Blackhawks 3, Red Wings 0

Sunday night’s Original Six tilt between the Red Wings and Blackhawks was a classic “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation for the the Hawks.  If they won, the response would be “Big deal, Detroit has a ton of injuries.  They should win.”  If they didn’t, hell fire would reign from every orifice of the Earth because the Hawks lost to Pavel Datsyuk, Nicklas Lidstrom, and the Grand Rapids Griffins. 

The Hawks chose the former rather than the latter.

Save for the final two minutes of the period, the Blackhawks completely dominated the Red Wings in the opening frame.  It took Detroit nearly 13 minutes to get their first shot on goal.  The bad news was the Hawks only had a 1-0 lead. 

The Hawks cashed in on their second power play of the game when Duncan Keith walked the blue line after receiving a pass from Jonathan Toews.  Keith wired a shot that appeared to be tipped but after further review beat Chris Osgood to the far side from 60 feet out.

The second period wasn’t much different, save for much less time spent in the Hawks zone and a couple more goals.  Brian Campbell jumped into a 2-on-2 rush; Patrick Sharp pulled up and hit him with a pass.  With a full head of steam, Campbell faked a shot and then slid a wrist shot between Osgood’s legs. 

Three and a half minutes later, Dustin Byfuglien put a one-footed wrist shot from 55 feet out on net and it was good enough to sneak under Osgood’s left leg.  That was all the cushion the Hawks would need.

In the third, the Hawks basically pulled the football equivalent of holding on to the ball for the final 8 minutes of the game and never let the Wings establish any kind of rhythm because they never had the puck.  If it wasn’t for Osgood having a much better period, the game could’ve gotten a whole lot sillier.


There’s probably going to be an immediate rush to annoint the Hawks as the Wings’ superior after tonight, but much like Jason always used to get up off the mat after being electrocuted, stabbed, shot, hung, and dismembered, do not proclaim the Wings dead.  Maybe it’s old scar tissue or maybe it’s silly superstition, I really can’t explain it.  If/when the Wings get back to full health, they’re still going to have a say in who wins the West.  

What a difference a year makes.  Last year’s Wings team was so impressive that it was sometimes impossible to figure out who their fourth line was.  This year, thanks to approximately 1,242 injuries, it’s hard to figure out who their fourth line is because past their first line of Holmstrom-Datsyuk-Bertuzzi, it’s pretty dang ugly.

–I’m a little too young to fondly recall Paul Coffey’s days in Edmonton, but I have to believe it looked a lot like Brian Campbell’s last two games.  Campbell has been a defensive dynamo.  Every time he takes control of the puck he’s a threat to create a scoring opportunity for the Hawks.  Not to mention, he puts the opposition immediately on their heels once he gains possession.  He’s a lot of fun to watch.  Don’t worry though, he’ll get booed again soon enough.

–We usually leave bitching about the refs to the amateurs, but referees Paul Devorski and Kyle Rehman had a particularly brutal game.  In the first period, Jonathan Toews should’ve been awarded a penalty shot.  In the second, Detroit’s Justin Abelkader tried to bury Patrick Sharp into the boards a good three seconds after Sharp passed the puck.  Sharp saw him at the last second and braced himself for the hit.  Somehow, Sharp was the only player to get a penalty out of the skirmish.  For good measure, the Wings had six players on the ice for that sequence. 

Dustin Byfuglien is a lock for Team USA.  You heard it here first.  At the same time, here’s reason #148 why having Byfuglien on the point for a power play is a bad idea: Pay particular attention to how penalty killers attack Byfuglien when he’s on the point.  As opposed to when any other defensemen has the puck on the point, the PK’ers will immediately pressure Byfuglien knowing full well he doesn’t have the hands to hang on to the puck with someone breathing down his neck.  This could get ugly soon. 

–I’m pretty sure the Harris Bank commercials wishing you a “Happy Hullidays” starring Bobby Hull were created with the sole intention of giving Sam and the Committed Indian staff enough comedic material to last them until 2012.

*Farm Weekend Update*

On Friday night, the IceHogs welcomed in the Chicago Wolves.  Matt Keith got Rockford on the board seven minutes in with assists from Ryan Flinn and Richard Petiot.  The Wolves scored the next two goals to grab a 2-1 lead, but Jack Skille had other ideas.

