HockeeNight-Feather Olympic PuckCast Extraordinare

It’s only fitting HockeeNight would invite us on to their 69th PuckCast.  What with us being the two biggest penisloafs they know.  Plenty of highlights in this one: 

I divulge an ‘Eddie O incident’ I witnessed as an impressionable teenager, Bob lets it be known once and for all that the Cam Barker for Kim Johnsson and Nick Leddy trade was a fair one, we’re all in agreement to put a halt on the Kyle Beach statue some want built outside the United Center, some good old-fashioned Olympic discussion and much more. 

Sorry, no Forklift in this one, so all those jonesing for obscure references to Ranger teams of the early 90’s will have to get their fix somewhere else.

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3 Responses to HockeeNight-Feather Olympic PuckCast Extraordinare

  1. Dale Halas says:

    I know you said that the stakes weren’t all that important in the Canada/US game but I am a whole lot happier that Canada might have to play both Russia and Sweden to get to the finals instead of the US having to do that…

    In any event, if it does go that way and Canada still wins the gold, they will have earned it…

  2. John says:

    You are correct, but going into the day, there were other variables that helped shape USA’s advantageous position. For instance, if the Czechs won, they’d receive a bye to the quarterfinals and the Russians would be the 8th/9th seed. If that happened and the US beat Canada, I doubt everyone would be as optimistic as they are now.

  3. Fork says:

    With all the penisloaves we know, being the two biggest is quite the achievement.

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