Hawks to Subsidize Swiss Spengler Cup

Former Blackhawks Mark Bell, Brett McLean and Curtis Brown were named to Canada’s Spengler Cup entry today.  (Look more closely and you may find another former Hawk or two.)  The Hawks were even kind enough to subsidize Brown’s play, as the team is infamously still on the hook for the four-year deal the sides signed in 2004.

The Hawks bought his contract out during the summer of 2005 – oh, what a summer it was – and continue to account for a pro rata share of the buyout through this season. 

Other notables selected for participation include Alexandre Daigle, the number one overall pick in 1993 by the Ottawa Senators, Jamie Rivers and Randy Robitaille, who contrary to my previous belief, is apparently still alive.

The Spengler Cup is an annual tournament held in Switzerland and was noteworthy most recently because Curtis Joseph used his stellar 2007 tournament performance as a springboard back into the NHL.  (Insert Mark Bell joke here.)

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2 Responses to Hawks to Subsidize Swiss Spengler Cup

  1. Dave Morris says:

    Thanks for this, gentlemen. The Swiss connection is indeed interesting.

    As you remember, former Hawk draftee Sean Simpson coached the Zurich Lions to their Victoria Cup victory over the Blackhawks this fall…and whattya know, he’s assistant coach for the Canada squad at the Spengler.

  2. Frankie J says:

    Quick sidenote that I was thinking about yesterday. If the Hawks do win the cup(fingers crossed), how good are the Zurich Lions gonna feel about that meaningless Victoria Cup win? Pretty damn good I bet….muhahaha

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