With under five minutes in the second period, Skille scored on the power play with help from Bracken Kearns and Kyle Greentree.  Three minutes later, Skille started a scoring play when he assisted on Bracken Kearns’ goal.  Richard Petiot notched his second assist of the game on the play.  It was all the IceHogs would need in a 3-2 win.

Joseph Fallon was the number one star of the game with 36 saves.

Saturday, things didn’t turn out so well.  The IceHogs dropped the evening tilt to the San Antonio Rampage 2-1.  They trailed 2-0 late in the third before Kyle Greentree prevented the shutout when he scored his 8th goal of the season with assists from Bracken Kearns and Mark Cullen.

Fallon got the start in goal for the second straight night and stopped 24 of 26 shots in the loss.

Kyle Beach sat out Spokane’s Friday night loss to the Seattle Thunderbirds because of a minor concussion.

Byron Froese didn’t do a whole bunch in Everett’s 3-0 loss to the Tri-City Americans on Friday night.  Saturday, he scored the game-winning goal in the shootout to give the Silvertips a 4-3 win over the Chiliwack Bruins.

The WHL is now on Christmas break.  They’ll resume action on December 27th.

Shawn Lalonde and the Belleville Bulls don’t play another game until December 29th.

–The NCAA is now on their winter break as well.  Brandon Pirri and RPI are participating in the Great Lakes Invitational starting December 29th.  Billy Sweatt and Colorado College will be playing in the Florida College Classic.  League play picks up again after the new year.

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20 Responses to Blackhawks 3, Red Wings 0

  1. Sam says:

    Sadly, kids, I can’t sit through the ad long enough to write anything about it.


  2. Dave Morris says:

    Just win, baby.

    Troy Murray said it all after the game: “I LOVE to beat the Red Wings.”

    Based on their comments, the Blackhawks are taking this one in stride, as a battle won.

    The war continues, and the next chapter gets written Wednesday.

    But first, there’s a Shark hunt on Tuesday. You can bet the Fins will be ready. The Hawks will need to be extra sharp.

    And can we say a good word once again about Mr. Hendry?

  3. JM says:

    If there was ever a game to break the penalty-shot-at-the-UC-drought, it was tonight, with a red hot Toews going against Osgood on a night he lets in a few suspect wrist shots.

    But the refs done and messed that up.

  4. Lou says:

    I was impressed with Toews using Abelkader’s face as a spring when he was geting back up in the third. Toews is proving to be quite fiesty but not stupid. That is a good thing for us. Versteeg got under Datysuks skin, that is a good thing.

    This was a good win. To start to talk about the torch passing, we need to play this same game against them when they are healthy and win. I think we can.

    Finally, Todd Bertuzzi – should be banished for life.

  5. Patrick says:

    Okay, a few quick observations:

    – Barker had better hurry back up or the Hawks might find out what it’s like to live without him (and find out that they can live with Hendry) and make him the odd man out for future cap relief (yes, I know, even thought them don’t need to move anyone – but the Hawks please move Kopecky?)

    – Huet/Niemi controversy – nothing to see here, move along!

    – Campbell – okay, it took a year and a third but he’s sure a hellova pick up, isn’t he? Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration (and I like the guy), but the good old red-head has been playing like a man possessed – DON’T make it stop!

    – Balance! This team is virtually perfect (knock on wood).

    Lastly – this game was like a little brother finally beating up his older brother, even though the older one was drunk. There’s satisfaction for the littler in knowing that you can do it, but you want a chance to go up against and beat him with his “A-game” next time.

  6. the Roar says:

    WEIRD. i seem to remember beating the Wings during the regular season over-and-over the past 2 previous seasons but people are talking like we just accomplished some sort of milestone..?
    We swept them and then lost in the playoffs. WE SWEPT THEM AND THEN LOST IN THE PLAYOFFS. Put your over-confidence, your ego, and your trash-talking in your back pocket ’till we break that 8-year streak of theirs. THAT’s what matters.
    AHL players SHOULD be out-played by NHL stars right?

    I was leaving the game and watched some [Hawks] fan make an ass of himself screaming at a douche in a Wings jersey saying something about “your reign is over. there’s a new sheriff in town”.. To me that’s a ridiculous (and ill-informed) statement.

  7. Patrick says:

    Roar – other than the fans you’re talking about from last night, who’s trash talking (other than the Red Wings fans around me that is, out here in Colorado – oh, but that was before last night, of course)?

