I’m a Blogger, Get Me Outta Here

There is certainly no shortage of opinions regarding the NBC and Versus coverage of the NHL playoffs.  It has led many to believe Pierre McGruire’s fetish with “hockey talk” is now uncomfortable, if not uncontrollable; others are shocked all over again that Mike Milbury was given the keys to an NHL franchise; and still others believe Eddie Olcyzk is the antichrist. 

(Many are even spreading the rumor that Nostradamus predicted the world’s third antichrist would wear hair gel and spell his name with four straight consonants.)

But, Sunday’s scene may have been the weirdest, when McGuire, Olcyzk and Doc Emrick all failed to even mention the possibility that Henrik Zetterberg removed the puck from the net with his hand while watching replay after slow-motion replay of the reviewed Sidney Crosby shot on goal. 

While the view of the puck was at all times completely blocked from all angles on the replay, Zetterberg, whose upper body was laying across the goal line and into the goal during the skirmish at Osgood’s feet, appeared to steer the puck with his hand from inside the net to outside the goal line.  No one – not even the antichrist – mentioned that Zetterberg may have gotten away with one.


Nonetheless, Sunday’s game two of the Stanley Cup Finals may prove to be a difficult one to overcome for the Penguins from Pittsburgh.  Like the Blackhawks in the Western Conference Finals, the Pens’ should have won the game, but let one slip away at the Joe.  Time after time, the Penguins were unable to squirt a puck past Osgood and other sprawling Wings in and around the crease.  Sure, all Pittsburgh has done is lose two on the road, but Sunday’s game could have tipped things in their favor heading back east.

Osgood’s a Hall of Famer After All

Just ask him.

In an interview broadcast after the first period of Sunday’s game, Chris Osgood scoffed at the idea he had a poor regular season and, without regard for humility or objectivity, supported himself for election into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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6 Responses to I’m a Blogger, Get Me Outta Here

  1. John says:

    Bob, you are not alone


  2. Tom says:

    Olcyzk is tolerable and occasionally insightful when he is not repeating himself, so I’ll stop it right there. Doc is absolutely the best at what he does. The between period drivel by NBC is equally as disgusting as that on Versus (who seem to think we would rather listen to them then watch another game in progress or (heaven forbid) listen to the national anthem), but McGuire has become so irritating, that I’m actually looking forward to having the Versus crew again.

  3. wlittle says:

    It’s actually 5 straight consonants.

  4. blackhawkbob says:

    Indeed it is. And, here I was worried about someone pointing out that the “y” is actually the vowel in the syllable.

    I just hope this doesn’t ruin the joke…

  5. CT says:

    I like Doc on play by play, but damn what I wouldn’t give to have Gary Thorne back.

  6. Spelling Nazi says:

    It’s actually “Olczyk,” which gets you 3 straight consonants if you consider the y to be a vowel. Still pretty impressive.

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