Going to California With an Achin’ In My Heart

Official word came down from the Blackhawks today that Brian Campbell will be out for the next 7 to 8 weeks because of a fractured clavicle and ribs.  No surprise there.

Other nuggets from today which should come to the surprise of very few observant Hawk fans:

  • Nick Boynton passed through re-entry waivers and is officially a member of the Blackhawks.  It was brought to my attention a couple days ago that Boynton was once an All-Star in 2003-2004.  While this may get some excited, let’s also remember it took place before the NHL locked itself out.  If you don’t recall what times were like then, let’s just say that 6’2″ defenseman who could slow down opponents by getting in their way were all the rage.  Now days, those same players have to skate with the skilled forwards and finding life a bit more difficult.  Or find themselves playing in the “A”.
  • Shawn Lalonde was officially assigned to Rockford, just as I said he would be yesterday.  This is standard protocol for all teams and Lalonde’s addition does not mean he’s got a realistic shot at playing for the Hawks before the year is out.  He may get a chance to play a game or two, but if he’s expected to be a 5th or 6th defensemen for an NHL team at this point in his career, said team does not have Cup aspirations.

Some things that were a bit surprising from today:

  • Dustin Byfuglien practiced with the defensemen today.  While this has sent many a Hawk fans to their shrinks, it’s probably a numbers game.  With only 6 defensemen at practice (Johnsson didn’t practice) and 14 forwards, it may have been Quenneville’s prerogative to have Buff see action just in case something disastrous happens.  With no Campbell and no Johnsson, it would only take one injury to leave the Hawks severely short-handed at the back. 
  • Corey Crawford was recalled from Rockford because Cristobal Huet came down with the flu.  Crawford won’t see any action but it is funny/ironic that his first regular season game back with the Hawks comes against a team he shutout two years ago

Some good news for the Hawks was that Marian Hossa was back at practice so it’s likely he will play against Anaheim.  As for the Ducks, Ryan Getzlaf and Teemu Selanne are both day-to-day with injuries.  It would be lovely if at least one of the two didn’t play; especially Selanne who sits comfortably on his throne as Lord of the Blackhawk Killers.

Being ten points out of the 8th spot, it appears Anaheim GM Bob Murray did not make a wise decision when he had the opportunity to sell off some veteran parts at the trade deadline and remold his team.  Maybe it’s because he couldn’t find anyone to fleece.  Or perhaps, it’s because he made the same mistake he did when he was General Manager with the Hawks and tricked himself into thinking his team had legitimate playoff hopes.  That could be it.

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15 Responses to Going to California With an Achin’ In My Heart

  1. Dave Morris says:

    Nicholas Boynton has provided very reliable service as an NHLer during his time with Phoenix and Florida. He did however, have some ‘differences of opinion’ with Mr DeBoer who coaches the Fort Lauderdale Panthers, and subsequently found himself dismissed.

    Chicago may be a fresh start.

    Mr. Boynton assesses his own game thusly: ‘I try to play solid in my own end, don’t make mistakes, move the puck and just help out any way I can.”

    If he accomplishes that, one can’t ask for much more.

    Nick also knows how to clear a crease and make life uncomfortable for opponents who fail to show respect.

    This will be a road trip indicative of the Blackhawks’ resiliency, or lack thereof.

  2. dominator says:

    Not only is Teemu a Hawk-Killer but he’s sitting at 599 goals…a Hawk-Killer with a record to break is a dangerous thing.

  3. AC says:

    What is going on in the Western Conference? Nobody wants that #1 seed? SJ lost 8-2 to Dallas last night and is 3-3-1 since the Olympic break (same as the Hawks), Vancouver lost 5-2 to the NY Islanders last night and while they are 6-2-1 since the break, Luongo has been very inconsistent with 2 one-goal games and 4 games giving up 3 or more goals. If we could get our defense shored up and playing like they did earlier this year we could really establish a chokehold here. I’m starting to think that Phoenix looks like a team I wouldn’t want to face in the playoffs.

