Ducks 3, Blackhawks 0

Sometimes, games turn in a single rush.

Just past the five minute mark of the second period and the Hawks trailing Anaheim 1-0, Troy Brouwer and Andrew Ladd broke in on a 2-on-1.  Brouwer went wide with the puck and successfully drew the defenseman away from Ladd.

He slid a beautiful cross-ice pass over to Ladd.  With the puck on his forehand and about 75% of the net to shoot at, Ladd fired the puck along the ice.  J.S. Giguere went post-to-post and made a kick save with his left leg. 

The rebound shot out to an Anaheim player who found Ryan Getzlaf streaking behind the Blackhawks while they were in a middle of a line change.  Brent Sopel was the closest Hawk player and actually did a terrific job of preventing Getzlaf from lifting the puck on his breakaway move.  Cristobal Huet made the save but Sopel was called on a very questionable hooking call.

On the ensuing power play, Teemu Selanne scored his second goal of the game after a scramble in front and what could have been a 1-1 game turned into a 2-0 Ducks lead.  Three minutes later, the Ducks scored on another power play and it was all they would need.

The Hawks mounted a semi-serious threat early in the third period with two excellent shifts but Giguere turned away each shot and that was that.

Maybe the Hawks don’t win the game if Ladd scores to tie it at 1, but there’s no denying the end-to-end sequence completely changed the complexion of the game.  Either way, the Hawks were due to lay a stink bomb at some point on this trip.  It makes sense it would come during a Friday matinee the day after Thanksgiving.


–Early in the second period, Marian Hossa was the recipient of a pass and was standing about 15 feet away from the net.  The puck ended up slipping off his stick but in a couple weeks, a play like that will either be a goal or a terrific save from the opposing goaltender.

–It was kind of strange to see Joel Quenneville stick with a strict line rotation through the whole 60 minutes especially in a first period where the Hawks looked particularly flat.  In a season that’s seen him completely gum up his lines two shifts into a game, I kept waiting for the first adjustment.  Never happened.

–So the Hawks finally start filling up the net on the power-play after they abandon the ‘forward playing the point’ strategy.  Then Hossa returns and they completely change whatever they’ve been doing except this time Kris Versteeg plays the ‘point’.  I use quotations because most times, Versteeg lined up low along the half-boards leaving Duncan Keith alone on the point. 

In the second period, the Ducks predictably got a terrific short-handed opportunity when Corey Perry won a loose puck battle and Keith was the only Hawk within the same area code.  Huet ended up having to make a save that was far too difficult with the Hawks up a man.

In other news, the Hawks power play went 0-for-4.

–Bobby was one of the criminally insane up at 4 am this morning to pick up a PlayStation 3.  His first game purchase was NHL ’10.  Naturally, I had to give the game a whirl.

My first reaction: Wow.

It’s probably the best hockey game I’ve ever seen.  The players look so real and the gameplay is so realistic, it’s hard for me to rationally describe to you. 

Bobby and I were all set to start up the ‘Be A GM’ mode together when he had a vision of us getting into a heated argument over whether to take Ryan Getzlaf or Sidney Crosby with the fourth overall selection in the fantasy draft.  He said we’d end up coming to blows.  I’d storm out.  We’d try to reconcile.  Then we’d argue over our second round pick.  Thirty years later, we’re still not talking. 

So he decided it’s probably not worth it.  He’s probably right.

*On the Farm*

–The IceHogs came out on top of the Grand Rapids Griffins with a 4-3 win.  The Hogs actually owned a 4-1 lead early in the third period, but the Griffins scored two goals to cut the lead to 1.  Unlike Wednesday night, Rockford held on for the win. 

Peter MacArthur opened the scoring three minutes into the game with assists from Jassen Cullimore and Nathan Davis

In the second period, Kyle Greentree gave the Hogs a lead they’d never lose.  Assists were from Bracken Kearns and Jack SkilleAkim Aliu scored an unassisted goal at the end of the period to give the Hogs a two-goal lead.

Nathan Davis closed out Rockford’s scoring early in the third with an assist going to MacArthur.

Alec Richards earned his first career AHL win by stopping 27 of 30 shots.

Shawn Lalonde had an assist in Belleville’s 5-3 loss to the Erie Otters on Thanksgiving.

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8 Responses to Ducks 3, Blackhawks 0

  1. Lou says:

    Can’t win em all but win em when the count the most is the mantra

    The 4 forward power play is not the greatest scheme here. If Soup is a PP QB why isn’t he getting ice time?????

