Beach to Rockford along with two others

In what should come as a surprise to no one, the Blackhawks have loaned Kyle Beach to the Rockford IceHogs.   So Beach makes his glorious return to a team that asked him to leave last year for disciplinary reasons. 

Making the trip with Beach to Rockford are defenseman Ryan Stanton and forward Brandon Bollig.  Both of these players were signed by Rockford on Amateur tryouts so they’re in a little bit different situation than Beach. 

Stanton played the year in Moose Jaw in the WHL and was signed by the Hawks to a three-year entry deal about a month ago. 

Brandon Bollig is a big dumb animal who will probably last the term of his tryout and then move on somewhere else.

The IceHogs take on the Lake Erie Monsters tonight and the Milwaukee Admirals on Saturday at the MetroCentre so if you want up close view of the Blackhawks 2008 1st round pick, you have a couple opportunities.

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22 Responses to Beach to Rockford along with two others

  1. dominator says:

    David Gilbert (2009 7th rounder) is also in Rockford on an ATO

  2. Lee says:

    John scooped by Lee!!

  3. John says:

    Ha, actually I was in the midst of adding it before I saw your comments, Lee.

  4. Dave Morris says:

    Lee finds his policeman!

    Brandon Bollig…a classic hockey moniker if I’ve ever heard one.

    Needs a nickname…how about…’Brute’ Bollig.

  5. Lee says:

    He’s from a suburb of St Louis, how tough can he be? Oops, Cam Janseen is also from St Louis

  6. Lee says:

    Just checked out Stanton he also is tough with a lot of fights in juniors

  7. CT says:

    If you’re going to bother giving Bollig a nickname, how about “Dead Meat”? Because he ain’t going to be around long.

  8. Lee says:

    CT, what do you know about him?

  9. Dave Morris says:

    Lee, CT likes his hockey silky smooth.

    More on Ryan ‘Sluggo’ Stanton:

  10. Dave Morris says:

    Paulie Walnuts wants to know if the Hawks need some ‘protection’ for the playoffs.

  11. James says:

    obviously none of you has met Brandon. he is a very smart young man and plays a tough style of hockey. he might not make it in the pros but I won’t bet against him.

  12. Paul says:

    Bollig is a brute and I have seen him play in the USHL (Lincoln Stars) hope he gets to move up to the AHL he would be a good fit there.

  13. John says:

    I’m sure he’s an extraordinarily bright man. However, being 23 years old and undrafted kind of puts him behind the 8 ball. If you’re not going to bet against him, I will.

  14. Dave Morris says:

    James> there is an inbred aversion to tough hockey players among several Hawks fans who post here.

    Young Mr Bollig deserves a little respect, especially from those who have never actually played the game.

    Good luck to him.

  15. Lee says:

    I second that!!!!

  16. JWow Jr says:

    Long, long time reader and first and one time only poster.

    Great website guys. Very disappointed in the last post and felt very compelled to say something just once. Almost posted least year in the playoffs during the Babcock debate and decided not to.

    There is an “inbred aversion to tough hockey players.” Why? Because people have differing opinions than you about tough hockey players and team needs. Are you the definer of what is tough and what is not with the supporting link posted so we can all look it up to confirm your NHL certification?
    That post is pretty weak and your tone remains very patronizing. Lots of assumption that people who post here haven’t played the game either. You should know what assume means. There is also a fine line between being a smart alick and condescending. It’s obvious you think that you just know more than every hockey fan out there; all of them everywhere. You don’t.
    One of the beauties of this blog is that people have differing opininions and, as I can see, really keep it from gettng personal. Some guys have some heated debates without calling each other inbreeders or other names. There is a lot of respect out here and that’s what makes this a good site. Try to remember this.
    Act with some more class. Stop patronizing every person on the blogs with your little quips and quotes and lectures because you think you know more about hockey than they do. You’re just another hockey fan with an opinion. That doesnt give you the right to refer to their opinions as inbred because they are different than yours.
    Debate the opinion respect the people. Someone with your literary skills can do much better than that.
    That’s my two cents and I don’t plan on responding to anything you put up. Call it weak or call it poetic justice. You have been served.

    PS – Maybe you can pull out some ancient Conn Smythe quote to help you in your next reply when you respond back and tell everyone how wrong I am and how much you know about hockey. Good luck in your search. To paraphrase a quote from the Hanson brothers which is really more your speed, “Not now I am listenting to the song.”

  17. Lou says:

    Hey Lee, lent is almost over.

    Next week we can debate Beach as Secord and LaLonde as Manson!

  18. Lou says:

    Never let family drink and have access to your computer…

    I can say that Conn Smythe’s alley was visited

  19. Lou says:

    Sorry for the triple. Inbred?

    Dave, I’ll meet you in Conn Smythe’s proverbial alley and well see who calls for their blankie first

  20. Bob in EP says:

    This is Chicago. Why should we waste the salary cap for an enforcer when we have plenty of guys that can do the job off-ice? The worlds a dangerous place, you take your life in your hands just crossing the street. A few curious accidents to guys like Ovechkin and Wisniewski and folks would start putting 2+2 together. We’d get respect.

    Btw, I usually FF through the fights. Last night’s 0-penalty game was one of the best I’ve watched all year.

  21. Lee says:

    Totally agree with Bob but totally disagree with JWow JR. If you dont like John’s comments there are plenty other blogs you can go to. Try dealing with Mike Kiley or JJ!!!!!!!

  22. Lou says:

    Lee – I don’t think it was John’s comments – it looks like he was calling out Dave for the inbred stuff

    next week we can debate the kyle beach

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