Blackhawks 6, Blues 5

In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, well, that escalated quickly.  Somehow, while I was fighting urge to fall asleep, the St. Louis Blues, slowly but surely, climbed their way back into a game they were well out of.  What was a 6-1 Blackhawk lead morphed into a 6-5 victory on the heels intense Blues pressure during the last 30 seconds.

But don’t take it from Thursday morning Bob; take it from Wednesday evening Bob, who watched the game live from the confines of his living room and kept another running diary of the evening’s events.  And, why not?  These are fun.  It’s just hard to watch the game and type at the same time, but let me worry about that.

To the action…

First Period

15:38 – Duncan Keith and Patrick Kane collapse on the same man during a Blues’ 3-on-3 rush, leaving David Perron free on the far side.  Perron one-times the rebound which resulted from an outside shot from the strong side.  0-1.

15:00 – Cam Janssen and his AHL buddies try to put Colin Fraser into the Blues bench and then Janssen becomes enraged when he’s sent to the box.  Ah, your 2009-2010 St. Louis Blues.  It will be a shame to see this regular season end; it’ll be at least another six months until the Blues try to out-muscle the Hawks in hopes of somehow getting two points out of it.  The play results in a 4-on-4, which is generally better than a power play for the Hawks.

13:45 – Guess so.  Duncan Keith puts one in after running a high give and go with Kris Versteeg.  Keith passes to the half boards and goes to the high slot while Versteeg returns the pass.  The Blues act like they’ve never seen a 4-on-4 before.  1-1.

13:00 – Keith puts a point shot off the post while still on the 4-on-4. 

12:47 – Ben Eager comes right out of the penalty box and goes right to the slot following the play.  A Patrick Kane backhand from a sharp angle rebounds right to him, and it’s 2-1 Hawks.  If you’re keeping score at home, that’s two goals Cam Janssen just gave the Hawks.  Thank you, Sir, may I have another?

12:17 – And … that should turn this into WrestleMania.  Just eight minutes into things, Brian Bickell’s harmless wrister from the outside floats past Chris Mason.  3-1.  That’ll be it for Mason.

Bickell’s playing in place of the scorching, yet injured, Tomas Kopecky.  Troy Brouwer is still taking care of a family issue as well.

12:00 – That was fast.  Brad Winchester tries to kill Marian Hossa just inside the Blues blue line, and Brent Seabrook challenges him immediately.  Though Seabrook just threw a couple punches and tried to wrestle Winchester to the ground, he gets big points from the home crowd.  Hossa gives him a tap on his way off the ice; you don’t see that too often.

10:35 – The Blues couldn’t get the puck out of their own zone during the power play that resulted from Seabrook’s instigation infraction.  With less than a minute left in the power play, Patrick Sharp and Versteeg find themselveds in on a 2-on-0, and Versteeg bats one past the new Blues’ goalie, Ty Conklin.  They’re scoring them faster than I can type them – not necessarily a bad thing.  4-1.

9:30 – The second goal is announced to the home crowd.  Guess Gene Honda’s got some catching up to do.

8:30 – Cam Janssen puts on the brakes too late and “accidentally” careens into Antti Niemi, who’s covering the puck.  Over-under for how many more times that will happen tonight: 7.5.  I’ll take the over.  Keep in mind the Blues won the only calm match these two teams played this season. 

7:00 – Ham Sandwich drills Brad Boyes in the open ice, and they both take a tumble.  Maybe ratcheting up the intensity isn’t the best idea right now.

3:30 – Brent Sopel drops to both knees while facing the shooter and blocks a shot.  Hey, whatever puts food on the table.

1:37 – Ben Eager goes to the box for holding the stick of Cam Janssen.  The game’s best agitators agitate the other team’s best players; Cam Janssen just pisses off Ben Eager for 12 minutes a night.  In the end, only I’m agitated.

Second Period

19:40 – Dave Bolland is tripped in the neutral zone, and the Hawks are going to the power play.  Now would be a good time to go get a beverage.

17:40 – Got a Pepsi.  Did I miss anything?