    Nice of Buff after trying to avoid the GTI penalty and getting swung at by John Sissy GettingGiggywithit to throw major spray in his face. I would have liked to see him beat Wiz’s ass.

  2. Dave Morris says:

    The Anaheim Ducks were ready today in every aspect of the game. The Hawks? Nope.

    People forget how good a team Anaheim is, and how good JS Giguere is. Jiggy had his angry Duck face on (great cartoon on his mask) and he was perfect.

    The Ducks gave the Hawks NOTHING. No time, no space, no tickets to Disney World.

    Yeah, the Blackhawks were flat, no question. They didn’t skate, they didn’t hit, they didn’t do jack s–.

    If Huey hadn’t been sharp, this could have been a blowout.

    So wrap it up, bin it, fuggiddabouddit.

    The El Lay Burger Kings are just a short trip up the freeway.

    4-1 on this trip is darned good, but the Hawks know they can be better. Toews said it: “We didn’t get good entries and we didn’t control the puck and we weren’t moving it well enough. You’re not going to score when you’re not doing those things.”

    OK, think about tomorrow…and the Nieminator maybe?

  3. Ben says:

    NHL 10 does indeed rule.

  4. Lee says:

    Ok, guy’s now it’s my turn. no I am not talking about goons but muscle. The Tribune this morning says the Hawks were out mucscled and I totally agree. They are a fast and quick team but definetly lack the physical play and I think that will hurt them down the road. They need to keep a guy like Bickell up just to add the additonal size and muscle.. Dave if you think Buff would have kicked Wiz ass I think you are smoking something. There is no way that would have happend. Buff is big but did you see the fight Wiz had with Jordan Totoo a few years ago on a bum knee? He can fight, i’m not sure Buff can. Does anyone agree me with me that the Hawks will need more size to really have a chance to win the cup?

  5. Lou says:

    @ Lee, Dave doesn’t smoke. He is very holistic in what he puts in his body. For me, who said I would have liked to see Buff beat Wiz’s ass, I still would and I don’t smoke. Bad habit. Scotch is much better.

    I think Buff would be more than able to give Wiz a run for his money. Wiz fighting Tootoo is the same size mismatch as Buff fighting Wiz. Buff may not be Mr. Agression but I also don’t think he is a wuss. Wiz is tough but he isn’t an NHL heavyweight.

    The Hawks just won 8 in a row and 21 different Hawks have scored with their current muscle, so obviously something is working. They lose one game (on what used to be a dismal road trip) and the now they aren’t tough, not physical enough malarkey starts. Ask Rene Bourque if they are tough enough. He got walloped and he hasn’t played since. And he is one physically tough dude. Not sure what more size would have done there.

    As stated countless times, if the person can’t skate a regular shift we don’t need em. So if they bring size but he can’t fit in they can’t help us. If they bring size and he can fit in then maybe they can. The Hawks aren’t going to bring a guy in becuase of size alone.

    Eager is back, Brouwer has fought and Fraser will fight everything and anything. So obviously muscle/toughness is present. Ham is gonna get suspended one of these games for his hits because he puts so much into it and is close to leaving his feet. Ladd had a major hit this year too. The entire deterrence issue is dead and buried.

    Bickell is a nice kid and has a promising future but he isn’t going to crack the current line-up unless a trade is made or their is an injury. If he could play center, it would be different. Hossa took his spot…

    Kopecky was brought in to be the battering ram and he is a Bowman guy who can allegdly play center too. I am not sold on Kopecky and what he has done but that’s why he is here. Brouwer is earning his role and is a major contributor on special teams and the checking line. And Buff is Buff. So Bickell has to wait. But it is a nice position to be in

    As for future physicality, you have Shawn LaLonde in the wings maybe as early as next year and Captain petulance, Kyle Beach most likely here next year. And remember Burish is still out.

  6. Lee says:

    Points well taken

  7. Dave Morris says:

    @Lee> I don’t mind being called out when the situation is appropriate, but that was Lou talkin’ bout Buff…not me.

    And smoking causes lung disease. Never touch the stuff.

    Now, to address your points about being physical. When guys like Brouwer, Buff, Ladd, and Eager are hitting people up front, the Hawks have the edge.

    As I said, and very specifically, they didn’t do much hitting in Anaheim.

    Hopefully Les Blaque Hawques get it together in El Lay 2 nite. And no In-Out Burgers before game time.

  8. Lee says:

    Hopefully they spent some time at Muscle Beach

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