Quick Hit Friday

Don’t have a whole lot today, but here’s a quick rundown of some interesting items:

–Anyone still holding out hope for Stan Bowman to make a trade soon, don’t hold your breath.  While the topic of Long Term Injury Reserve is brought up, it once again went completely unanswered.  Here’s Bowman’s take:

“It was the same thing with Burish and it was the same thing with Hossa. We know these guys are going to be back during the season so you don’t want to have to undo something later because these guys are ready to go and you can’t get them into the lineup.”

I’m still having trouble figuring out how putting Burish or Bolland on LTIR and allowing a Rockford forward du jour to take up a roster spot is going to have to be undone later.  No one’s asking the Hawks to go out and get Ilya Kovalchuck (though that would be nice); all anyone with a half of a brain wants to know is why the Hawks are avoiding LTIR like it’s the Ebola virus. 

Is it to save Rocky Wirtz a few hundred thousand dollars?  Is it because no one in Rockford is worth the trouble?  Unlike the salary cap, the answer can’t be that complicated.  

–I meant to mention this after Wednesday’s game, but instead ended up answering it in the comments.  The two Colin Fraser scraps were the epitome of a desperate man.  With Hossa all set to come back within a couple weeks, Fraser has done the math and knows he needs to do anything to get the attention of the coaching staff.  So his best solution is   to drop the mitts with anyone willing. 

To me, this was depressing more than anything else.

–I will be making my maiden voyage to the United Center tomorrow night.  During the mid-90’s, it felt like there was a three-year stretch where the Hawks and Leafs played each other 734 times.  Now it’s a huge deal when they play once a year, even if one of the teams is a turd in the punch bowl.  So if you see a Mediterranean-looking fellow hurl himself towards the glass to celebrate a Blackhawks goal, that’s not me, but I’ll be near by.

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9 Responses to Quick Hit Friday

  1. Dave Morris says:

    Some Hawks-Leafs trivia…

    Frank Mahovlich almost became a Black Hawk after Jimmy Norris and Stafford Smythe got bombed over dinner and shook hands on a million-dollar cash deal for The Big M (BTW who was my favorite player at the time, though the Hawks being my favorite team). The next morning, a very hungover and chastened Smythe returned Norris’ million dollar cheque that had been couriered to Maple Leaf Gardens. (Imagine my disappointment! Another young hockey fan traumatized for life.)

    The cover of Bobby Hull’s book “Hockey Is My Game” shows Hull scoring on the great Johnny Bower.

    The last time the Hawks and Leafs met in the playoffs was ’95, when Chicago beat Toronto in quarterfinals 4 games to 3.

    The Hawks and Leafs last played for the Cup in ’62, when Toronto won the series 4-2.

    Should be a fun game. Enjoy!

  2. Lou says:

    Make sure you are in your seats say 15 minutes before game. Lots of neat pre-game video stuff and of course the National Anthem. Not like the old barn where sound had true feel but awesome none the less.

  3. Leonidas says:

    I think we’re in the middle of the aisle so unfortunately I wont have a clear path towards the goal celebration.

    If you’ve been there absurdly early they play Stompin Tom’s ‘The Hockey Song’ which always gets me in a good frame of mind for an original six tilt. I just hope for a regulation finish….they’re going to need oxygen tanks near the aisle if I have to go through more shootouts – and we’re on game 18?

    I can confirm that the Hawks played the Leafs 734 times in the mid 90s. The remaining games were played against the Blues, as it seems like those are the only two teams I ever remember seeing them against (with one salient matchup against Winnipeg)

  4. John says:

    I should’ve specified, maiden voyage to the United Center THIS year. Sorry about the confusion…

  5. Dave Morris says:

    @John> Isn’t ‘LTIR’ the abbreviation for the Ebola virus?


  6. AC says:

    Is there any kind of relief they can get by retroacting Hossa and/or Bolland to the LTIR later? Can they get some of the deferred bonus money moved to this year from next? Or can they open up some cap space to front-load an extension for one of the big 3? I don’t know the nuances of the LTIR and its relationship to the cap, so I want to believe that they are doing this to help out with the extensions/new contracts for the big 3.

  7. John says:

    Our resident capologist, Bob, is currently drowning in a sea of paperwork. He could answer your question way more thoroughly than I could, though I do believe your theory could be very plausible.

  8. blackhawkbob says:

    No, no and no, unfortunately.

    And, the odds they’re cooking up something not previously thought of is slim, but I suppose anything’s possible.

  9. Dave Morris says:

    What would we do without Blackhawk Bob? Kudos to you sir!

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