  8. Lou says:

    When did we sweep the Red Wings Last year? I saw a bunch of games in which we played solid for two of three periods and then they turned on the jets and beat us…

  9. CT says:

    Lou – I’m pretty sure the Wings beat the Hawks a few times as well. I seem to recall one of those games being on the teevee on New Year’s Day or something. I think it was kind of a big happening.

  10. Otter says:

    It’s games like last night that make me wonder how the hell the Wings won a few Cups with Chris Osgood as their goalie. I missed the second goal, but it seemed to me that Keith’s and mos def Byfuglien’s goal were soft.

    – I agree about Campbell and I’d pay to watch him skate.

    – @Patrick, Barker made the first nice defensive play that I can remember Friday night…

    – And let’s all remember that the Hawks owned the Wings in 2007-2008.

  11. the Roar says:

    @ Lou & CT

    by past 2 years i mean regular seasons… take note of Otter’s last bullet point… 07-08. But i guess you’d have had to be sitting w the other less than 10 thousand fans and have paid attention to the Hawks (& cared enough to) back then to know that… Guess you were too into the Cubs to notice.. I realize the Hawks didn’t have their extra bandwagons yet, but i figured people making comments could at least have remembered 2 years back… Guess this is what I should expect for the rest of the McDonough years.
    I kid. ALL jokes. Take offense if you will, but I’ll toss my beer on you like we’re still at the Stadium. The REAL madhouse, not the marketing one.


  12. John says:

    We’ll be sure to vote for you, Roar, in the Blackhawks fan of the decade contest taking place next week.

  13. Lou says:

    @ Roar
    “i seem to remember beating the Wings during the regular season over-and-over the past 2 previous seasons but people are talking like we just accomplished some sort of milestone..? We swept them and then lost in the playoffs. WE SWEPT THEM AND THEN LOST IN THE PLAYOFFS.” Not sure how else we interpret this but it is just plain wrong.

    For the record, two years ago we did very well against the Wings in the regular season and did NOT make the playoffs. Were you just completely blotto all of last season? We didn’t sweep anything from them and they kicked our ass in the playoffs. Thus, we didn’t make the playoff in the year we swept them, as you said, and didn’t sweep them last year. So, your inability to articulate a clear, correct thought is our problem? We are all truly sorry but we can’t complete your thoughts or read your mind. At least if you are going to talk smack, clarify your points before you blog and surely, don’t jump on folks and then spin it some other way when you mess up your post to begin with.

    And BTW, I bet more than a few of us have been to the Old Barn. If you hate the new UC, maybe you should just stop going there are plenty of others who want your tickets. Otherwise, stop sounding like a Packer fan talking about the days of old and Vince. It was a great, great place and there will be no place like it again. But to COMMIT to the Indian, one must embrace the UC and this is a new world we are in and the new place is getting to be fun again. Band wagons of fans or not.

    If you want to waste a $6.50 beer by throwing at me or CT, you go right ahead. I don’t think we’ll melt but I also don’t think you fly…I’ll take one for the team if you think you can fly.

  14. Dave Morris says:

    Gentlemen, please.

    Let us not quibble among ourselves. The time has come for Solidarity in Hawkey Nation.


    And stay thirsty, my friends.

  15. Lou says:

    @ Dave,

    Sometimes you have to tell it like you see it. It ain’t quibbling when your facts are just plain wrong and then you drive your bus at pedestrians like it is their fault for being in the crosswalk.

  16. The Roar says:

    Of course people want my seats. they can’t have them. Home or away :-p

    He’s right. After further review, once I got off my phone, and back home to a computer they didn’t truly sweep them in either 07-08 or 08-09, but I have watched us lose to them in the playoffs… several times.

    Go ahead and count them out, but that’s your mistake.

  17. Lou says:

    @ Roar

    Who’s counting them out? What planet are you on?

    It was a good win yesterday, now we have to beat them at full strength and then in the playoffs. Last year we had em and didn’t know how to finish em. I guarantee this season will be different.

  18. the Roar says:

    Well I hope I don’t have to call you out for that last part of your statement come playoff time. WHO is counting them out?.. Sounds like you “guarantee”d it.

  19. Lou says:


    You make absolutely no sense

    No one on this site is counting the Blackhawks out. And I think this season the Hawks can take the Red Wings. We’ll see how we do when they are at full strength in the new year. I will stand by an guarantee I make right or wrong.


  20. JM says:

    Just to continue the flogging, not only did the Hawks not sweet the Wings last year in the reg season, it took them until the final, meaningless, two games of the season to register a W against them.

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