17:00 – When do the Blues start going nuts?  Late in the second?  Early in the third?

14:06 – After an odd coverage breakdown, Andrew Ladd essentially has a 1-on-1 from the blue line in against Ty Conklin and beats him cleanly from inside the dot.  The Blues played a 3-on-4 man-to-man.  I guess that’s how you end the regular season out of the playoffs.  5-1.

12:25 – If you had “before the mid-way point of the second,” in the “when will the Blues start to go crazy?” pool, you win.  BJ Crombeen unilaterally drops the gloves while down four goals, and Ben Eager chuckles while Janssen tries like a rabid dog to rid himself of Colin Fraser and the two linesmen.

11:30 – Keith Tkachuck, who Wednesday announced he’ll retire at the end of the season, is with Pat and Eddie.  His grill is bare after taking a shot to the face against the Hawks earlier in the season.  The guy could pass for 50 out of uniform, too.  All in all, he’s an American guy who will be remembered as one of the best of our generation; that’ll do in my book.

9:30 – In case you’ve slept through every Blues/Hawks game during the past four years, Tkachuck and Eddie roomed together in Winnipeg.  If I had to share a room with Eddie, I’d leave the hotel EEEEEEEmediately.  If the nickname “Walt” is the worst that came of it for Tkachuck, he’s well ahead of the game. 

9:00 – Jordan Hendry.  Starting to get bored of describing Hawk goals, so just trust me on this one.  6-1.

6:00 – By the way, have you heard that even Blues fans hate Barrett Jackman now?  He used to be a guy you’d like if he was on your team; now he’s just a piece of garbage with a mouthguard.  He’s out of the line-up tonight, so the Blues don’t have anyone attempting to prove their manhood using the opposition’s smallest players.

4:08 – Roman Polak.  ‘Nuff said.  6-2.

3:00 – And, we’ve lost Pat and Eddie.  They’ll circle back sometime before this is over to say good-bye.

1:56 – Winchester take a cross-checking penalty in the Hawk zone.  And, why not?  When you’ve been playing senseless hockey for 79 games, why stop now?

Third Period

20:00 – The Wings beat the Blue Jackets in Detroit to pull ahead of the Kings for sixth in the Western Conference.  The Kings are now one point back with a game in-hand and play Phoenix at home tomorrw night.

16:17 – Erik Johnson blows a quick wrister past Niemi.  6-3.  The Hawks are on cruise control.

15:18 – Paul Kariya’s stick shift blasts Sopel in the face.  My first thought: is Kariya the only player in the NHL still wearing black or blue skate blade holders?  I’m a tad insensitive.

13:00 – The UC seems like a library.  The Hawks have to be careful; one goal for the Blues and this is a game again.

12:40 – In what’s becoming a trend late in the season, the Hawks put it into the stands from their own zone.  This is as big a kill as you’ll get in a three-goal game.

10:16 – The Hawks kill the penalty, but Dave Bolland takes another.

8:16 – The Hawks kill the second penalty.  The best chance during the last two minutes was one by Versteeg.

6:16 – TJ Oshie tries to make this a game.  Kariya makes a slick, backhand, no-look pass from behind the net out to Oshie, who hammered it home.  6-4.  Joel Quenneville takes a timeout and digs into his group.

1:15 – Ty Conklin goes to the bench in favor of a sixth attacker.  The Blues get a chance in the Hawk zone, and that’s followed by Hawk chances at the other end by Versteeg, Ladd and Byfuglien.  While the Hawks were salivating around the empty net, Byfuglien and Ham Sandwich let Andy McDonald squeak into the neutral zone where he caught a lengthy outlet pass and went in alone.  On his way to the net, Byfuglien slashes him in the back of the head, resulting in a penalty shot for McDonald.  But, with McDonald apparently shaken up from a stick to the cranium, Boyes was chosen to take the shot.  Boyes beat Niemi like a rented mule.  6-5.

0:02 – After bedlam inthe Hawk zone, Dave Bolland blocks the shot that turned out to be the Blues’ best chance to tie it.

