Clearing the Air … and Ice

There seems to be much confusion – mine included – concerning how large the 2010 Olympic Ice Hockey ice surface will be. 

Of course, a typical international ice surface is significantly wider than an NHL-size sheet.  The added size arguably caters to smaller, faster skaters (read: Europeans) and a smaller rink likely benefits the physical North Americans who grew up playing on the surface.

The question was one answered long ago, however, as the forthcoming Olympic tournament will be played on an NHL-size surface, including the one at GM Place, home of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks.  The avoided construction saved those responsible for the games some $10 million.

So, there.  Hopefully, this clears up the rather minor confusion.

Finally, for those of you wondering what John and I look like, John’s in the news this week.  And, I look sort of like Brad Pitt.

You can all carry on with your regularly scheduled lives.

UPDATE: Patrick Kane and cousin James sentenced to death.

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