  4. TKON says:

    Annnnd Mr.Crawford gets the start tonight, lets hope for another repeat of what he did 2 years ago.

  5. Dave Morris says:

    Sez Q about Corey: “It’s a chance for him to get to play.”


    Cue the Zeppelin track.

  6. Lou says:

    Wow. A blatant cheapshot forearm shiver to the head leaving one’s feet gets only two?

    Not even sure on how to comment on the absolute horrendous inconsistency in officiating in this league. Boy did Paul Devorski and his partner absolutely f that one up.

    I wonder what the league will do to Wiz? What should the league do to Devorski for that miss.

  7. Lee says:

    Just another example of what I said would happen if the Hawks did not get a, yes I will say it, real enforcer. No team now fears the Hawks in a physical way. They will continue to take advantage of the star players wih no fear of retaliation. Please dont tell me that Boynton is an enforcer especialy against a team that he played with most of this year. This time Keith jumps in and trys to fight and get 7 minutes, who will it be next time Kane, who for the first time this year is throwing checks. The way Seab went down you can be sure he has a concussion and will be out for a extended time and no more than two minutes for Wiz. Brutal!!!

  8. Otter says:

    Okay, maybe we need someone who will swing his stick at someone’s head–Juan Marichal style–to make sure this stops. This is crazy. Call up someone from the minors to mess someone on the other side up. Or let the Kyle Beach Era begin!!!! I want the Beach insanity to start ASAP.

  9. Otter says:

    If Ovie got two games for a dumb push (I don’t think it was cheap as much as dumb), then Wiz should get about ten games. But then again, Cooke got zero for head hunting.

  10. Otter says:

    Seriously, are there refs at this game? Or am I watching an NBA game? Sorry to keep posting, but this is just insane.

  11. Lee says:

    Also very brave of Wiz to fight with a visor on.

  12. Otter says:

    Not to jump the gun, but I’m not sure you’ll find a cheaper win in the NHL that the Ducks “victory” tonight. Cheap shot to knock Seabrook out for who knows how long (he was out cold and fell like Glass Joe), got a goal on one of the worst plays in hockey history (thank YOU Corey Crawford), and then one of the worst ‘no calls’ I’ve ever seen knocking down Sopel from behind to allow an easy 2 on 1 right in front of the net and take a 3-2 lead.

    This should have been a 2-1 or 3-1 Hawks victory. Thanks refs!

  13. Lou says:

    Lee, I have to be careful here to hold my resolution. Wiz charges and leaves his freaking feet. Not sure anyone is gonna stop a blatant illegal play!!1 Watch the replay he takes off charging right at him and surprisingly he is a former Hawk. Keith immediately jumped in, what more can you ask for? Sure it would have been better if Burish or Eager was there but somebody jumped in right away. Last game we questioned heart on going after Ovie.

    No fear of anyone is gonna stop an asshole from being an asshole. Wiz is a prick. F Him.

    So much for the Boynton theory. He did his job.

    Seabs may not have a concussion. If you take one in the jaw like it looks that’s how you often get knocked out but not necessarily concussed. My guess is he is out maybe just tomorrow.

    The refs absolutely suck tonight and they have a huge piece in this loss. Devorski ought to be banished for the remainder of the season for his missed calls. Wiz is hit should have been five and a game and he will be made the example of for his hit under the new rules they are contemplating. Sopel get pushed from behind. Nothing. Q needs to take the fine and tell the media what he thinks.

    The PP is a joke and the best player in Kane needs to be on the ice…

    See you all in the morning

    Yes Otter, the Kyle Beach era is coming…

  14. jdoolsiu says:

    Hot garbage. Tonight was hot garbage.

  15. Lee says:

    Can anyone tell me why Q waited to pull Crawford until the Ducks had the puck and not before when the Hawks were in control. Yes Boynton sure at the end steps in and does himself and me proud. Lou both Burish and Eager were on the ice with Wiz after the Seab hit and did nothing. Eager for sure is a worthless f–k with no talent. As soon as Beach’s playoffs are over he should come here and not to Rockford.

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