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58 Responses to Blackhawks 6, Blues 5

  1. Dave Morris says:

    This game was a good argument for eliminating teams who have already missed the playoffs from any further activity.

    The Blues put on an atrocious display, and Payne should have conceded the game after it was 6-1.

    Of course, we know that doesn’t happen.

    That said, the rest of the match was a pointless exercise for both clubs, and could have resulted in unnecessary injury to the participants.

  2. Leonidas says:

    I’m not in favor of making excuses for blowing the huge lead, nor will I say it has any significant meaning for the post season. But I will advance the idea that one thing that has been totally consistent about the Hawks this year is that any large, early goal differential, whether in favor of or against the team, will not remain by the end of the game. With the notable exceptions of the pre-turkey mauling of the Sharks and recent embarrassment with the Blue Jackets.

  3. Mick Durand says:

    I was at the game last night and it reminded me very much of the March 5th Vancouver@Hawks tilt (which I was also at, which makes me awesome). Similar type of game, save for the fact that a) it’s April, and b) St. Louis climbed back into it. An unreasonable amount of offense in the first led to a self-induced coma until the end of the third, which absolutely needs to stop if this club plans on raising more than a Central Division Champion banner on opening day next fall.

    That said, I’m really enjoying the production and energy the fourth line is generating. Some other blogs, which I won’t mention in fear of reprisal comments, think Ben Eager is a crash test dummy on skates, but he’s as valuable as any other fourth liner. Versteeg seems to be out of his Olympic break gash overload fatigue and that’s excellent timing because we’ll need him to post insane stats so that we can package him and Huet this summer.

    One observation that many folks don’t want to hear but must be mentioned: has the “wait for the whistle” rule been removed from the United Center’s Code of Ethics? I missed close to 10 minutes of play, including Versteeg’s shorthanded goal, because of some caravan of newbies that just had to partake in Levy Restaurant’s rendition of nachos and bud light. I know the 300 Level is for the common folk who can’t afford Johnny Boy’s updated club level accommodations, but I still work for the money that pays for my tickets. In most Canadian arenas you are literally roped off until a whistle stoppage or TV time-out. This needs to be addressed, whether it seems petty or not.

  4. Lee says:

    Ok, I was at the game also. Please read some of the comments to Tim Sassone today so you will see I am not alone in my thoughts. i have said from the beginning that the goons would be targeting our best players and it happened again last night. Winchester on Hossa and Janseen on everyone. Hossa is now hurt and out for who knows how long. Yes Seabrook retailiated and was lost for close to 20 minutes. This team needs a John Scott/Boogard/Orr/Shelly/etc just to have on the bench to retailiate when the other teams goons take runs at our stars. We have lost Toews-Seabrook-Campbell and now Hossa among others this year because of stupid hits(Is Kane next/) The only way this will stop is if we put the fear of G-d in place here. Ok, I know that Big Tony, Lou, and John etc will make shit out of my comments but I have said from the beginning we are going to get hurt by these actions and we really have no one to put the big hurt on these goons

  5. John says:

    Leonidas–IMO, the big early goal differential is just a sign of the times. All teams in this new NHL struggle to hang on to leads once they establish an early multi-goal lead. Look at the Calgary game from earlier this year. Granted, that game was an extreme but you’ll be hard pressed to find a week where a team doesn’t cough up a multi-goal lead and/or let their opponent back into a game they were once dominating.

    Lee– The last place I’d want people to agree with me is on the Daily Herald message boards.

  6. Lee says:

    John: Are you saying that the people who read Sassons would never come on the FF board?

  7. John says:

    Not at all. What I meant was that the opinions of the frequent posters over there are warped, to say the least.

  8. Lee says:

    I don”t read it a lot just found some today that I agree with

  9. feyer says:

    Lee: I suggest that Cam Janssen’s style of play would be exactly the same even if the opponents suited up a half dozen goons. The 4:38 per game he spends on the ice has nothing to do with trying to put the puck in the net.

