Wednesday Farm Update

Though Rockford had the day off Wednesday, it didn’t stop them from making some news.  Jack Skille and Mark Cullen were both named to the 2010 PlanetUSA AHL All-Star team.  A free agent signing by the Blackhawks this summer, Cullen leads the IceHogs in scoring with 12 goals and 17 assists.  After spending the early part of the year in Chicago as a fourth line player, Skille is a human dynamo in the “A”.  Despite playing in only 27 games, he leads the team in shots by an enormous margin with 105.  The next closest player has 85. 

Rockford didn’t have any representatives named to the Canadian AHL All-Stars. 

One of the starters for PlanetUSA is former Hawk Brandon Bochenski.  This was the third time he was named to the AHL All-Star team, though he missed the 2007 game due to injury.  So maybe the trade for Kris Versteeg wasn’t so bad after all.

Brandon Pirri had an assist in RPI’s 6-1 thrashing at the hands of the Michigan State Spartans. 

Billy Sweatt had an assist in Colorado College’s 3-2 loss to Maine.

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9 Responses to Wednesday Farm Update

  1. JM says:

    Kyle Beach ruined the family Christmas.

  2. Dave Morris says:

    It’s the end of ’09…so time for ’10 forecasts.

    ‘Sonuva’ Beach replaces Eager next season, maybe even this one, as Benny and Kopecky get bundled off to the Maple Leaves (with Huet to follow).

    As Shawn ‘DaBomb’ Lalonde is now signed for 3 years, he gets his shot on D with the Hawks in October.

    Bolland and Burish will come back and show why the Hawks missed them so much.

    The Blackhawks will make the WCFs and lose to the Sharkies in seven when Niemi is given the task of stopping Heatley, Marleau and Thornton.

    Despite the clamoring of certain Hawks fans, Ilya Kovalchuk will be traded to the Bruins, who lose to the Devils in the 1st round.

    Detroit will barely make the playoffs and be chomped in four by the President’s Trophy-winning Sharks. Nic Lidstrom will retire to join ABBA, who will be renamed, ‘NABBA’.

    Brian Campbell will not be traded, and Hawkophiles will suddenly talk about him in glowing terms.

    Cam Barker and some IceHogs will be sent to Florida for rental D-guy Dennis Seidenberg and hotshot goalie prospect Jakob Markstrom.

    The Hawks will ice a ‘kid line’ of Beach, Aliu and some prospect they pick up in trade, and that line will ravage opponents.

    The Canadian dollar will become stronger as the US economy continues to tank. This causes Hawks fans to cheer, as the NHL salary cap will be magically adjusted by a $2MM rise in the cap and a special bonus provision that effectively increases the cap to $65 million.

    All, some or none of my predictions will come true.

  3. John says:

    The only way Beach can play for the Hawks this year is after his season in Spokane wraps up. Their regular season ends on March 14th and then the playoffs continue after that. Then the Hawks would likely assign him to Rockford if the team will allow him back. He was kicked off the team last year following some off-ice shenanigans. After all that, the Hawks will have to decide if he’s ready to play in the “Show”.

    My fearless forecast is Kyle Beach never puts on a Blackhawks uniform…..ever.

  4. Dave Morris says:

    @John> OK, but what about my prediction that Nic Lidstrom joins ABBA?

  5. John says:

    I thought he already did…

  6. CT says:

    Lidstrom joins ABBA while Maltby and Draper retire and join the traveling company of Mama Mia.

  7. dominator says:

    Krüger looked pretty decent in the FIN-SWE WJC game today (only saw two periods)

  8. Dave Morris says:

    @CT> that shower scene in “Mamma Mia!” with Meryl Streep, Maltby and Draper…sizzling.

    PS has StanBow traded for Steve Ott yet? Or is he waiting to see if Michael Rupp is available?

  9. Dave Morris says:

    Happy New Year, everyone.

    Here Come The Hawks.

    And predictions are bunk.

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