Blackhawks 7, Flames 1

Fourteen seconds into the second period, the Flames tied the game 1-1 on a power play tally from Olli Jokinen.  Troy Brouwer and Duncan Keith both collapsed on Jarome Iginla who found Jokinen wide open in the slot.  With only Cristobal Huet standing in front of him, Jokinen picked out a corner to knot up the score.

Shortly after, Ham Sandwich destroyed Rene Bourque along the boards.  Nigel Dawes foolishly went after Sandwich, wildly swinging at him, and drawing a roughing penalty in the process.

On the ensuing power play, Patrick Kane settled the puck in the corner.  He fed Cam Barker who went across to his partner Brent Seabrook.  Seabrook’s point shot was neatly deflected by Kris Versteeg past Mikka Kiprusoff and the Hawks were back on top. 

Nursing a one goal lead, new-found bruiser Colin Fraser decided he wanted to scrap with Eric Nystorm.  Unfortunately, this was after he elbowed him in the head. 

With an extra two minutes tacked on, the Flames went back on the power play. 

After an easy entry into the Hawks zone, Jay Bouwmeester found the puck on his stick in the high slot with Huet leaning the opposite way.  Huet desperately dove back to his right side and caught a piece of the shot with his blocker. 

The Hawks killed off the rest of the power play and then used the rest of the period to kill off any chance the Flames had of coming back.

Dustin Byfuglien added on to the Hawks lead with a great individual effort.  Byfuglien created his opportunity off a nice back-check.  He poked the loose puck to center ice; carried it into the Flames zone, and then snapped a shot past Kiprusoff. 

Four minutes later and just moments after Patrick Kane was denied by the crossbar, the Flames got caught in a bad change.  An alert Duncan Keith sprung Andrew Ladd on a breakaway.  Ladd made a subtle toe-drag move and beat Kiprusoff to the far side to give the Hawks a 4-1 lead.

With just three minutes left in the period, the Flames took two bad penalties.  First, they were called for too many men on the ice.  Then, a minute and a half later, Dion Phaneuf decided to pick a fight with Brent Seabrook for an arbitrary reason.  For his decision, he got an extra two minutes attached to his fighting major.

While 5-on-3 power plays have been an Achilles heel for the Hawks thus far, it wasn’t tonight. 

Patrick Kane banged home a loose puck to make it 5-1.  Then nearly 45 seconds later, he made a terrific cross-ice pass to a wide-open Kris Versteeg who one-timed the puck into the net to essentially put the game away. 

Troy Brouwer put the Hawks on the board in the first period with a power play tally.  Brouwer was standing in front of the net and when a Duncan Keith point shot settled in front of the crease,  he had three whacks at the puck.  His third attempt went in.

To close out the scoring for the night, Ben Eager notched his first goal of the season.

All in all, it was a beautiful way to start a fairly important road trip.


–Scoring on four out of five power play opportunities will certainly make teams think twice before taking stupid penalties against the Hawks.  Nigel Dawes and Dion Phaneuf were both foolishly out of line with their penalties in the second period and it was nice to see the Hawks make them pay where it counts. 

–Since allowing Calgary to score 5 goals in the first ten minutes of their first meeting, the Hawks have outscored the Flames 13-1 since.

–Another three assists for Duncan Keith tonight.  He certainly is having (arguably) the best start of any Blackhawk this season.  However, like I stated in his player preview, this shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody.  At the beginning of the season, teams are not executing the tightly-checked games you’ll see in April and May.  Where Keith had his hiccups last year was when teams took away his time and space.  Enjoy it now, but it’s something to keep an eye for later.

–Hard to believe Kris Versteeg’s two goals was the first multi-goal game by a Hawk this year.  As good as the Hawks have been, they still haven’t scored nearly as many goals as they’re capable of.  Pretty scary to think about.

–I’ll be shocked if Bryan Bickell gets re-assigned to Rockford tomorrow.  Making him travel back and forth through two different time zones in three days and expecting him to play at a high level is bat-shit crazy.  For the game, Bickell mostly skated with Kane and Toews.  His best shifts were in the first period where he had two golden chances to find twine.  His first shot trickled through Kiprusoff’s legs and went wide.  His second chance, Kane found him in the high slot and Bickell’s shot sailed over the net.

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25 Responses to Blackhawks 7, Flames 1

  1. Dave Morris says:

    The best part of this game for me was how the Blackhawks kept hammering the Flames into the canvas right to the final bell.

    Ruthlessness is the breakfast of champions.

    Stay hungry, Hawks.

  2. Lou says:

    Intersting to see Buff get some shifts on the blue line. Is this and audition to see if he can move back there? Are they showcasing his versatility?

    Any thoughts on this?

  3. cb says:

    Think we can trade Huet for Kiprusoff? Maybe if we also throw in Toews or Kane?

  4. Lou says:

    Better add a couple of first round picks too

  5. John says:

    My first thought was, “Oh they’re trying to get Buff more comfortable for power play situations.” Then I remembered he hasn’t really been back there in a while. I don’t know, I probably wouldn’t read into it too much. It was a 7-1 game and they were most likely just trying to keep Ham Sandwich, Keith, and Campbell off the ice as much as they could.

