Flyers It Is

With a 4-2 victory over the Montreal Canadiens on Monday night, the Philadelphia Flyers have conquered the Eastern Conference.  Their fairy tale post-season began on the final day of the regular season when they clinched the second to last seed in the East with a shootout win over the New York Rangers.

In the playoffs, they disposed of the number two seed New Jersey Devils in five games.  They fell behind Boston three games to none only to win the next four and then conquered Les Bleus in five games. 

Game One starts on Saturday night at the United Center with puck drop at 7 pm.

There have been rumblings since the start of the Conference Finals that the winner of the West was the winner of the Cup, but that’s a bit premature.  The Flyers will not go easily into the night.  Any talk of game-to-game momentum or being intimidated by the home crowd is purely non-sense.  Philadelphia has stared down Death’s door multiple times in the past two months only to laugh back in its face.  I highly doubt losing a tough game or the United Center national anthem is going to send them into a tizzy. 

Make no mistake, this will be the toughest team the Hawks will have to close out (assuming of course, they win three games in the series).  As the week progresses, we’ll take a closer look at the Flyers and their roster.  Until then, enjoy the down time.

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26 Responses to Flyers It Is

  1. Too bad… I was hoping for Montreal just so that we could avenge 1971.
    That’s OK though, just hoist that CUP baby!!!!

  2. JM says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your reasons why the Flyers pose a serious threat, because I just don’t see it.

  3. blackhawkbob says:

    You don’t see it? Richards, Carter, Pronger and Gagne don’t do anything for ya?

  4. JM says:

    Compared to the players and teams we’ve already beaten, not really.

  5. Big Tony says:

    I’ve got plenty of respect for Philly, but the Hawks have already beaten 3 teams better than Philly, and the Flyers haven’t faced anyone nearly as good as the Hawks. I just cant see a journeyman goalie raising his game another notch or two and beating us 4 out of 7. Leighton will have to be better than he was against Montreal to beat this Hawks team. No way he steals 4.

    Add in our depth, balance and speed and it adds up to Toronto inheriting the mantle of longest Cup drought in the league.

  6. Otter says:

    Unless Pronger plays 40 mins a night, I can’t see the Flyers winning more than a game. I know they’re playing well and I know they have some very good forwards, but there isn’t one position or line or D pairing where the Flyers are better than the Hawks.

  7. Patrick says:

    Don’t underestimate the Flyers – other teams have and they have lost. They’re a deep team and this is going to be a hard-fought series. I expect a tough one, not a cake walk.

    One question – do we think that SJ could have beaten Philly? I think so, so that augurs well for the Hawks, but we’ll find out Saturday. No way the Hawks can come out flat in game one (or game two for that matter).

  8. Lou says:

    If we play the games we are capable of now one can beat us. We played them earlier this year and had mental lapses and they capitalized. I don’t think that will be the case this time. WE play our game and no one can touch us. We need to avoid the bait and out hustle and just kick their asses up and down the rink.

    They do have some talented players. Pronger is tough physical and gets away with a lot. He is not afraid of the cheap shot. JVR, and Carcillo can can tribute and Grioux is playing very well right now.

    This is our time!

  9. Nick says:

    If you don’t understand that the Flyers have made it to the SCF for a reason, than you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

    Yes, the teams they’ve beaten are substantially weaker than any hawks opponent. So what?

    They are capable of rolling 4 lines and their D pairings may not be as strong as the hawks, but they are no Vancouver. They got Jeff Carter back, so their 1st 2 lines are a bastard of a time and their 3rd line is pretty solid too. Claude Giroux has 16 pts this postseason, I haven’t checked, but I’m damn well sure that’s more than anyone on our 3rd line has. Arron Asham and JVR have good chemistry with Giroux centering them. Don’t think the Hawks are going to roll over this team.

  10. illinikc33 says:

    Two words: Michael Leighton. If we don’t average 4 goals/game it will be extremely disappointing, and if we let MICHAEL LEIGHTON beat us in 4 games of 7 it will be a colossal upset.

    is basically Nashville with (much) less discipline, a bit more offense, less defensive skill, and a really bad goaltender. Philly hasn’t seen anything resembling the Hawks thanks to Montreal, and I think they’re going to be on their heels a good portion of this series. Honestly, we thought Vancouver was stupidly chippy—wait until we get under the skin of this team.

