Gorgeous, I Say

There’s much to be excited about on this first day of November, but none should exceed the excitement one feels when he/she views the uniforms the Canadiens wore last night in Montreal.  Sure, we saw the multi-striped Habs uniforms during last season, but the gloves … the gloves … they’re … they’re … beautiful.

Pairing old-style, leather-colored gloves is a brilliant touch to a throw-back uniform originally worn during an era when leather-colored gloves were the norm.  And, this true-to-time touch far exceeds the look of the same uniforms last season, when the Habs wore blue gloves to match the plain blue pants.

It begs the question: Has this ever been done before?  I can’t recall a time when an NHL paired throwback uniforms with throwback leather gloves.  Anyone?

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4 Responses to Gorgeous, I Say

  1. Lou says:

    it was a very nice and classic look. only an O6 can pull that off. And arguably the Habs have one of the iconic sweaters in all of sport. Obviously, the Indian Head is my personal favorite but there is something to be said for the Canadiens

  2. Matthew says:

    I noticed the gloves immediately last night, and the fact that both teams had a maple leaf on the sweater. And they were pretty much the same level of suck, although the Habs did have more sustained pressure. The Habs’ first line (not the one that played against Chicago) is really quite good.

    Personally, I think the Habs’ jersey could look nicer than the Hawks’ if only they had a better logo. The CH is classic, I know, but it’s boring and doesn’t highlight the rest of the sweater in the same way that the Indian Head does.

  3. Adam says:

    I can’t find a picture, but Carey Price wore leather colored pads when they wore throwbacks last year. It looks even better on goalie pads.

  4. Matthew says:

    Here’s a video.

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