Blackhawks 3, Red Wings 0

There isn’t much to say about this one so here are just a few leftover thoughts:

–While sweeping the Red Wings doesn’t mean all that much in the end, it’s certainly better than splitting or losing both, so that’s nice. 

Nikolai Khabibulin was in mid-playoff form making several key saves in the first and third period.  Winning 3-0 won’t help them much when the playoffs come calling but blowing a three goal lead in the last game in the season would’ve sent several fans to the hardware store for chainsaws, hammers, and anything else they could use to bludgeon themselves to death.

–It was a relatively good game for former public address announcer Harvey Wittenberg.  The only awkward silence came three minutes into the third period when he tried to announce Valtteri Filppula’s name.  He sounded like Ash from “Army of Darkness” trying to recite the words of the Book of the Dead.  “Clatu, Veratu, (cough)tu”

–Someone finally told Dustin Byfuglien if he takes the puck strong in the zone and around the net, no one will be able to bump him off the puck.  For the past month, Byfuglien has made it a habit of doing that move at least once a game.  It worked this afternoon when he skated from the blue line, around the net, back towards the blue line, fed Brent Seabrook, who found Andrew Ladd, wide open in front for the first goal.

–The penalty kill was outstanding.  What shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone was that Khabibulin was their best killer making several point blank saves.  Although he caught a break when the puck rolled off Pavel Datsyuk’s stick with a wide open net, Khabibulin made many of the saves look easy by being properly positioned within the pipes.  Hopefully, that is a good sign.

–The second period was as boring NHL hockey could be.  Neither team was trying all that hard.  There was a grand total of 9 shots on net between the two teams.  Several fans needed smelling salts just to make sure they still had a pulse. 

–If Chris Chelios comes back for another season, he should be tried in court for stealing.  He has no business being on the ice with NHL players.  It’s just sad to see Cheli getting worked over by the likes of Troy Brouwer and Dave Bolland.  Please Chris, hang up the skates this summer.  The groupies and hangers-on will still be there, at least for the first couple years of retirement.

–Speaking of Chelios, I find it absolutely comical that most of the people booing him will be among the first in line when the ‘Hawks host a ‘Chris Chelios Heritage Night’ in the near future.  Let’s not revise what happened.  Chelios was traded.  He didn’t leave by choice.  And really, we all knew what previous ‘Hawk management was like, so can you really blame that much if he wanted to leave.  “Screw you Chelios, how dare you that you wanted to win a Stanley Cup and play for a team that actually gave a damn about it’s players.  I hope you DIE!!!!!!”

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2 Responses to Blackhawks 3, Red Wings 0

  1. blackhawkbob says:

    Getting Khabibulin going – especially with a shutout against Detroit – is exactly what the ‘Hawks needed going into the playoffs.

    I’m not sure anyone could have scripted this any better. And, with Sharp apparently available for Thursday, all seems well in ‘Hawk Land.

  2. Fork says:

    This summer I’m planning on doing a “Time to let the Chelios thing go”, especially in light of his work with the NHLPA. He kept the players from getting screwed, and that’s worth something.

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