Cullimore Signs NHL Contract; Olympic Stuff

– In between Olympic half-pipe and hockey competitions yesterday, you no doubt noticed the Blackhawks signed old friend Jassen Cullimore to an NHL contract. Most of you remember that Cullimore played two seasons for the Hawks immediately following the lockout.

Cullimore, a top-four defenseman with the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning in the year that preceded the lockout, signed a rather large three-year deal with the Hawks that following summer.  Of course, he and Adrian Aucoin were supposed to revamp the Hawk blue line; it never happened.

Cullimore was shipped out after two seasons in the Indian Head in exchange for Sergei Samsonov and Tony Salmelainen. (Salmelainen was a key force in the firing of Trent Yawney. Ipso facto…)

This time around, it will be a little different for the Hawks and Cullimore. Cullimore, a Hawk farmhand since the beginning of the season, will be called upon in the event numerous Blackhawk blue liners are the subjects of a successful mass assassination; his new NHL paper will ensure the call-up is an easy one, if necessary.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Olympics continue.  About the only interesting match-up of the first few days was the Czech Republic match against Marian Hossa and Slovakia, and that was shown live at 11:30 p.m., Chicago time, yesterday evening.  I’d been sawing logs for 45 minutes by the puck drop. (In positive news, Hossa played for Slovakia and made a nice pass to Marian Gaborik for the lone Slovak goal, so he’s alive and apparently well.)

With all the lopsided early-round games, the most interesting thing about the Games – for me, so far – has been the uniforms.  Sure, we’ve seen them all before, but seeing them in action is a nice little treat for the uni-obsessed. (Guilty.)  They’re all pretty easy on the eyes, but the high placement of the letters “USA” on the American jersey will keep me from reaching for the ol’ credit card.  My favorite might be the Latvian jersey, which is simple and gorgeous, but for the wording around the bottom striping.  If I could locate the country on a map, I may have already purchased one.

In that same vein, Henrik Lundqvist is wearing a Swedish mask that pays homage to … Lady Liberty?!  I realize it may be a hat tip to his NHL team, the New York Rangers, but shouldn’t he have used the Ranger shield rather than the most recognizable symbol of another team in the tournament?  Just a thought.

*On the Farm*

–Kyle Beach notched his second hat trick in a week and added an assist for good measure in a 7-0 walloping of the Kamloops Blazers.

Shawn Lalonde and Byron Froese were both held off the scoresheet in their respective tilts.

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9 Responses to Cullimore Signs NHL Contract; Olympic Stuff

  1. Lou says:

    Ohh boy is this great – Cullimore. Yippee

    Lots of trade rumors on ESPN inssider. One was Eager to Buffalo. That one was interesting.

    the other stuff is a retread of the same stuff we have been hearing…

    Any new scuttle?

  2. John says:

    Dave’s got Maholovich finally coming to the Blackhawks. Consider it a deal 45 years in the making.

  3. Lou says:

    Man, he has some connections… Isn’t Maholovich still in juniors

  4. Lou says:

    Man, he has some connections… Isn’t Maholovich still in juniors and to young?

  5. Dave Morris says:

    Frank Mahovlich will make you all forget about Kovalchuk. Book it.

  6. vito says:

    and eager was a big help last year in the playoffs with his size and speed and grit, he really did’nt have that in the regular season of 08-09 but played better than this year but maybe kicks it in when burish comes back. size and grit is something we need to add not subtract for the playoffs

  7. dominator says:

    If you aren’t watching Olympic Curling then you are doing this Olympics thing all wrong.

  8. Dave Morris says:

    John’s never curled, that’s why.

  9. Fork says:

    Maholovich? Are you really Punch Imlach?

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