  11. Big Tony says:

    The Flyers beat the 19th, 29th and 30th ranked teams in goals scored this season. We were 3rd I believe. Michael Leighton is gonna have sunburn on the back of his neck after we get done with him. I refuse to buy into the hype about the Flyers. They’re a fine team. We are an ELITE team. Big difference.

    Hawks in 5.

  12. JM says:

    I’m more with Big Tony. Don’t get me wrong, I’m anticipating one hell of a hard fought series. I just don’t see how Philly can actually beat the Hawks in a 7 game series, provided the Hawks play any where near the level they’ve been playing.

    They are the better team in every facet – its not always a glaring advantage, but I don’t see any aspect where the Flyers are superior.

  13. dominator says:

    I was at Michael Leighton’s first game, 0-0 tie against the ‘Yotes…still have the Dale Tallon/Pat Foley FOX SPORTS announcer bobblehead.

  14. AC says:

    Dominator, I was at that game as well. I thought Leighton would be here a long time after that game. Oddly enough, Tallon’s head on the bobblehead came unglued and now it sits slightly askew making him look like he’s had a few too many adult beverages (obviously a very accurate representation) so I haven’t fixed it.

    Philly is a really good team, but they have faced some seriously offensively challenged clubs in the playoffs, which I believe has skewed their defensive numbers. When Boston was healthy in the first 3 games, they owned the flyers, once Krejci went down the entire Bruins offense (what there was of it) went with him. Really, their top 4 scorers were Wideman, Bergeron, Rechi and Satan (insert Devil joke here).

    I still worry about the depth that Philly offers at forward, but think that they are a little overrated at D, essentially only playing 4 D-men, and that we can tire them out on the blue line.

    My guess is Chicago in 5.

  15. Dave Morris says:

    Has everyone forgotten how the Flyers beat the Hawks in the Wachovia Center just nine weeks ago?

    Never underestimate your opponent, gentlemen.

    Philadelphia is meaner, has a better D, and more scoring balance than San Jose.

    Hope you all saw the playoff highlight reel goal their Captain Mike Richards scored last night.

    And Hawk castoff Michael Leighton has already won against Chicago this year, stopping 39 shots in the victory.

    The Blackhawks will be favored for good reason.

    We all know what ‘being favored’ means…which is nothing.

    Should be one hell of a series.

  16. Mark Giangreco Roman Wrestler says:

    The only way the Hawks don’t win this series is if they flat out don’t show up. I don’t see this team doing that 4 times in a 7 game series.

  17. Otter says:

    You’re right Dave, the Hawks are screwed since they aren’t as mean as the Flyers. Let’s sign the ghost of Reg Dunlop and make sure our bus looks mean when we roll down Broad Street.

    The Flyers are a good team and they’re hot. My Flyer buddies have told me as much all day today (of course when I point out the Hawks have won 10 of 12, they come back with 8 of 9!!) But the Devils couldn’t score, the Bruins couldn’t score, and the Habs fell apart because of injuries and their power play failed them (and Halak became human). The Sharks are clearly better than all three of those teams, and the Canucks are probably as good or better than all three of those teams.

  18. illinikc33 says:

    Are we really going to use one game during a stretch throughout which we played our worst hockey where we lost in the last . . . second of the game as the benchmark for this series? Guys, just like Montreal, Philly was one of the last teams in for a reason: they are not good at hockey (at least relatively, compared to pretty much every other playoff team, East and West).

    Montreal caught lightning in a bottle in Halak for a while, but regressed to the mean this past series, just like I predicted they would. Any talk of “mean” being some kind of positive for a team is just mind-bogglingly stupid. See, e.g., Canucks, Vancouver v. Blackhawks, Chicago, circa a couple weeks ago to see what happens when being “mean” is supposed to be some kind of positive.

