Probably not the goalie trade you had in mind….

The Blackhawks and the Blues completed a trade this afternoon.  The Hawks sent their 6th round pick from the 2005 draft, goalie Joseph Fallon, to St. Louis for former Hawk Danny Richmond and goalie Hannu Toivonen.

All players were immediately assigned to their AHL affliates.  Whether the Hawks are looking to use the entire nation of Finland as their organizational backstops or St. Louis really liked what they saw in Fallon, it’s difficult to see why this trade was consumated. 

Perhaps we’ll have a clearer vision by Wednesday afternoon.

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10 Responses to Probably not the goalie trade you had in mind….

  1. Mick Durand says:

    Based on Niemi getting the nod for the March 2nd game vs. The Strong Islanders, Huet is gone by tomorrow at the latest.

  2. feyer says:

    I agree with Mick that this might foreshadow the end for Huet. Maybe the Huet for Turco trade makes sense now.

  3. John says:

    Not sure how that makes sense on Dallas’ end and Niewuendyk already came out and said Turco’s not going anywhere. Besides, he blows. I’m thinking any possible goalie trade will result in Huet landing in Rockford.

  4. Dale Halas says:

    I don’t see how Huet can end up in the minors.

    If Chicago “waives” Huet he can clear waivers this year since the team claiming him would have to pay his entire salary. However, next year he has to clear waivers again but this time he is offered at half his salary. If a team claims him the Hawks have to pay the other half of his salary and that goes against their cap for next year.

    The Hawks don’t have three million more in cap space for next year. They can’t waive Huet unless I am missing something in the cap rules.

  5. Dale Halas says:

    And BTW, isn’t this trade more indicative of maybe Crawford getting moved?

    Also Toivonen was a free agent in 09, is that correct?

    Does anyone know the length of his contract?

  6. Barry Rozner says:

    This was a terrific move made by Stan Bowman to bring Danny Richmond home where he belongs.

  7. John says:

    Dale, you’re missing the fact that Huet is only offered to other teams at half his salary if the Hawks attempt to call him back up during the regular season. If he’s sent down again next year, the claiming team is still responsible for the entire contract. One-way players are only offered at a discounted rate on the way back up, not down.

  8. Patrick says:

    Any chance that this Toivonen guy is a part of “the next deal” – another team could have Id’d him as a piece they wanted and the Hawks were just accommodating someone else. Also, if Huet is on the move, my thinking is that the reason why he hasn’t moved yet is that the other team is saving a few days worth of salaries. Yes, teams can be that cheap.


  9. John says:

    Patrick, doubtful, but I guess we’ll find out in about 36 hours.

  10. TIMBO says:

    After listening to probably the greatest coach of all times, Scottie Bowman, and our general manager, Stan, talk about being comfortable with the goalies we have,the situation is what it is, and it will be an early spring for our Chicago Blackhawks. I’m convinced after Tuesday and Wednesday night’s games that neither one of these clowns (our goalies) are even skilled enough to be floor hockey goalies.

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