And That’s That

There’s not a whole lot left to say about the 2010 Gold Medal Game.  The US and Canada played in a ridiculously entertaining game that was every bit worth the wait.  In the end, Canada won the gold because they were the better team but like we’ve been saying since December, the gap is closing very quickly.  I just have a few brief thoughts about this one:

–The thing that really burns my ass about Sidney Crosby’s game-winner is how much credit he’s going to get for Canada’s success, when in reality, he hasn’t really had a vintage Crosby game since the Switzerland game.  Crosby was mostly invisible for the majority of the gold medal game, but the moment the puck snuck through Ryan Miller’s legs, he was already getting credit for putting Hockey Canada on his back and carrying them across the finish line.  

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Oh well, such is life when an annoying bastard scores the game-winning goal in overtime.

–On last week’s PuckCast, we had a fairly long conversation about Joe Thornton.  Up until last year, I never really bought into the talk about how Thornton disappears the larger the game.  After watching him in last year’s playoffs and this year’s Olympics, I’m officially a subscriber to the “Joe Thornton is spineless in big games” theory.  He would be much better served as a 2nd line center, but any team boasting him as their 1st line center is destined for playoff disappointments.

–There’s nothing intimidating about a 6’4″, 230 lbs man with a head of hair like Larry David.  Just shave what’s left, Ryan Getzlaf. 

–After setting up Corey Perry beautifully on Canada’s second goal early in the second period, I don’t think Ryan Whitney saw another shift the rest of the game.   

–Every Blackhawk participating in the Olympics represented themselves quite well.  Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews were among the top scorers for the tournament.  Patrick Kane was the USA’s second best skater.  Duncan Keith was one of Canada’s top-4 defensemen.  Tomas Kopecky was a different player.  Only Brent Seabrook’s performance could be classified as a tad disappointing.  Plus, everyone is coming home with all their limbs in tact.  Not too shabby.

*On the Farm*

Saturday: Rockford 2, Peoria Rivermen 1 (SO) — The IceHogs went into the final minute of the game trailing 1-0.  With Rockford on the power play, they pulled their goalie to get the 6-on-4 advantage.  Bracken Kearns scored with 12 seconds left to tie the game and send it to overtime.  Jack Skille and Matt Keith got the assists. 

After a scoreless overtime, Akim Aliu and Matt Keith scored goals in the shootout and it was all Corey Crawford would need to help give the IceHogs the shootout win.  Crawford made 22 saves in the game.

Sunday: Chicago 4, Rockford 2 — The IceHogs played catch-up all game during their afternoon tilt with the Wolves.  Jack Skille tied it early in the second period with his 20th goal of the season.  Brian Connelly and Bracken Kearns had the assists.  After the Wolves took the lead a few minutes later, Bryan Bickell tied the game with another assist from Connelly.  It was as close as they would get.  The Wolves scored once late in the second period and halfway through the third to give them an important divisional win.  

Corey Crawford stopped 29 of 33 shots.   

Shawn Lalonde had no points and was a -2 in Belleville’s weekend.

Kyle Beach had a goal and three assists in two games this weekend.

Byron Froese was scoreless on Friday night, but had a goal and an assist on Saturday.

Dylan Olsen didn’t have a point during UMD’s weekend split with Minnesota but he was a +2.  Nick Leddy had an assist on Friday night for Minnesota and was a +1 on the weekend.  Dan DeLisle did not dress in either game.

Brandon Pirri had an assist in Friday’s 3-2 loss to Colgate.  Saturday, he was held pointless in a 1-1 tie with Colgate.

Billy Sweatt had one assist this weekend as Colorado College was swept by North Dakota.

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9 Responses to And That’s That

  1. Nick says:

    A few things we can take away from the tourney:

    Toews loves the big games. I felt he was Canada’s best and most consistent player. Though he got his 1st goal of the tournament tonight, I think most would agree he was a dominant force every shift of this tourney.

    Kane did much better after the line juggling. He needs to have some bigger bodies on the ice to open things up for him. I thought he had a really solid game on both ends. He stopped Crosby on a breakaway prior to the game winner. I’d love to see more of that type of backchecking from him.

    The Gortons Fishermen should be a good tune up game for the returning Hawks.

  2. Ban says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the Crosby thing. I cringed as soon as he scored that goal, knowing that for years I’d have to listen about how amazing he is and how he won the gold for Canada. Talk about getting credit where little is due.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure my DVR hates me. The recording ended about 5 minutes after Canada won and the very last image was a close-up of Crosby’s face.

  3. Lou says:

    Thank you for pointing out Sid and Thorton. Yes, Sid the Kid scored a big goal but his tourney was just okay. He is still the face of Canadian hockey but he has some competition. Not a goal was scored against a Toews led line…

    Hello World all of us Hawk fans would like to introduce you to Toews and Kane. Um, yes they are that good and they are ours for years to come.

    I have seen some Ryan Getzlaf looks like Freddie Mercury quips

  4. Mike says:

    As soon as Doc & Edzo said that someone is going to be a national hero, I thought ‘anyone but Crosby.’

    Shame on NBC for the iso-cam on Crosby for what seemed to be the whole medal ceremony. There were 22 other guys on that team and 23 on the other, whose faces I would have like to have seen. On the one non-Crosby shot, i saw a wide angle of Kane talking to someone on Canada while waiting for the medals. How about showing that?

  5. feyer says:

    I’m not sure what all you kids at home will do without all the teaching points that Edzo typically chips in, but I though he was well behaved during all his broadcasts over the past week and a half. I’m sure with a little rest, he’ll back to his old self.

  6. Patrick says:

    While I desperately wanted a US win, I too was thinking “anyone but Crosby”. Oh well, it was a good tournament and the US squad has no reason to be down on themselves.

    For the Hawks, they all played well. Hossa is world class (wish he could have gotten a medal), Toews was the best player on the best team and Kane showed that he’s a big game player. Barring any injuries, this team is going places 😉

    One more thing, who is this Kopecky fellow on the Slovak Olympic team and do you think he’d look good playing for the Hawks?

  7. Lou says:

    Dave Morris, where are you????

    I am thinking he is still running around wearing his Canadian Flag Cape and on bender

  8. Otter says:

    Crosby is a ninny. Now I know why so many hate his guts.

    Toews was awesome. Other than Miller, he was the best hockey player in the tourney that I saw.

    Kane played great last night, and honestly, other than Kessel, was there a single US player who didn’t play great over the last two weeks?

    I say give Keith, Toews, Hossa, and Kane each one of the next two games off.

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