    Every single team the Blackhawks have beaten is better than Philly, with (maybe) the exception of Nashville (at least on paper; on the ice, Nashville is better IMO).

  19. Big Tony says:

    “Being mean” in the playoffs is great when you’re watching Slap Shot. You know what I like in the playoffs? Having an elite team on a hellacious roll. I never said we’d sweep Philly and win each game by 6 or 7. It won’t be easy but I just can’t see a team like that beating us 4 of 7. Hell, I even give Philly one game in the series.

  20. John says:

    Bob and I were at the 0-0 game with Foley and Tallon bobbleheads as well. I also believe that was Tony Amonte’s return to the UC. So we’ve found 4 of us in attendance that night, where are the other 6 of you?

  21. blackhawkbob says:

    I was thinking of that the other night. Thought maybe it could have been Craig Anderson’s first game, though. You guys are right that it was Leighton.

  22. Big Tony says:

    Al Morganti was just on Chicago Tribune Live and called the Flyers, “Cinderalla with fangs” and said the journeyman Leighton was “found gold”. Seriously? He refused to give the Hawks any credit, basically, and said the Flyers had all the momentum. Two problems there….

    1…There is NO such thing as momentum from series to series. In-game momentum exists, no question. Game to game, yeah probably. Series to series? Nope. Different opponents, different styles and the quality of opponents all negate any sort of momentum a team may gain. Confidence is not momentum.

    2…IF series to series momentum exists, I guess the Hawks sweeping of the top-seeded Sharks doesn’t count for a jar of warm piss, but the Flyers beating an 8 seed that can’t score is gonna be the difference. Morganti needs to be put into an air-tight room with McGuire and Engblom and sealed up forever.

    Hawks in 5.

  23. Lou says:

    Wow, we lost the game to Philly because we took the third period off and now it is some big indicator or premonition. Let’s not fool ourselves that that is anything other than it is – a 60 minute game and we played less than that. It was a message that we have appeared to now have learned. There is nothing more to it. It won’t happen again.

    Mean schmean – who the F cares. All mean does is lead to stupid penalties and PP opportunities. Mean scares kindergarteners. This is the playoffs it comes down to skill, heart and desire. I’ll take our chances with those over mean.

    Yes, Philly is peaking and yes they have some very talented players. But so do we and we have played a lot tougher teams this playoffs. We have shut down some big time forwards in the last two series and Philly presents the next challenge. It comes down to two way hockey and playing your role.

    This is our time.

  24. Big Tony says:

    I’d like to apologize for posting incorrect information. The Flyers didn’t beat the 19th, 29th and 30th teams in goal scoring this playoff season….it was 19th, 26th and 30th. My appypollyloggies.

    For the record, if the Flyers had played in the West, they wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs…they’d have been tied for 12th with Dallas at 88 points. Some more fun numbers about Philly….they finished 19th overall in the NHL, we were 3rd….our +/- goal differential was +62, they were +11…we finished 30 games over .500, they were 6 over. Yeah, you can throw that all out the window starting Saturday, but my point is made….we are by FAR the better team. Nobody with a brain could pick Philly to beat us.

  25. toews19cup says:

    I don’t see anyone beating the Blackhawks 4 times out of 7. Philly is a decent team, they’re a great hockey town, great fans. I think Coach Q won’t overlook these guys, we’ll give them their respect. That said, even though we haven’t won in their building in awhile, we’re 0-0 in Cup Finals so I like the Men of Four Feathers in 6.

  26. Lou says:

    Like Big Tony says seal em up for good. Put Edzo in there with em. Give them straight jackets and let them figure out who lucky pierre is after they steamroll each other a la the McKenzie brothers.

    Not one announcer other than the Mullet King, says anything about the Hawks chances on TV. Doc had some good things to say on AM 1000 yesterday but in general it is everyone is better than us every game. Well – fuck em all.

    Last time I checked we just swept the best team in our conference. Oh and didn’t we put five and six up against a bunch of different olympic stud goalies. Leighton is not them. WE all know that crap is cheap (Thanks Mr. Henley)

    Flyers can’t be overlooked but neither should we.

    One game at a time.

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