One Life to Live

If someone told you on Saturday morning that by the next morning, a former Blackhawks first round pick will be arrested for allegedly beating up a taxi driver, there’s probably a 100% chance the words “Kyle” and “Beach” would be the first two words out of your mouth. 

When Bobby and I made our maiden voyage to HockeeNight’s Puckcast way back when, we were talking about Patrick Kane.  At the time, I said my biggest fear for Kane is that he would become a miniature Al Iafrate because of a couple interviews when he went out of his way to talk about going to the bars.  For those who don’t remember, Iafrate had a million dollar shot and a thousand dollar bar tab.  He also was notorious for his drunken brawls, though it’s not known if he ever delivered a mean right hook to his cab driver.   

There’s still a whole lot of details in this story that will eventually come out.  Before they do, let’s keep the phony outrage and the ‘holier than thou’ commentary to a minimum.

Anyone who was under the impression that professional hockey players are any different from other athletes have probably been sucking the fumes out of a zamboni machine for too long.  Young people with a lot of money tend to do a lot of stupid things regardless of their race, credo, or sporting profession.

If this was a football or basketball player, the typical people would be spouting off about the ‘thug’ life and losing their friends from the ‘hood.  Since he’s a hockey player, these same people will feel betrayed that someone like Kane could do this.  They’ll find excuses calling him a bad seed and say he’s just the exception to the rule.

The bottom line is, all sports athletes are essentially the same.  There’s some genuinely good people, some bad people, and some people who put themselves in unfortunate situations.  Just because this is a sport played predominantly by caucasians and Canadians doesn’t mean there aren’t the same amount of idiots running around as the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

Where Kane fits into all that, only time will tell.

The best thing to come out of this though, at least we’ve finally found out who the Bobby Hull of this new generation is.

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15 Responses to One Life to Live

  1. Lou says:

    Great points,

    It really comes down to choices and understanding the consequences of your choices. If most of us did this you don’t even hear about it. But, because you are professional athlete, these situations get the spotlight.

    Think about it, how many people around the country got a DUI over the weekend and do you hear about all of them? But one athlete gets one and it is primetime news.

    Thus, the athlete has to even further understand the consequences of their actions probably more so than the rest of us on the planet.

  2. Lou says:

    I think the other 20,000 question, is should athletes be afforded the same discretion that the rest of the peeople get?

  3. Lee says:

    I think all comments should be put on hold till we hear Kane’s side of the story. I have friends that had the same problem notwithstanding the 0.20 with a Taxi in Chicago and it turns out that the cabbie’s version and what actually happened was totally different. The cabbie said he locked the doors when the two of them got in, this makes me wonder what he was up to and please I am not taking sides on this just playing it easy until I hear the whole story

  4. Lee says:

    If you listen to the lawyer there is no doubt in my mind that he locked them in the cab and that started it. If he got punched he pretty much obviously deserved it and now is looking for a payoff. I would bet it was the cousin who punched him not Patrick who I doubt would have had the balls to do it

  5. John says:

    So because he locked them in the cab, he deserved to be pummelled by two people more than half his age? That’s too funny. Nothing what he did, short of begging them to hit him, justifies the reaction of the Kanes.

    I would venture to guess that the driver was probably being an ass, they probably didn’t want to leave him a tip, thus asking for the 20 cents in change which sprung the hellstorm that resulted.

  6. Jamie says:

    For the record, locking someone in a car against their will, even for a split second, is a tort (wrongful imprisonment) for which the civil justice system provides redress.

    Also for the record, the law grants any citizen to use as much force as is necessary to protect one’s person or property.

    Therefore, it is entirely conceivable that neither Kane did anything unlawful. The law very well may have permitted either Kane to use physical force to protect themselves from being wrongfully imprisoned.

    And sorry, but this post i just silly. Comparing hockey players to basketball players and/or football players is completely fallacious. Players in these sports grow up in different cultural environments, with different values and norms. I wasn’t too surprised to hear that an NFL player shot himself in the leg with an illegally owned gun or that an NFL player was financing a dog fighting ring. If an NHL player had been responsible for something like that, THEN i would be surprised. Hockey players, WITHOUT A DOUBT, are less inclined to have legal problems, on the whole. There are always exceptions, but let’s not pretend that NFL or NBA players are more well-behaved than NHL players, because that’s simply untrue.

  7. Lee says:


    You take a cab and at the end of the ride the cabbie locks you in and demands payment even if the payment amount is wrong. What do you do? Sit there? No if need be you use force to get out of that cab. That is what my relatives did and that is what I would do and i believe so would you

  8. John says:

    WITHOUT A DOUBT? Apparently you don’t consider drunk driving, physical or substance abuse to be serious legal issues.

    Why don’t you consider Plaxico or Michael Vick to be the exceptions? Those are just two guys in a much more populated league.

    I have a real problem with this thought that NHL players are in class of their own when it comes to behavioral issues. The statement reeks of racism.

  9. John says:

    So this doesn’t get misintepreted, in no way am I calling you a racist. Just saying that’s how it comes off.

  10. John says:

    @Lee- Well, the smart and responsible thing to do would be to call the cops and let them sort it out.

    I’m not going to sit here and defend Kane for his actions without knowing how it all went down. As of right now, he is in the wrong and that’s why he got arrested.

  11. Lee says:

    Sorry, do not agree with you. what’s the old adage “INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY” They arrested him on the cabbies word and the lawyer now is backing down


  12. John says:

    Probably because his lawyer and the Kane’s lawyer are already discussing an out of court settlement. I’m not the resident law expert around here but that’s my best guess.

  13. Patrick says:

    I listened to the cabbies’ lawyer on WGN and it sounds like the guy is backing off of virtually everything and is now just looking for a payout to go away. Did Patrick Kane do something stupid? Yes, he probably did – but did he do what the cabbie said he did? Probably not.

    One thing that caught me is the lawyer saying that “cabbies in Buffalo tend to lock their doors until they get paid” – if that’s not illegal, it definitely should be and the cabbie should be slapped with false imprisonment. I’d be pissed too.

    Bottom line though – if you’re out at 2am – 4am (and you’re not headed into work), nothing good can or will happen. It’s stupid hour…

  14. Lee says:

    If you listen to an eye witness on Buffalo TV and listen to both lawyers I think without a doubt this will come down to a cabbie, with a horrible reputation, starting something with what he thought were college kids and then making up most of the story. If I am wrong than I will become a Red Wing fan(Will never happen)

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