All’s Fare in Love and War

From the sounds of all parties involved, it seems like The Kane Boys vs. The Cab Driver will be coming to its conclusion within the next couple days.  When it does, the darkest chapter of the Blackhawks’ off-season will finally end.  I forget, who said the night is always darkest before the dawn?

Either way, I’ve enjoyed listening to the talking heads from the past couple days.  When Kane first spoke at the press conference with his prepared statement, they said, “BIG DEAL, HE’S READING OFF A CARD.  LET’S HEAR WHAT HE REALLY HAS TO SAY.”

Then, after he opened up with a few reporters following Monday’s skate and talked about Michael Vick and the cover of NHL’ 10, the talking heads went after him again.  “A VIDEO GAME!???!!  HE’S WORRIED ABOUT A VIDEO GAME??? AND HE COMPARED HIMSELF TO MICHAEL VICK??!!!??  STOP TALKING!!!” 

You can’t put a price tag on entertainment like that.

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