The Cap Situation

Depending on who you believe, has the Blackhawks with 11.801 of cap space after the Hossa, Kopecky, and John Madden signings.  Hockey Buzz’s Cap Central has the Hawks with 11.670 of cap space WITHOUT the John Madden signing (1 year at $2.75 million).  So if you add that in, they have roughly below 9 million in cap space. 

That leaves Ben Eager, Kris Versteeg, Troy Brouwer, and Cam Barker to fight over the scraps.  Eager and Brouwer won’t take much to sign, let’s say about 2 million for the pair.  Cam Barker will probably take about 3 million to lock up.  That leaves Kris Versteeg as the odd man out. 

Whether the Hawks have 6 million or 4 million in cap space with 18 players signed, it doesn’t really matter as Versteeg will probably be playing somewhere else next season.  While Barker was the early favorite of the restricted free agents to get dealt, at this juncture, the Hawks really can’t afford to lose him due to their lack of depth at the defensive position.  So here’s hoping the Hawks get something in return for Versteeg.

Speaking of defensive depth, some of the best news today was Matt Walker signing with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Consider revenge finally paid for the unfortunate Jassen Cullimore Incident.  In fact, scientists are still trying to figure out if Walker and Cullimore are actually clones of each other.

Be on the look out early Thursday morning for Bobby’s take on all of today’s activities.

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15 Responses to The Cap Situation

  1. Lee says:

    I know how much you hated Walker but now tell me when Kane and the other non fighters are jumped or the goalies are run over who is going to drop the gloves?

  2. Frankie J says:

    I would say Burish but this year he decided he doesn’t like dropping the gloves anymore. However, the need for someone just to rough up people left the NHL a long time ago. Skill wins over the ability to mash someone’s face in everytime, no matter how much we love to see the brawls and support for teammates. Sooner or later Kane(and others) are gonna have to grow into a big boys and learn to avoid getting hit or take a nasty check. Besides, Walker is just terrible, and no amount of rough stuff can improve the fact that he’s rubbish.

  3. Al mandel says:

    If Hossa is worth that,whats Keith worth next year?Kane and Toews?Does this mean win this year or else?

  4. Josh says:

    Great, we’re keeping Brouwer? For what? If the guy scored less than 30 pts
    while playing on a line with Kane and/or Toews for most of the year, what could he possibly contribute as a fourth line guy?

    I’m all for giving Beach or even Skille a shot instead.

  5. Lee says:

    Colorado signs Koci , Pittsburgh signs Rupp and the Rangers sign Brasher, Looks to me like the days of the enforcer is not over as Frankie seems to think. Kane is never going to be big enough to protect himself, we need a enforcer to even just sit on the bench. Even Detroit which never fights has Downey on the roster if needed

  6. Lou says:

    Don’t forget we tendered Crawford. And you could still trade Buff Etc.

    I don’t think Barker is going to get a $3mm per year deal on the market but maybe. He is not that good. And it isn’t the end of the world of Eager or Brouwer walk and take Colin Farse with them. We are already better at center.

    @Al it isnot win this year or else. There is money available to tie those guys up. If the Sedins got $5MM per year for six and did Havlat, it is not out of the realm of realistic that the Kane and Towes get that. Basically, that is about $2mm more for Kane (3.3 now) and 2.2 more for Toews (2.8 now). Tallon made it very, very clear in his call yesterday that Hossa’s signing would not impact the ability to lock up their core young guys.

  7. John says:

    Number 1. The enforcer argument is tired and cliched. The bottom line, there is little to no need for them. Anyone can come in and beat the crap out of someone that’s taking liberties with their teammate. Seabrook, Brouwer, Eager, and Cam Barker are capable of doing that. The Hawks goal is to roll 4 lines at any juncture; that’s impossible to do with a meathead clogging up a roster spot. Aaron Downey played in 4 games for the Wings last year.

    Number 2. Brouwer and Eager are cheap options for third/fourth line players. No one is going to ask them to be key offensive contributors next year so I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what they’ll do for you. Beach’s cap hit may keep him off next season’s roster.

    Number 3. I’m not going to say this is a rule, but I’m highly recommending that everyone take a chill on next summer. We have a whole season in front of us where the Hawks have a legitimate shot to win the Western Conference and the Stanley Cup. That’s something we havent been able to say in at least 16 years. Let’s not become obsessed with a situation that’s probably going to end up working itself out anyways.

  8. Lou says:

    Hey John you forgot Dunc as a fighter…He is tough too unless his hair is getting pulled. Buff and Ladd have some moxie too. So you are dead right on. We need a roster goon, like we need a third zamboni b/w periods.

    If Beach gets another year in juniors to continue to develop, that is not the end of the world if Eager is back. That might actually be a good thing. Beach is too young for the AHL

    YOu said it, enjoy the season and it will take care of itself. This is a nice position to be in and it has been a long, long time!!!!!

  9. Lee says:

    John and Lou, This old Blackhawk fan who had season tickets back in the Hull and Mikita era and who still has season tickets does not agree with you. I am not looking for a goon that cannot play hockey, I want one that can play hockey. Walker could play hockey, maybe not as great as you guys would have liked but adequately enough.He was always there if one of the younger guys got in trouble. In my opinion, and remember I am old, every good team needs one. If I am wrong why did Pittsburgh just sign Rupp and Toronto Orr and I could go on and on about enforcer signing’s?

  10. Matthew Dirt says:

    Koci is an absolute joke – don’t expect him to anything except bleed on the ice for the Avs.

    I agree that the enforcer days are done and don’t want the Hawks wasting cap or roster spots on a guy whose main purpose is to fight. As others have said – they already have guys that are willing to drop the gloves if needed but everyone’s first priority should be playing with the gloves on.

  11. John says:

    Lee, guys you are looking for a dime a dozen and there’s a very good chance one of them will be playing for the Hawks next year. Guys like that tend to last longer in the free agent period than being a first day signing. No need to wring your hands over the Hawks losing Matt Walker. There’s thousands of Matt Walker’s out there just waiting for a team to give them the chance. You’ll be satisfied by training camp, promise.

  12. Lee says:


    I will take your word for it, looking forward to 2009/2110

  13. Andre says:

    I’m going off of the salary chart on Third Man In’s page:

    Looking at 2010/11, the Hawks have $35.25mil committed to 9 players.

    If my math is right (assuming $57 mil cap) that leaves them with $21.75mil left to fill 14 roster spots, including the re-signing Toews and Kane.

    Lets assume again that they go the long-contract / low-cap hit route and manage to lock both Kane and Toews in @ $5mil /yr.

    Now you have $11.75mil left to fill 12 roster spots, including a 4th defensemen, which you probably don’t want to skimp on.


  14. John says:

    Like I said earlier, we’re speculating about something 12 months away. The roster can/and will look a whole lot different by then. Assuming the roster doesn’t change at all (which is highly and totally unlikely), then the Hawks are probably looking at some problems.

    Fortunately, the front office seems to be well aware of what is going on, as it is their job to be. My best advice is to just enjoy the ride and have faith that everything will end up working out in the end.

    People were saying the same thing about how the Penguins would keep their guys, the Capitals, the Red Wings, now it is the Hawks turn. In every case, nobody lost anyone they deemed important.

  15. Andre says:


    You’re probably right, I just ran the cap numbers on Detroit’s top 9 from last year was $42.25mil. Looks like the Hawks are in good shape @ $35.25mil.

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