Team USA Revealed; Murray Canned

– As you surely know by now, Team USA announced its roster yesterday following the Winter Classic. There were a few surprises – Chris Drury chief among them – and perhaps a few “snubs.” Of course, Patrick Kane was named to the roster, but Dustin Byfuglien was not.

The unveiling featured children in uniforms to be donned by each of the US players. Tim Thomas, on hand for the Boston Bruins, was introduced to the crowd last and presented by Brian Burke with a folded flag previously flown above a military base. Clearly flustered and unprepared, Thomas asked Burke if he should “unfurl it.” No, Tim, you shouldn’t.

That leaves the Hawks with six Olympians: Kane for the US; Hossa and Kopecky for the Slovaks; and Toews, Kane and Seabrook for the Canadians.

We’ll have more extended thoughts on the US team in the next couple days.

– Tonight’s opponent, the St. Louis Blues, fired their coach, Andy Murray, this morning. Murray was the toast of the town last season when he led the overachieving group into the playoffs, but couldn’t get the job done this year.

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14 Responses to Team USA Revealed; Murray Canned

  1. Dave Morris says:

    From a Canadian’s perspective, amidst all the cheerleading here in our Nation’s Capital, I have a feeling this will be a very hard fought Prolympic tournament with a few upsets and even shockers possible.

    (Like, the Swiss beating the Russians and the Canadians. Tom Kopecky becoming a scoring machine. “Les jeux sont faits.”)

    Interesting and gutsy choices for the US, going with young, fast talent.

    Andy Murray getting fired isn’t a surprise. The players may have claimed he wasn’t the problem, but Murray’s reported micromanagement style may simply have stopped connecting with his crew.

    His resemblance to Andy Warhol may have also been a factor.

    Hopefully this doesn’t become a trap game for the Hawks and they play their clinical style rather that their Harlem Globetrotters style tonight.

    The fun starts now (or as Edzo would say, EE-MEEdeeatley)…the 40-60 game stretch separates the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the cream from the crop, and the cliches from real insight.

    PS during our neighborhood shinny game yesterday, a ten year old wearing an Iginla jersey who skated and stickhandled like Henri Richard showed me his Duncan Keith autograph. The Dunker, who had taught him at a hockey school, had signed the palms of young Oliver’s hockey gloves. One palm also read, “Goalie goes down, puck goes up.” Oliver was very proud, and rightly so.

    I love hockey.

  2. Lou says:

    One day at a time. One gaame at a time. ONE GOAL.

    Stay Committed to the Indian it is gonna be an awesome ride

    Happy New Year to all our Tribesman!

  3. John says:

    Dave, here’s how stacked Canada’s team is….their controversial addition to the team was Patrice Bergeron, he of the 10 goals and 21 assists in 40 games. America’s was a piece of crap known as Chris Drury who hasn’t been a relevant player in 7 years.

    I do agree, though, there is going to be some shockers in the tournament starting with Russia. They’re my early favorite out of the clubhouse to disappoint.

  4. Dave Morris says:

    @John> yup, Canada’s team is stacked all right…but we all know being stacked isn’t everything.

    Just ask Pam Anderson. She’s Canadian.

  5. Lou says:

    what actually happened to Ham against NJD. I saw a puck go into the bench so I think it hit him in the face but can’t really see that from my seats?

  6. Lou says:

    To play Paul Newman – $100 bucks for Jackman’s head

    And No an enforcer is not going to stop a forearm shiver or a guy leaving his feet to check someone.

    good to see STL can’t win so they play cheap.

    I got a feeling there is gonna be a big old donnybrook tonight.

  7. Lee says:

    I am so glad that Lou brought up that dirty word enforcer not me. I watched the game in Florida on NHL package and the annoucers including Panger at the end were talking about when the Blues would get D.J King back. Do we really want to see Toews, Barker and even almost Hendry with Jansenn doing the fighting. We need one guy that can play and also can enforce as it looks like I have been saying all season long that the opponents are going to try and intimidate the Hawks. I know they did not succeed tonight but what if Kane or Sharp or Toews got hurt. What then?

  8. Nick says:

    No surprise to see Jackman gooning it up. And I really like how the hawks respond to no-calls this season…they put pucks in the net. Almost went into cardiac arrest when Kopecky nearly completed the hatter.

  9. Lou says:

    Lee, please read what I said. Nothing personal you keep your position and I am gonna get two minutes again.

    I didn’t say we need one. I said, “And No an enforcer is not going to stop a forearm shiver or a guy leaving his feet to check someone.”

    An enforcer wouldn’t have changed a thing in the early going. This great debate is never going to end. If I didn’t say it, you surely would have and you would be getting the same reply and If I recollect, the authors even told you a few days back. So here it goes:

    Nothing is gonna stop Jackman (who was bloodied at the end of the game from Eager) from throwing a cheap forearm/elbow (he’s a just a dick) or Weaver from nearly leaving his feet at a guy with his head down. Ladd did the same thing and got run earlier this year.