  10. Lee says:

    Not talkng about tht idiot, he is a babbling buffoon. I am talking about the hits to Hossa last night, Campbell, Seabrook, and Toews

  11. Lou says:

    Janssen was indeed a major factor last night. After he got a penalty with Eager. He dogged it out of the box and Eager who didn’t scored a goal. I watched him stand up on the bench a lot. I think he jersey is more stylish when he turns left than right. Wonder where he is playing golf on Monday at?

    STL and CHI has been phyisical for decades with and without goonery. In the playoffs when the hitting picks up and the goons all sit, if we can’t take it, we don’t belong playing.

    @Lee, after a very reflective lent, I have decided it is just not worth the continued, never-ending debate and then the ensuing lecture that will come from the all knowing one… So, I am going to stay disengaged and not re-hash what has already been said numerous times. Good that you remain consistent in your view. That is worthy of respect

  12. Dave Morris says:

    Lee continues to make his point about the importance of an ‘enforcer’ or ‘policeman’, and the debate is answered by those who deny that importance.

    Rather than attempt to slice into that debate, I submit for everyone’s consideration the following fact:

    Of the sixteen teams participating in the 2010 playoffs, only two of them do not have a designated ‘four-minute’ man.

    The Blackhawks are one, the other is Montreal.

    Hockey is not a game for nice people. And unfortunately, sometimes you need a ‘big brother’. Even if all he does is sit there and look mean most of the time.

  13. John says:

    Um, who are the ‘four-minute’ men on Detroit, Pittsburgh, or New Jersey?

  14. Lee says:

    Dave Morris just made exactly the point I have been trying to get across all year. Just having a guy like that on the bench provides a distraction to those that would attempt to harm our stars. Yes I know those “Big Brothers” probably would not be on the playoff rosters but they would help to get a “healthy” team into the playoffs and then it’s true hockey to the end

  15. dominator says:

    New Jersey has Andrew Peters and Pittsburgh has Eric Goddard. Detroit doesn’t have one.

  16. John says:

    Between both Peters and Godard, they’ve played a whopping 69 games.

    Honestly, next year if the Hawks want to give a roster spot to someone like this and suit him up for 25 games, then go for it. Just so we don’t have to go through this song and dance everytime the Hawks and Blues play each other.

  17. Otter says:

    Lee and Dave, should we get rid of Kane, Towes, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook, Sharp, Versteeg, Campbell, Ladd, Madden, Hjalmarsson, Byfuglien, or Bolland for this ‘four-minute’ man? Personally, I’d get rid of Kane or Towes for a guy who can protect Kane or Towes, but that’s me.

    The problem with your logic is that you’d have to stop you’re wasting a roster spot and depth to one of, if not the, best team in the league. You guys want the Hawks to be the Blues… but the Blues season is over on Sunday.

    The Blackhawks have 109 points and 51 wins… yet they could be better with a goon? I don’t get it. I really don’t, because when I look at the one team that has so far been better than the Blackhawks, the Caps… who’s the goon on that team? Who protects Backstrom, Semin, and Green?

  18. Lee says:

    Otter, Have you ever heard of John Erkskine? 6′ 4″ 220

  19. John says:

    Except he averages 15 minutes a game….

  20. dominator says:

    I don’t think Erksikine has much to do with it, more likely its their 25% PP percentatge. Just like with Detroit in years past having a good powerplay prevents other teams from doing stupid things.

  21. Patrick says:

    Quick question – how do we blame Huet for the third period goals?

  22. John says:

    We’re missing the origin of the discussion; Mr. Morris concluded all playoff teams except the Hawks and Montreal have a ‘four minute’ man and I asked for examples. Peters and Godard were acceptable answers as neither play more than 5 minutes for the weekly game they do dress for. It’s been determined Erksine is not as he averages well over that for Washington.

