Once More With Feeling

Here’s a few things I enjoyed (other than the final outcome) and didn’t enjoy from the final game of the 2009-2010 season.

*As an announcer, there’s no question Doc Emrick had thought about what his Stanley Cup Champs call would be.  Of course, with Patrick Kane’s goal that only a select few saw go in, Doc gave us one of the most hilarious calls of all-time.  With no idea where the puck went, Emrick simply started making up things he saw.  At one point, he said, “And the puck is rattling around in front,” when the puck is very clearly not rattling around anywhere. 

Then, when Kane is halfway undressed and at the red line, he figures out it might be in the net and goes into his goal-scoring call even though the puck has been in the net for a solid five seconds. 

That’s just one of the all-time great calls.

*When the Cup came out of the runway, you would need to be comatose not to get goosebumps.  The NHL has a lot of flaws, but when it comes to their trophy presentation, it is absolutely awesome.  Doesn’t matter what team is on the receiving end of it, that never gets old.

*My favorite moment of the celebration was Jonathan Toews actively seeking Marian Hossa to give him the Cup second.  Then, of course, seeing Hossa finally get his hands on it was pretty much the tops. 

*Loved hearing John Madden go out of his way to thank Dale Tallon for bringing him here in the off-season.  Madden didn’t do a whole bunch past November but that was pure class.  Especially on a night when everyone in the media was going out of their way to credit the Bowmans for building this team.  We’ve said it countless times, but Tallon’s fingerprints are all over this team.  Whatever you think about his negotiating skills, his eye for talent is superb.

 Some things I didn’t particularly care for:

*Adam Burish.  Whatever you think of Chris Pronger, he’s one of the best defenseman of the last two decades.  You’re Adam Burish and you just rode your teammates coat-tails to a Stanley Cup.  Shut your mouth and get away from the microphones.  How about letting your teammates that actually dressed in the game get some of the glory?  Also, seeing every local media member flock to him was particularly annoying.

*NBC’s crotch camera during each player’s skate with the Cup.  It was just weird seeing each player from the knees up.  Not to mention, a few of them (Madden and Keith come to mind) looked scary as all hell.  I feel like an old-fashioned straight angle view would’ve been fine. 

*I still don’t know what to think of the whole Jeremy Roenick crying saga.  Was it genuine?  Was it appropriate?  But I will say the exchange between him and Mike Milbury was painfully awkward.  Seeing two grown men try to console each other on live television is never must-see TV.

*As for Flyer fans that are somehow hurt by Roenick’s tears, he played three seasons for Philadelphia.  He played for the Hawks for nine.  It would be like Dallas Stars fans feeling snubbed by Eric Lindros if he were to declare his feelings for the Flyers in a Philly/Dallas finals.  Just silly and juvenile.


The worst thing about winning a championship is having to say goodbye.  That’s exactly what tomorrow’s parade is.  A goodbye to the 2009-2010 Chicago Blackhawks.  Like Joel Quenneville said, they’ll walk together forever.  Just not next season. 

The good thing is the draft is just two weeks away and whatever changes are coming, will come quickly.  Like last year, we’ll be here with you through it all.  Let’s just hope this summer is a little more enjoyable than last year’s.

I still can’t believe the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and I’m not sure when it will fully sink in.

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15 Responses to Once More With Feeling

  1. Lou says:

    This one is going to take a while to sink in. Still unbelievable. Even after watching the replay of the game tonight it is still just awesome.

    One thing I can say I guess we were tough enough after all… Thus endeth the great toough guy debate.

    I can say this though, I could get used to this.

  2. Patrick says:

    And the best thing about Hossa carrying the Cup? That he did is as a Blackhawk – not a Penguin or a Red Wing, but a Blackhawk! One of the best players in the world chose to come play for the Hawks and they won the Cup! Today is a good day…

  3. Big Tony says:

    See you at the rally, Lord Stanley!

  4. Mike says:

    Hey Patrick!

    Don’t forget, we locked up Hossa for a long time. He is a Blackhawk now and for quite some time….

  5. Kevin says:

    Wanted to say thanks for absolutely everything. As a 33year old Hawks fan who has lived in Baltimore my entire life I just need to say that yesterday was maybe the happiest I have ever been 🙂 I was in a bar in Seattle when Kane scored. I let out what is best described as a yaulp of joy and shed some tears. Thank you!

