Our Light Pre-Game Workout

Barry Rozner, the Blackhawk oracle, threw out a big, fat ‘I told ya so‘ concerning the Hawks’ 2008-’09 goaltending situation in yesterday’s Daily Herald. The only problem is that Rozner’s made so many contradicting statements and predications, it’s difficult to put any stock in anything Blackhawks-related he says.

For example, for months, Rozner told anyone who would listen about Cam Janssen, Kaiser Soze and the big, bad St. Louis Blues. The Blues, who are, of course, no longer alive in the race for the Stanley Cup, will take your first born and beat you down, Rozner told us.  They’ll get ya.

Then, yesterday, Rozner told us he’s been right all along about Blackhawk goaltending:

Funny that back in October when it said in [the Daily Herald] that Khabibulin was the Hawks’ best chance for a playoff run, based on his needing to audition for a new deal, many Hawks employees thought that conclusion laughable.

Ah, yes, the voice of reason and level-headedness shined a light for us months ago. Or, did he? Laying a Nostradamus-like net, Rozner firmly planted himself on both sides of all fences during the season with nuggets like the following:

But now that Cristobal Huet has found his stride, looking like the player who earned his huge Hawks contract with a solid playoff series a year ago in Washington, the Hawks need to move Khabibulin and get assets in return, as soon as Khabibulin is healthy.

Or, this one:

You look at the way the rest of the NHL season is shaping up and it’s pretty obvious that Detroit is going to go out and get a goaltender. So, again, if you’re the Blackhawks, you have to decide what you’re going to do about Nikolai Khabibulin. If you understand you’re not going to win the Stanley Cup, and you’re not going to re-sign him, why not trade with the Red Wings and steal a handful of good, young players?

And, those are just the Khabibulin-related comments. “Laughable,” indeed.

But, I guess we can file these under the “Beating a Dead Horse” category.

And, while you’re doing pre-game stretching this afternoon/evening for game one of the Western Conference Semi-Finals, check back with us.

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8 Responses to Our Light Pre-Game Workout

  1. Pete says:

    No local TV tonight?

  2. cb says:

    Hey where’s my preview of the upcoming series by way of a run-down of the Canucks’ roster? Just because you’re unpaid bloggers doesn’t mean I can’t make unreasonable demands! If I’m too lazy to go and figure it out myself that obviously means the burden falls to someone else. That’s the American way.

  3. Leonidas says:

    I just realized that the Canucks not only have the Sedin twins, but also Mats Sundin, of whose illustrious family I had initially thought the twins were from. What a Swedish coup! I’m personally staying away from as much pre-series Canucks info as possible. Just like last series, I know within 30 minutes of watching the game I will have enough ammunition to hate the Se-un-dins, Alex Burrows, Sweden, the Canucks uniforms, Pavel Bure, and the city of Vancouver for months if not years.

  4. John says:

    Patience cb, i’m hearing bob has something in the cooker…Although I would check out Second City. Sam and Killion have done a terrific job breaking down the Canuckleheads.

    Lee, if you can hate the city of Vancouver, you’re capable of hating any city on the planet. I find Vancouver to be the mildest of all Canadian metropolis’, mostly harmless and a tad bit cute. It’s not like they’re Ottawa or even, gulp, Toronto.

  5. John says:

    Pete, I don’t think it’s getting picked up by any of the local stations. I’ve heard rumors my cable provider is picking it up but so far, that has gone unfounded. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gary Bettman’s NHL.

  6. cb says:

    Hey I come HERE because I feel like I’m getting something more than a drunken frat boy’s take on hockey. And of course you’ve got no one to blame but yourselves for setting my expectations a little higher!

  7. John says:

    Man, a guy thinks he can take a couple days off in the middle of the week and this is what happens. It won’t happen again, promise….

  8. Fork says:

    Roz is a jagoff.

    He still thinks Trent Yawney should coach the Hawks, and Chelios should be brought back to be Captain.

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