  23. coach says:

    STATS:ERKSIKINE GAMES PLAYED 50 PIM’S 66 GODDARD GAMES 43 PIM’S 64 PETERS GAMES 29 PIM’S 93 All their teams in the playoffs. St Louis CROMBEEN GAMES 77 PIM’S 163 WINCHESTER GAMES 62 PIM’S 108 JANSSEN GAMES 42 PIM’S 190 Team is not in the playoffs. So the moral to the story is? @ otter l agree with you

  24. dominator says:

    Canucks are resting Luongo, Salo and Ehrhoff tonight. Soooooo go Raycroft?

  25. Lee says:

    John, thats the point, these guys dont have to play a lot, just be available. D.J King of the Blues is a case in point. He is rated as one of the top 5 fighters in the NHL and was not even dressed last night, but is on the roster

  26. Leonidas says:

    Speaking of the PP, any theories on why the Hawks have had such an anemic PP when they also have the most 4×4 goals in the league? Is it the revolving door of personnel, the forward on point, no Campbell (though he was rarely on the first unit if I recall)?? I mean they’re down below 18% now (the league average) which is hardly intimidating. It’s almost better if the Hawks take a penalty as soon as an infraction is called on an opponent.

  27. CT says:

    Again, I don’t see how having a “policeman” is going to prevent these cheap shot. Winchester didn’t fight Seabrook, he simply made his hit on Hossa and then turtled up.

    If you’re serious about the Hawks being singled out more than other teams due to lack of response, then your beef ultimately lies with Joel Quenneville. If Quenneville had wanted to, he could have taken Eager or Bickell aside and instructed them to pull a Wisniewski on TJ Oshie or low bridge David Backes. That kind of response would have certainly elicted some attention.

  28. John says:

    Lee, DJ King is not a viable argument as his team blows.

  29. Lou says:

    We have now gone from re-hash to utterly ridiculous.

    So a policeman that doesn’t get to police but is available to poilce and that is a deterrent. DJ King just being avaible. You hve got to be freaking kidding me. And these “big brothers” did what to help STL into the playoffs?

    In the salary cap world on a contending franchise, the $1 Million question is what do you fill your roster up with? vs. a non-contending team what do they fill their roster up with? I see the obvious difference.

    I guess I’d like the chance to watch Hockey until June vs. the charity golf circuit or Celebrity UFC tourney. Maybe Janssen and King can tag team against Greg Brady and Donny Osmond.

    And Yes Leonidas the PP is concerning with our without Campbell. It is just bad puck movement and banging shots.

    Otter and Coach you so get it. As do you John .

    But Otter for all things sacred to the Indianhead it is Toews not Towes.

  30. Otter says:

    Lee, as Coach pointed out, the same John Erkskine who has 50 games and only 66 PIMs? I’m sure his goal and five assists to go with those 66 minutes in the box are the reason why the Caps have 9 points more than the Hawks this year.

    BTW, I also enjoy this theory that the Hawks are the only team in hockey that other teams make runs at or deliver cheap shots. I’m sure the fans in Boston totally agree with such theories coming from Chicago.

    So the Blues come in and try to beat the crap out of the Hawks… but the Hawks won so who cares? It’s like we’re stuck in the mid-90s mind set where we couldn’t beat the Wings in hockey, but we sure did hit ’em hard and beat them in fights! I don’t want to speak for Lee or Dave, but I’m sure they too were always satisfied watching Yzerman accept the Cup knowing that the Hawks could beat the Wings in a street fight.

  31. Dave Morris says:

    @John>don’t tell me you don’t know who the enforcer is in Detroit. He’s sitting in Grand Rapids waiting for the playoffs to start.

    And Otter thinks having an enforcer means you have to get rid of talented players. Not so, and this has been proven over and over again.

    You can argue the issue as the day is long, Gentlemen.

    The reality of hockey being a smashmouth game, among its other aspects, persists.

  32. Big Tony says:

    I’d like to see proof of ONE player being kept healthy for the playoffs due to the presence of a “policeman” on a roster. Lee et al, please post that example and I’ll be squarely on the side of anyone who trumpets this point of view.

    Until then, I’ll be a proponent of a roster full of forwards and d-men capable of taking regular shifts and playing high-level hockey. You know, they type of hockey that wins that big silvery cup thing.