  6. CT says:

    “Intersting to see Buff get some shifts on the blue line.”

    Lou, I think Quenneville did this more to get rest for guys like Keith and Seabrook than anything else.

  7. Lou says:

    That’s what I think too.

    With Hossa coming have we seen the last of Ebbett or did I miss something?

  8. Dave Morris says:

    Here’s an interesting little item from this morning’s Sun Times by Len Ziehm…

    “All those recent reports that Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith were about to get long-term contract extensions together hasn’t materialized, and Kane called it “just speculation and rumors” when the Canadian media confronted him after Thursday’s morning skate in Calgary. Don’t get me wrong. I think all three will get long-term extensions eventually but they might not get them together. And, whenever they do sign, a prime topic of discussion will immediately be which players will stay with the Hawks next season and which ones won’t. That salary cap’s a tricky thing and working with it will take some time. In the meantime there’ll be lots of Hawks in limbo as this most promising season reaches crunch time.”

    So…maybe TSN is just full of it. Doh.

  9. Mark Giangreco Roman Wrestler says:

    The most interesting part of Buff on the blue line is the Flames didn’t score 5 goals when he was playing there.

  10. CT says:

    MGRW – That’s why it’s called “showcasing”.

  11. John says:

    I don’t follow Dave. Ziehm says he expects all three to eventually sign, just maybe not together. If anything, it proves that ‘tagging’ is probably the hold-up in the whole thing.

    I’ll venture to guess Kane and Toews are still announced together and Keith has agreed in principle to his contract but can’t officially be announced because of the tagging issue his contract would cause.

    I don’t see how TSN is full of it.

  12. Patrick says:

    Stating the obvious:

    – The Hawks absolutely dominated the Flames, and they did it without two of their top six forwards. This team is going to be scary once they can all play together. No need to make ANY moves.
    – Huet is playing out of his mind right now – the Hawks will be fine
    – Look! A Buff sighting, now if we could only get him to play that way against teams outside of Western Canada
    – Sharp – was he playing center all night last night?
    – Everyone contributed but Sople and that Towes kid – dump him! Just kidding (on both, actually)

    New nickname for PK88 from the Second City Hockey board last night – in honor of his birthday, he’ll now be known as 21 Cent

  13. Lou says:

    Also add in the fact that Bowman has put a gag order out there too.

    These will get done McD can have his party and the Committed Indians will have something to be committed over.

    Now let’s go pound Khabi to a pulp.

  14. Patrick says:

    Who starts tomorrow night? I’m thinking it’s Neimi…

  15. coach says:

    My personal opinion is that they sat ham sandwich to protect him from any retaliation on the hit he put on Bourque, just a thought. Or just the way you do it in youth hockey not embarass the other team have your forwards play defense.

  16. CT says:

    Coach, I think the other reason Buff was out there is that he’s been seeing time at the point on PP, so it was a chance to get some more practice time there.

  17. Dave Morris says:

    @John> didn’t the Wirtzes just buy the Sun-Times? Maybe Ziehm is doing some advance work to temper the expectations of the populace.


    Some Oily work comin’ up. Khabby is crabby these days, so the Hawks will have to wear their hardhats tomorrow night.

  18. blackhawkbob says:

    Good point, Coach. I hadn’t thought of that.

  19. Dave Morris says:

    Allan Muir at CNN/Sports Illustrated thinks the Hawks may have an agreement in principle with The Three Amigos, and may wait until the end of the season to formalize it. He says Stan Bowman will not be pressured into dumping salary. More here:

  20. Lou says:

    Muir makes a good point but these are also a dangerous scenarios. Too much can be left to chance or someone over produces and says the deal isn’t now good enough… The risk may be too great. I would get my guys signed, sealed and delivered. (Their you go Dave, lyrics from an old tune).

    I think the gag order and McD’s love of a parade are part of this.

  21. Dave Morris says:

    Patrick Kane speaks:

    “Just speculation and rumors,” Kane said of the league-wide reports that surfaced earlier this week. “My agent (Pat Brisson), Stan (Hawks’ general manager Stan Bowman) and the Blackhawks’ organization are negotiating, but nothing’s done yet.”

  22. Lou says:

    Take that with two shots and a beer.

    Kane does exactly what he is supposed to do…provide a good party line answer and focus on Hockey.

  23. josh says:

    Ebbett’s been placed on waivers, I guess this means Sopel is back to being the ugliest Hawk.

  24. Dave Morris says:

    @Lou> two shots and a beer? You’re a two-fisted drinker, m’man.

    But Kane is correct…all speculation and rumors.

    A smart guy like Pat Brisson doesn’t leak the details of his negotiations to the media. And the Blackhawks certainly won’t.

    Hearsay is transformed by the magic wand of journalists into half-truths.

  25. Lou says:

    Hearsy becomes heresy after a twelve pack

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