a major topic of discussion.

  5. GC says:

    blackhawkbob, Vancouver is currently co-captain in the 4th place ship. They have a good chance of passing us tonight. I dont know if you’ve seen the past couple games, but we’ve not been doing so hot. I’m not worrying, nor do I think we will end up in 8th place, but the Hawks upcoming homestand is not a cakewalk:

    Oilers (bad team)
    Kings (average team the Hawks play terrible against)
    San Jose (good team that has been struggling of late)
    New Jersey (cringe….unless we draw Weekes)
    Vancouver (playing hotter than the sun)

    I still have full faith in our team. I think this adversity is a good lesson for them.
    Go Hawks!

  6. blackhawkbob says:

    GC, I absolutely don’t disagree. I guess it was a failed attempt at sarcasm.

    While I definitely think the ‘Hawks will make the playoffs, I don’t think it’ll be as the fourth seed. With that said, I think the important thing is righting the ship before then, rather than worrying about playoff spots and matchups. The reality is that this team hasn’t really had a long streak of poor play all season until now. (Remember all the “This is Great for the Team” articles and comments when they went 1-2-1 without Duncan Keith in February? Doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?) And, while they did pick a heck of a time for a slump, they still have more than 15% of their season remaining to turn things around.

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