  33. John says:

    The only way Brad May is in Detroit in April is on his way up to Windsor for a night of debauchery. He was already waived the Wings, I have a hard time seeing them adding him to the playoff roster. Even if they do, he’s not going to dress for any games.

    Besides, if you’re including players from AHL rosters as ‘four-minute’ men of playoff teams, then the Hawks are more than ok in that department.

  34. Lou says:

    “The reality of hockey being a smashmouth game, among its other aspects, persists.”

    The point of this statement beyond the obvious is?

  35. Razzberry says:

    So Thornton is the enforcer on Boston, right? I’m curious how his presence on the roster helped prevent their star player from being knocked out for the season. Please enlighten me.

  36. Big Tony says:

    Razzberry is going to confuse the “policeman” fetishists with facts.

    Shame on you.

  37. Lee Rosenberg says:

    Who said Thornton, did you ever hear of Milan Lucic?

  38. Dave Morris says:

    @Lou>the point being that there is a very logical argument for having an enforcer as an insurance policy for your expensive skill players.

    Lou, have you ever stepped onto a rink and gotten whacked across the chops with a hockey stick?

    Have you ever been slammed into the boards by a hulk skating at full speed?

    Have you had a puck fired past your left earlobe by someone who wanted to take your head off?

    I had my taste of all of those when I played amateur bantam hockey as a teenager. The taste was enough to convince me that I would play for fun and nothing more.

    It also made me appreciate that the men who play professionally, endure far more pain that any of us ever want to imagine.

    I have enormous respect for these professionals. One player in particular who I recently interviewed, made it very clear just how violent a sport it is, and how difficult it is to endure and succeed in what they do.

    He also said that players have to be held accountable on the ice, by other players.

    At the NHL level, it’s a street fight at warp speed.

    But I am not an advocate of fighting…I personally prefer the ‘clean’ hockey we saw during the Olympics, to the goonery that too often occurs.

    I understand why fighting happens in hockey.

    And I believe, the violence of the game being what it is, a team like the Blackhawks may find itself at a disadvantage against a tougher, more physical opponent.

    When the situation escalates to the point where stars like Campbell, Toews, Hossa, Kane and Seabrook are headhunted, the consequences of that disadvantage are brought into sharp focus.

    Certainly, this discussion provokes some heated exchange, but nobody ‘wins’ this argument.

    Ask Brian Campbell.

  39. John says:

    Thornton is their “policeman” or enforcer or whatever term you want to use. Lucic is not. Thus, Thornton was the one to intiate the fight with Matt Cooke last month after he drilled Savard. Since Lucic can barely keep himself in one piece for more than a couple weeks, I’m more inclined to call him a Ben Eager with more talent.

  40. Razzberry says:

    Whichever specific player you want to call as the enforcer on the Bruins is irrelevant. The point is, despite having a “policeman” (or even multiple players who could fill that role), Savard is still out for the season. The deterrent of these players clearly didn’t stop Cooke from throwing a cheapshot.

  41. AC says:

    I’m so glad the playoffs are coming up, so we can be done with this conversation. No respectable team will waste an active spot on a goon during the playoffs since the goal is to win by scoring goals, not by taking cheap shots. When these players get on the ice in the playoffs it usually ends badly for that team (Vancouver, are you paying attention? O’Brien was a sieve vs the Hawks last year and destroyed most of the hopes the Nucks had). The only role goons have in the playoffs are to play the game AFTER something questionable has happened, unless they are talented physical players.

  42. Lee says:

    Regular Season ends on Sunday, enough goon talk till after the playoffs. Lets all agree to disagree

  43. Lou says:

    AC – well said. Lee, thanks but you at least picked a side

    @Dave, thanks for the first statement and ensuing circular discussion. Not really sure what your questions on my sports career have to do with the price of beer at the United Center or the crux of the debate. But hey, thanks for sharing. I know your 1960s-1970s Bantam story warmed my heart for a good second. Really it did. Just curious, was Conn Smythe your Bantam coach or was he already in Hockey Heaven? Now my sports career…it really doesn’t matter one red cent does it? Does it?

