Sunday Fireside Links

After a long weekend in Kansas City and limited internet access, a couple of quick items that I noticed from the past couple days. 

When the Toronto Globe and Mail reported about a false Jonathan Toews injury during the Vancouver series, perhaps their source only told them it was a Hawks center, and they took it upon themselves to immediately come to the conclusion that it was Toews. 

In reality, it was Sammy Pahlsson who probably couldn’t raise his arm over his head as he suffered two shoulder separations during the first round match with Calgary.  Pahlsson never missed a game and, for the most part had an uneventful postseason.

–I’m thinking Dale Tallon subscribes to the ‘Steak Dinner, BOOM!’ philosophy of doing business.  At least, if this is really Martin Havlat’s Twitter.  I’m still skeptical this is the actual Marty Havlat, if only because I feel like his tweets should also be in broken English.

–Watching Pittsburgh’s power play is like watching the Hawks, but with a better engine.  Crosby and Malkin set up on the right side of the ice at the top of the circle and goal line, respectively, a la Kane and Toews.  The majority of the action goes through them.  All I’ll say is, if Malkin starts scoring goals by deflecting pucks off defensemen standing in front, I’m going to start calling for a copyright infringement.

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One Response to Sunday Fireside Links

  1. Kyle says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s actually Havlat because he twittered? or tweeted? about playing Mario Kart with the rest of the team and then a day later Puck Daddy came out with a story about Mario Kart that didn’t have to do with Havlat but just with the Mario Kart playing in general. You probably read it though.

    I was very skeptical at first too, but after that, I felt like it was a little bit of proof. Maybe not though haha.

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