    Very big hit but Sharp clearly had his head down and NOTHING good ever happens in any game for any team when you skate through center ice with your head down. Barker wasted no time. So I am not sure how we are not tough enough.

    Jansen did what he always does and took a run a Sopel who saw it coming and then flipped him on his a$$ and then drilled him with the stick. And woe and behold, his teammates all were there. So much for their tough guy, eh? Kind of like calling unnecessary roughness by a QB or Kicker.

    To quote you “We need one guy that can play and also can enforce as it looks like I have been saying all season long that the opponents are going to try and intimidate the Hawks.” Please tell me how were we intimidated tonight? We pounded them right back and won 6-3. How did that Vancouver intimidation go in the playoffs???? You can’t intimidate skill and speed. And you can’t hit what you can’t catch unless you are cheap.

    No tough guy whatever you want to call the broken record blog for an “enforcer” is going to improve the Hawks!!! The elite guys like Clarkson, Lucic, or Pronger aren’t available without hurting us in other areas. And they too can’t stop cheap shots. Last time I checked Scott Stevens is officially retired. So who we gonna get????

    TEAM Toughness is what we needed and TEAM Toughness is what we got. That is how you win the Cup. Trading away and asset to get this “enforcer” player is not gonna happen. Multiple examples of TEAM Toughness are listed below.

    Barker defended his teammate and got 27 penalty minutes which will be close to his point total for the year. And surprisingly the big, tough STL guy went into turtle mode. Barker was right there and Sharp later scored two and one of Jackman’s skate (how poetic)

    Eager dropped em, twice and got kicked out. He bloodied Jackman to boot.

    Toews dropped em, whether you want it or not. He sent the message to his team and others to stop the crap. For Toews, an elite skill player on this team to drop em says something. Backes was hacking away and whether or not he won he dropped em and stood up. And he is not one of our tough guys be he has guts and leadership. Surprisngly that was a critical momentum moment in the game.

    Campbell flat out leveled Oshie and then drew the ensuing penalty from Tkachuk who was doing what? Playing stupid and cheap in his offensive zone after a good hit. So we want an enforcer to do that and put us short handed? And if I recollect he scored shortly therafter. And didn’t Oshie limp off too?

    Sopel played physical and drilled their tough guy after flipping his headhunting crap at the end of the game.

    Steeg took Perron’s BS

    Fraser Dropped em and won

    Ladd Hit, Brouwer hit and Buff was excellent in the d zone.

    And we got two goals from Kopecky and with an assist to Eager. What did their fourth line contribute? A bunch of fights. That wins the Cup, eh?

    So tell us again how were we intimidated?

    So tell us again why we need an enforecer????

    So tell us who we could get that isn’t a complete thug that would stop all of what you said?

    This is a becoming a very special team and as much as I think we need another D man, Chemistry is critical too. And it is proving it is collectively tough and that is better than individually tough any day of the week and twice on Tuesdays

    Welcome to 2010 one day closer to the shot at the holy grail.

    It takes 16 wins and those are the one’s that count.

    Commit to the Indian, keep the faith and wait for the Cup

  10. Lou says:

    sorry for the diatribe!

  11. Lee says:


    All I can say is great reply, you make loads of great points but I will still not change my mind as I am sure you would not want me to

  12. Dave Morris says:

    Now Lou, Lee, don’t fight over this. Hawks win again.

  13. Lee says:

    Lou: See Adam Jahn’s article in todays Sun Times, also can be seen on line as I am not sure if you are local. Article titled Enforcing the Issue

  14. Lou says:

    I am and I saw it. Kind of the same TEAM theme.

    Dave you get two minutes for being too cute. Go to the box feel much shame and then you are free, eh.

    And it is kind of hard to have an enforcer deter an entire team of angry little ice trolls like ST,L trying to play like the Riverman, who’s long time theme is, if you can’t skate just fight. Go back to the days of Millen/Cloutier vs. Riendeau in the playoffs. Those teams scrummed up and down the ice. DET is a big skill rival but STL and the Hawks are a whole different thing. Maybe they can get Dino Prickarelli and we can start my favorite chants DI-NOOOO or fie fy foe fum Dino is a f-ing bum.

    I just wish we had Jocelyn Lemieux and they had Harold Snespts for old shits and giggles. I always liked to see Jocelyn’s fist hit Snepsts head, Snepsts head hit glass, Snepsts head bounce off glass back into fist of Jocelyn multiple times.

    Hawks sent a good message to the league yesterday. YOu can try and well still win. And we don’t have Burish back yet either. The King of Agitation

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