    What really is interesting to me, is you say, “But I am not an advocate of fighting…I personally prefer the ‘clean’ hockey we saw during the Olympics, to the goonery that too often occurs.” Yet, you say PPS – Lee is right, get a policeman. Something is disconnecting. Wait a goon stops everyting. Especially one in the press box. Team physicality has no impact.

    Then you say, “And I believe, the violence of the game being what it is, a team like the Blackhawks may find itself at a disadvantage against a tougher, more physical opponent.” Maybe, maybe not.

    Then you say “When the situation escalates to the point where stars like Campbell, Toews, Hossa, Kane and Seabrook are headhunted, the consequences of that disadvantage are brought into sharp focus.” Ovie targeted Campbell???? Seriously??? Or, did he blatantly break the rules because he plays too close to the edge. Wiz got up that morning and said, I am going to kill Seabrook. Really?

    Is it physicality or violence? Is a big hit headhunting? Or are we talking about cheapshots? Big, big difference between violence and cheapshots.

    I think you are playing all sides. Have you answered Big Tony yet? Can you? Will you? I know my guess

    I don’t think many of those with whom you disagree are against the physicality or the violence or even the need to take care of it on the ice. People are against having a freakin neanderthal on skates. They are not against teammates standing up for each other or standing up for themselves.

    Ovie wanted to drop em let him get his ass kicked. But somebody jumped in. That was bullshit. At least he has the guts to do so.

    Why can’t Kane whack someone back if he gets crosschecked. Why can’t Toews deliver a big open ice hit. These guys are NHL players surely they are qualified. Last time I checked big hits can come from anywhere or any knucklehead can use a stick. Wait, players with integrity follow the rules. So maybe, the your position is to get someone to push the limits of the rules.

  44. Lou says:

    sorry for the second post – I’m done. Bring on whoever so we can begin the countdown from 16 to the big silver

  45. Dave Morris says:

    Lou, no need for you to be sarcastic.

    There are at least two sides to every discussion, and there are different perspectives that can be expressed respectfully.

    The debate over the need for an enforcer will no doubt continue.

    There are a number of Stanley Cup winning teams that have had enforcers on their rosters. The Blackhawks are one of them.

    In the meantime, Hawks management may well be considering adding that kind of player to the lineup, and for good reason.

    One of those reasons is sitting on the shelf right now.

  46. Lou says:

    Dave, no need to be patronizing or a know-it-all when people disagree with you.

    Please, if you are gonna get on your high horse again, practice exactly what you preach when people disagree with you. You’re really not in the position to call a penalty.

    Your patronizing and know-it-all undertones are no more respectful than my sarcasm. I deliberately chose to be very sarcastic in that post…

    And no enforcer on the planet will stop Ovie from being Ovie. Stop it by scoring PP goals.

    The Hawks last won the cup in 1961. All the enforcers since have not gotten us there.

  47. BWV513 says:

    Hey, all. Now that the goon discussion is settled <> here’s something else that is slightly off-topic: The North Dakota Fighting Sioux are retiring their name and presumably their logo, which as many of you know is a rather handsome Indian head not unlike that of the Blackhawks.
    Do you think this will be the beginning of the end of the Indian head in Chicago? Should it be? Obviously, the Hawks and ex-Fighting Sioux are different situations with different histories and contexts. (And, as long as people in Atlanta are doing tomahawk chops, and as long as there’s a football team named the Redskins, the Hawks are going to be far down the list in respect to discussions of Native American mascots in pro sports.)
    But there’s a large contingent of folks out there who find Indian logos/mascots offensive; look no further than the rancor over Chief Illiniwek, Marquette Warriors, et al., for recent examples.
    I was wondering what you opinionated and articulate folks on FF thought about this.
    — BWV

  48. Dave Morris says:

    Lou, you obviously are very sensitive when it comes to these discussions.

    And there’s no need for to start insulting me personally. If you want to disagree, disagree with some intelligence and class.