  6. Jeff says:

    And I do recall the only time JR showed up in a final was in an Indian head sweater. So shut your pie holes, Philly.

  7. uncle jesse says:

    Before game 5, they did a walk-thru of Giroux’s goal from game 4. All the skaters, including Roenick, were assuming the roles of Flyers players. What was Roenick wearing? A Blackhawks warmup top. I say the tears were genuine, and I love him for it…that had to be a really bittersweet moment for Roenick.

    /yes, I do have a Roenick sweater hanging in my closet

  8. uncle jesse says:

    by *they* I mean the announcers/commentators from NBC did the walk thru

  9. feyer says:

    I’m still in a state of disbelief even though i was a believer all year long and like John, I’m not sure when it will finally sink in. Perhaps winning the most demanding championship for the fans as well. Looking, back, arguably the Preds ended up being the most difficult matchup for the hawks in this marathon and certainly had the greatest potential to derail this effort if it weren’t for a very unlikely bounce. Thanks to FF and the featheren for a great season.

  10. Patrick says:

    I disagree – I think that Philly was the toughest opponent (potentially minus the goal tending) for the Hawks all playoffs long. I think that the Hawks caught looking past Nashville a bit (plus the Nashville style is suited to slow the Hawks down, not necessarily beat them). From there, Vancouver and SJ should have been tougher, but for their own reasons, they weren’t…

  11. Lou says:

    You know a team has arrived when you have 1 to 2 million people come to your party. I just doesn’t get any better than this.

    I think we just let it sink in to cover the summer doldrums and then start it again. I kind of like the concept of doing this more than once.

    For all you out there, a few of us out here went to school together and we had a diehard Hawk fan and fraternity brother named Potsie and then later nickmaned Zezel. Potsie was killed in the WTC on 9/11. He was as Committed an Indian as any of us and a great man. We watched a lot of those epic STL-Chi battles in the late 80s and early 90s with him. I got a feeling he is up there watching and I know he is smiling. So Potsie, I know you are up there looking down on this and let it be known we are all thinking of you. This is your cup too!!!!!. AEKDB Bro. We are all thinking of you today. See you a next years parade!

  12. Big Tony says:

    The rally was possibly the best time I’ve ever had in my life with clothes on. My voice is wrecked for a couple days, but it was well worth it. I was 100 feet from the bus carrying Toews, Kane, the Smythe and the Cup when it stopped to unload everyone for the rally. Toews and Kane hoisted it for us, drank beer out of it, then shotgunned beers for our amusement. A few people threw jerseys up to Kane, which he autographed and threw back. I can’t possibly describe the rest of the day as there was simply too much to adequately cover.

    Thanks again to the Hawks organization for giving the fans the chance to celebrate with our championship hockey team on a beautiful, if hot and steamy, day in the best city on the planet. Class doesn’t cover what this team is all about at this moment. Well done.

  13. Brian says:

    I thought J.R.’s emotion was great, he’s been away too long,it felt like our boy came home. Oh……….and Milbury is a clod.

  14. vito says:

    Yes Pronger is great d man but the best in the last 20 yrs. is crazy. Especially when he is an arrogant, cheap shot and takes a ton of stupid penalties. Just my opinion and I know most would disagree with me. I also believe every player in the Hawks lineup had some type of contribution to help get to the Final and win, whether it was big or small they still helped. I do agree Burish should just have kept his mouth shut. Burish was probably upset about game pucks and thats were i say Pronger is an arrogant jerk

  15. Dave Morris says:

    Enjoy it, gang.

    And guess what…the Hawks next year might be just as good…or even better.

    You all wondered why Q wanted players “to play in all situations”? Why he changed lines so often, experimenting with different combos?

    That was so the Hawks could beat any and every team they faced.

    Which they did.

    Quenneville used to be, in the words of Glenn Healy, “The best head coach in the NHL who never won a Stanley Cup.”

    Now that he’s won the Cup as bench boss, we can focus on the first half of that accolade.

    BTW Scotty Bowman’s influence is more and more evident in the way this team is coached, and the way it stresses execution and versatility over individualism.

    You know how successful Scotty’s teams have been.

    Here Come The Hawks. The Mighty Black Hawks.

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