What Investigation?

Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune is reporting the Blackhawks have to come to terms with restricted free agents Colin Fraser, Troy Brouwer, and Ben Eager.  Each player was rumored to be part of the ‘Chicago Five’.  So while the rest of Hawk Nation waits breathlessly for the NHLPA to conclude its investigation, the Hawks front office is proving maybe it’s not in disarray as some people like to think.

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3 Responses to What Investigation?

  1. Lou says:

    Of Course the NHLPA filed a Greivance and the NHL will fight.

    It is an easy fix, sign the two remaining guys and be done with it.

    We also signed Johnson and Crawford.

    Let the fun begin. If we lose the two hottest RFAs to UFA without comp, someone has to roll in the front office. What would the Hawks do if Stand Bowman was the guy and not Tallon who messed up????

  2. John says:

    Unfortunately, Versteeg and Barker’s agents’ heads should be examined if they agreed to terms now. We’ll have plenty of in-depth analysis later tonight but all I’ll say right now, is the CBA supports the Hawks more than the players in this case but it all depends on the arbitrator.

  3. Lou says:

    The NHL will fight b/c it is in their interests and they have a little more power.

    As you know it’s not so much the loss of the players as it is the picks or the ability to trade them. I honestly think both of these remaining two are trade assets so that is where the biggest issue is.

    On a different note, with Crawford getting 2 years to Niemi’s 1, my guess is he is the #2 right now? Thoughts? and what is the purpose of re-signing Fraser?

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