You Make the Call…

Just days after the Toronto Sun – under a heading that read, “Blackhawks in hot water” no less – reported that the NHL’s investigation into the Hawks’ signing of Marian Hossa continues and that the punishment could actually include the voiding of the suspicious contract, the Vancouver Canucks throw themselves into the investigation, signing goaltender Roberto Luongo to a front-loaded 12-year deal.  Similar to Hossa’s deal, Luongo will make $1 million in each of the deal’s final two years.

What to make of it?

Well, for one, if NHL franchises aren’t the least bit concerned with the consequences of front-loading, we shouldn’t be either.

Odd nonetheless.

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One Response to You Make the Call…

  1. Lou says:

    The NHL can’t afford the court battles associated with this. Additionally, do they want to take on their new hot team the Hawks and Canada’s winningest team?

    I think this will go away and ultimately be a point of contention in the nex CBA negotiations.

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