Still Breathing

Just wanted to let everyone know we’re still here.  I was planning on having the preview up for Patrick Sharp tonight but didn’t get around to doing it.  So expect that done by Tuesday evening.

In case you missed it, the Blackhawks released a statement basically condemning the NHL’s recent investigation into the Marian Hossa contract.

“The Chicago Blackhawks vehemently dispute any implication that the team has in any way violated the collective bargaining agreement or had any intention whatsoever to circumvent the salary cap,” the team said in a statement.

“The Marian Hossa contract is a legitimate contract that was appproved by the NHL. We are not at all concerned by the investigation and are confident the NHL will conclude that there is absolutely no evidence that the Blackhawks intended to circumvent the salary cap.”

Unlike nearly every other move this summer, it appears the Blackhawks are in the clear on this one.  The league, once again, was reactive instead of proactive on these long-term contracts and is, without a doubt, simply posturing for the next collective bargaining agreement.

–If the mood should strike you, Sam takes a look at why the thought of 8 Hawks participating in the Olympics is keeping him up at night.  As usual, a solid piece.

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2 Responses to Still Breathing

  1. CT says:

    Just fax the league the some blurry documents and tell them they are proof that the Hawks are not trying to circumvent the salary cap. It worked for John Spanos.

  2. Lou says:

    wait and over 40 shannahansigned with NJ. More defense against an elite player retiring at 40

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