    You only do yourself a disservice by showing a lack of respect for those who have opinions different from yours.

    In the meantime, I recommend you have a read of Al Cimaglia’s excellent article on the subject of the Hawks’ need for a policeman.

    Al is the Hawks correspondent for The NHL on XM Sirius Radio, and former Hawks writer for He is eminently qualified to discourse on the subject.

    Link to his article here:

    Enjoy the game tonight, and remember we are all Hawks fans here.

  49. Big Tony says:

    I’m still waiting for that ONE example of a star player being kept healthy for the playoffs due to the fact his team had a “policeman”. All the Al Cimaglia articles in the world won’t make a bit of difference, unless he was a bantam junior heavyweight too.

    I played hockey for years. I fail to see how a goon on the bench makes a damned bit of difference or is a deterrent to the rough stuff. I’ll change my viewpoint when I get the example I requested.

  50. Big Tony says:

    I know enough about how internet message boards work and know a message board czar when I see one. Dave has really raised that to an art form. That’s not a slam, since we’re all categorized as one thing or another if we post on a message board. We are who we are. I certainly have no hard feelings and enjoy the verbal sparring about something we all obviously care about.

    Oh, I don’t apologize for the double either.

  51. Lou says:

    Since I don’t have any clever quotes from hockey legends or links to add to further illustrate my very simple message, I’ll just say, whatever you say Dave, you are absolutely right. Self-important people always are.

    In the mean time, please call it personal, make it personal, spin it to be personal. Whatever you need to do to be right. Call me what you wish, insinuate class and intelligence, point out whatever disservice you opine there is, give us another lecture on respect, and even feel free to attack my mom if you need to, to help justify your need to tell everyone you are right. Please, just keep proving my exact point.

    John, Bob and everyone else, I apologize to everyone for wasting their time. I am giving myself a game misconduct.

    Out of respect for this site, and its fine authors, I am saying no more. If there is future doubt or anyone would be looking for another reply for this debate, now or in the future please re-read the previous statement.

    P.S. Geez Big Tony you’re awful sarcastic

  52. Big Tony says:

    It’s easy when you get the ammo left lying around message boards like this one.

  53. Nick says:

    Didn’t really bother to peruse the banter, but judging by the tone of the last few posts all I can say is, “Well, that escalated quickly! That really got out of hand! Lou killed a guy!”

  54. Nick says:

    Wow, poor BWV tries to break up this personal fight by bringing up a legitimate question, and promptly gets ignored so that the battle of internet tough guys can continue.

    BWV, I will say this, I think that the Hawks logo will eventually go away. It will be a very sad day when that happens. I don’t find the logo to be offensive, I find it to be a proud representation that has no negative connotations such as “Redskins” or that silly stereotype face that the Cleveland Indians use. Then again, I am not a Native American, so it’s not my position to deem something offensive or inoffensive to that culture

  55. Razzberry says:

    On a more important topic, with tonight’s wins by the Hawks and Wings, it’s now impossible for them to meet in the first round.

  56. The Silent Roar says:

    @Lou, you made your point. Now don’t waste anymore of your time or anyone else’s. Stick to exactly what you said on your last statement. Chime in down the road on HOCKEY.

    @Dave, you too need to leave it. You should learn something too. There always is something to learn. You will need to figure the what that is out for yourself.

    @Nick, I think saying it is will be a sad day is slighlty understated.

  57. Lou says:

    Point taken

    Out of respect for this site, and its fine authors, I am saying no more. If there is future doubt or anyone would be looking for another reply in this debate, now or in the future please re-read the previous sentence.

    John, Bob and everyone else, I apologize for taking it off topic.

    @Nick, losing the Chief hurt. Losing the Hawk would devastate

  58. The Silent Roar says:

    @Lou, glad you got the point. Now prove it. Zip it and stop posting on it. Watch the playoffs like enforcers do.

    @Dave Morris – re-read your 12:27 post and reflect quietly. You are not innocent here either. You did your part in the tango. You too should learn something.

    Lord Stanley would like to go to Grant Park

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