Dumping It In

Couple of interesting items caught my eye today….

Mirtle churned out his list of top defensive forwards at the quarter pole of the season.  On the list from the Blackhawks were Kris Versteeg, who ranked second, John Madden, and Colin Fraser.  I’m still not 100% sure how players are ranked, but the Hawks tied with Ottawa and St. Louis for most players on the list. 

For reference, to qualify on his list, players must be regular penalty killers on their team so if you’re pissed off Patrick Kane isn’t getting any recognition for his better defensive play, that’s why.

And speaking of Patrick Kane, Puck Prospectus attempts to quantify “How Good is Patrick Kane?”  While there is a lot of interesting information in this piece (like everything else they do), I can’t help but notice the inordinate amount of space PP dedicates to examining shootouts. 

It’s no different when they examine Kane.  Over three-quarters of the article dissects Kane and Toews shootout success. 

Look, I understand how important those extra points for teams on the playoff bubble are.  Florida would have easily qualified for the playoffs last year if they won just half of their shootout losses.  For a team like the Hawks, though, the extra points aren’t nearly as important because they’re going to be racking up plenty of points anyways.  If a couple shootout losses prevents them from winning the President’s Trophy, then so be it.

I’d rather get a closer look at how Kane’s numbers look on even strength this year as opposed to years past instead of digging inside his shootout numbers. 

And one last thing, if Joel Quenneville ever taps Andrew Ladd’s shoulder before Marian Hossa in a shootout, then he might as well shave his mustache because anyone who makes a decision like that clearly can’t have something so amazing hovering over his upper lip. 

–Back at the practice ice today, Joel Quenneville swapped spots with Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane.  For Tuesday night’s tilt, Sharp will skate with Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews.  Kane will skate on the right wing with Kris Versteeg and Dustin Byfuglien.

At least for the first couple shifts. 

There’s really no use getting too worked up about any changes Quenneville makes because he’s going to eventually switch them around again.  But if anyone can please answer how Sharp and Hossa complement each other or how Kane and Versteeg complement each other, then be my guest.

It seems fairly obvious (at least to me) that Sharp and Kane should be surgically attached to each other.  Giving Sharp a playmaker and passer of Kane’s ability is the best way to get the most out of him.  Versteeg should skate with Hossa to give him and Toews someone that can feed them the puck.  These seem to be the pairings that would work out best.

Of course, that all depends on Sharp’s willingness to play center and the more they try to force-feed Versteeg as a pivot, the more it seems like Sharp would rather pose naked on the hood of an airplane than play center.

–The Blue Jackets invade the United Center on Tuesday.  They’ll be fresh off snapping their 5 game losing streak after downing the St. Louis Blues 5-2.  Don’t let that score deceive you.  The Jackets scored two empty-net goals in the final minute to make it seem like a bigger blowout. 

Personnel-wise, the Jackets have all the same important pieces as last year.  Rick Nash, R.J. Umberger, and Antoine Vermette will make their offense go.  Their defense is still a hodge-podge of mediocre journeymen. 

Unlike last year, they actually have a good power-play.  Going into action against the Blues, the Jackets had the number one unit in the entire league.  Quite suprising from a team who was 30th in the league last year. 

Last year’s Calder winner, Steve Mason, has gotten off to a fairly rough start.  Mason boasts an 89% save percentage and a whopping 3.46 goals against.  So you can probably expect him to stop 47 in a shutout tomorrow night.

Whether he gets the start against the Hawks remains to be seen. 

–If you’re attending tomorrow night’s game, be sure to pick up an issue of “The Committed Indian” (like you always should anyways).  Our article will be towards the back of the issue and will have all the things we’ve learned 25 games into this season.

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13 Responses to Dumping It In

  1. Dave Morris says:

    Gentlemen, another fine foray into the forest of facts. BTW Puck Prospectus is one of the better blogs on hockey minutiae, and PP’s Robert Vollman does answer e-mails if and when you call him out, as I did for suggesting Brian Campbell might be traded to Ottawa for Ryan Shannon and Alex Picard.

    Now, on to Les Bleus Jaquettes, as my old pal Tony Vermette would say. A potentially dangerous foe, as last year’s 3-1-2 record between the clubs indicates, the trio of Hawk victories being by mere smidgens. Ken Hitchcock, Rick Nash, RJ Umberger, and Monsieur Vermette all have that pesky way of making life uncomfortable for Les Hawques.

    Fortunately, former Hawk Jason Williams is now a former Jacket, so only Slammin Sammy Pahlsson might carry a grudge, and Sammy’s too nice a guy for that. Heck, he and Ham Sandwich might even swap meatball recipes.

    Furthermore, the inexplicable phenomenon of the BJ’s currently being one of the league’s worst defensive teams is compounded by the absence of Rusty Klesla for tonight’s match.

    Hopefully the Hawks will recognize the critical nature of this Divisional match-up–a five point lead being less than cosy–and Patrick Sharp will recover from having lost out as Chicago’s Sexiest Athlete to score a goal or two.

    Who knows, maybe the Hawks will get Q his 500th W after two whiffs.

    In other news, it appears Joe Corvo can be removed from the list of potential assets targeted by StanBow, Mr. Corvo having had his leg sliced by a skate last night, and rather seriously.

    And don’t forget to wear your retro 3rd jersey tonight as you cheer for Da Boyz.

  2. Lou says:

    ESPN Insider has two Hawks posts today.

    Tweaking some of the deal points according to Kane

    And accoridng to Forklift Sharp may be headed to ATL for Kozlov.

  3. John says:

    Am I reading that correctly, another Forklift rumor found its way to the mainstream media?

  4. Lou says:

    Yes – you are correct.

    Foklift from Hockee Night

  5. John says:

    That is hilarious. Maybe Pierre LeBrun has been blogging anonymously for the past year under the name of Forklift. That would make CT Scott Burnside? Or maybe Barry Melrose.

  6. Dave Morris says:

    @John> I really liked the ESPN reference to ‘The writer known as Forklift’…like ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince’. Come to think of it, aren’t they one and the same?

    Obviously ESPN is desperate for rumor fodder when they quote Fork.

    Heck, next thing you know they’ll be quoting Barry Rozner.

  7. Lou says:

    Or one of us

  8. CT says:

    Actually, I’m Pierre McGuire.

    Wanna see my Stanley Cup ring?

  9. Lou says:

    I’m Don Cherry, want to see my shirt wing in my house?????

  10. Dave Morris says:

    @CT> at least ESPN spelled ‘Forklift’ right. Imagine what kind of typo could have happened.

    So if you’re Pierre McGuire, does that make your sidekick Darren Dreger?

    BTW Hawkey Dudes (and Dudettes as the case may be), do Les Blaque Hawques get Q his 500th W tonight or what?

  11. Dave Morris says:

    HAWKS WIN!!!

  12. Lou says:

    New jerseys are very sweet looking

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