Team Canada’s Hawks

Team Canada wrapped up its Olympic orientation camp yesterday, staging a scrimmage for 18,000 fans in Calgary’s Saddledome.  For a blow-by-blow wrap-up, Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside did a customarily nice job relaying the evening’s events.

For the Blackhawks Cliff’s Notes, the men say Jonathan Toews was playing to impress and that Brent Seabrook embarrassingly blew a wheel in his own zone – a gaffe which led to a goal for the other team.  Finally, LeBrun had this to say about Duncan Keith:

LeBrun: Duncan Keith breaks up another play. He’s been excellent tonight. Anyone who doesn’t think the Chicago Blackhawks blueliner will make this team should have their head examined. Next summer, he’ll need a new contract, by the way. Yikes.

Ryan Smyth, Jeff Carter, Patrick Marleau and Corey Perry were the regulation goal scorers.

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One Response to Team Canada’s Hawks

  1. John says:

    Apparently Pierre is telling me to get a lobotomy.

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