Hawks Painting Town Red … Literally?

Mike Spellman of the Daily Herald seems like a decent guy.  He’s not exactly Scotty Bowman when it comes to the NHL, but he seems decent enough.

On the other hand, I have plenty of idiosyncrasies, including a dislike for the improper use of the word, “literally,” which means “in the strictest sense.”  So, when I saw the headline “Blackhawks literally painting town red,” I thought, “Wow, this is an odd time for Hawk charity work.”

There was no charity work; no one was actually painting a town red.  Spellman was merely commenting on the popularity of the Hawks during the playoff run. 

Just Wingin’ It

Matt at OntheWingsblog.com responded to my partner John’s absolutely ridiculous assertions that the Wings could be tired following a grueling seven game series and that Chris Osgood is “mediocre.”  Matt responded, “Okay.  These people have no. fracking.  clue.”  (“These people!?”  Whaddayou mean, “These people!?”)

I’ll let the first bit slide.  There’s just no way to know whether the Wings are actually tired or if it will affect them.

The second is laughable.  Chris Osgood – he of the .887 save percentage and goals against average over three during the regular season – is not a premier goalie in the NHL, though it would be difficult to comment on that for folks in Chicago who saw Ty Conklin five out of six games this season due to Osgood’s inability to grab the starting job during the regular season. 

With that said, Osgood is a playoff performer.  Though he’s rarely, if ever, asked to carry the Wings in the playoffs, he’s routinely performed well enough to win.  While I wouldn’t expect much less than that from the man affectionately known as “Ozzie,” it’s a wonder how the Wings’ goaltending went from “drab to fab” in four weeks.

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6 Responses to Hawks Painting Town Red … Literally?

  1. CT says:

    “There was no charity work; no one was actually painting a town red.”

    Clint Eastwood is the only man I know of who has LITERALLY painted a town red.

  2. ChicagoKill says:

    I guess we’re “these people” too. Glad we’re in good company.

    How have the Hawks shown that they’re cocky though? By winning two series? I don’t get that.

    Maybe he means we’re cocky? I think that’s just mistaking cockiness with assholeishness… if that’s a word..

  3. Jim says:

    “Clint Eastwood is the only man I know of who has LITERALLY painted a town red.”

    With BLOOD.

  4. JD Noce says:

    Chris Osgood has had the world’s greatest defenders in front of him for over 10 seasons.

    He can thank them, and them only, for any success he has had.

    End of story.

  5. Matt Saler says:

    “(‘These people!?’ Whaddayou mean, ‘These people!?’)”


    “…Osgood’s inability to grab the starting job during the regular season.”

    This may be a difficult concept for Blackhawk fans to grasp, but the regular season means nothing compared to the playoffs. No one in Detroit cares any more how Osgood did this past regular season. All that matters is how he’s doing now. To be honest, that’s all you should be thinking about. You will not be seeing 2008-2009 regular season Chris Osgood.

    I see that you already know this, given your acknowledgment that he’s a playoff performer. Why not go the extra step and make the intellectual leap to “he plays well when it counts and therefore we can’t count on him to give up center ice goals in this series”?

  6. Paul says:

    “He can thank them, and them only, for any success he has had.”

    Find me a HOF goalie who didn’t have good teams in front of him. That’s a ridiculous reason to downplay a goalie’s record.

    And to the OP, funny you didn’t mention that Osgood has the best stats of the remaining goalies. Nobody cares about his stats in the regular season. He himself even said at the end of the regular season that the team was bored. His save percentage and GAA in the regular season actually had a lot to do with the team’s defensive struggles.

    He stepped into the playoffs last year in place of Hasek and didn’t lose a game for 3 weeks. He has made brilliant saves this year when needed the most – including today against Chicago.

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