There Goes the Neighborhood…

Marian Hossa will have surgery, after all, the Blackhawks announced today.  The recovery time is said to be four months, according to the Blackhawks’ head physician, which puts Hossa back into the Hawk line-up in late November.

Look at the bright side: at least it’s only an 11 1/2 year deal now.

All kidding aside, though it’s not optimal, the injury is no big deal.  Hossa has a history of staying healthy, and a rather minor shoulder injury – which he apparently played through for quite some time – shouldn’t cause too much worry.  Moreover, the Hawks should have enough fire power to land in a top-four spot in the Conference next season with or without any Hossa-related regular season heroics.  So long as he has a pulse come May, I think we can all continue to enjoy the summer.

The bad news: Because of the way the Hawks have handled their business since John McDonough became president – and in particular the Tallon dismissal – we’ll never know the real circumstances behind the signing.  I suppose we’re left to believe it was Tallon’s decision, but I wouldn’t buy it.

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2 Responses to There Goes the Neighborhood…

  1. Jason says:

    I’m glad Hossa is going under the knife to have his rotator cuff fixed. Get it done and over with and move on.

    This team is definitley good enough to win until he recovers.

  2. Lou says:

    I was just listening to Giangreco and he call this another PR hit for the Hawks. Given the story was broken by the Herald, and not officially released by the Hawks. You have to wonder is there a leak in the front office. Maybe Pulford escaped from his dungeon again.

    The bigger question is given the NHL injury release policy, is it a PR hit to keep an injury quiet?

    What benefit would the Hawks have had stating we signed him but he is injured?…They get hammered either way and probably just worse given we chose him over Havlat.

    We need Bears training camp to start so, the Hawks can go about their biz and the media has something else to do other than overanalyze the front office.

    And Jason is right on the money and I also think they are still gonna make a trade. Funny thing is Steegs contract doesn’t look out of line after Ruutu’s signing today. YOu have to ask does Ruutu have the offense that Sharp does b/c he is making 3.8 per year now.

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