One More for the Road

In case you hadn’t heard, Sam and the Committed Indian Staff is running a commemorative issue to celebrate the Hawks run to the Cup.  Just follow the link for details on how to purchase the PDF file or if you’re more old-fashioned, he’ll personally mail you a hard copy.

Bob and I are honored to help contribute to it.  Here’s a prime example of what we won’t be writing about.  Pooh-poohing the play of one of the best Blackhawks of – at least – the last 35 years and glorifying a board battle victory is the stuff of which awful analysis is born. 

Anyways, the issue should be set on Friday and if you’re going to own one copy of the Committed Indian, this will probably be the one you want.  Hope you enjoy.

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27 Responses to One More for the Road

  1. pete says:

    what is the deal with Jonsson? they intro’d half the rockford team at the parade, and not even a mention of Jonsson, you heard anything?

  2. Big Tony says:

    The rumor is that Johnsson was poking his wang where it didnt belong and was sent home.

  3. tom says:

    In reading all of the salary-cap articles, I keep picturing Huet with 5.625 million in Rockford – it has almost a Twilight Zone quality to it. Not that I feel sorry for the guy – I think he was given his fair chance – but I hope he’ll be picking up some bar tabs for the boys out there.

  4. Patrick says:

    Best info on Johnsson can be found here:

    Not sure if it’s accurate, but seems plausible to me.

    One thing on Huet – my take is that if he does go to the AHL, he won’t actually play there. He’ll find somewhere to play in Eroupe for next-to-nothing, courtesy of the the Blackhawks. Yes, the Hawks would still be paying him (most, if not all of his salary), but he’d be off the cap for the next two years, playing in the KHL or something.

  5. CT says:

    Damn you for linking to Rozner.

  6. Patrick says:

    Is that Rozner – if so, who is this Dieter Kurtenbach fellow? D’oh…

  7. Patrick says:

    Oh, sorry CT, my bad. You weren’t referencing my link…

  8. CT says:

    No problem, I was refering to John’s link. You’re all right Patrick.

  9. John says:

    Too easy…did you hear the one about how Patrick Kane only scores empty net goals therefore he’s not as good as his stats say? In the locker room celebration, I really hope Kane pulled a Deion on Rozner and dumped an ice bucket on him.

    Of course, it would have to be during the few seconds that his nose wasn’t stuck in JWoww’s behind.

  10. Mark Giangreco Roman Wrestler says:

    “The hard work already done, Kane walked up the boards….”

    God, I hate the Wizard of Roz.

  11. John says:

    Right, as if staving off a defender, walking the blue line with the puck, and saucering a pass to a defenseman is a walk in the park. It’s people like him that make me root against players like Andrew Ladd.

  12. Patrick says:

    Wow – look you guys, you’re all grown up – you have ads now! Right on.

    Everyone, click the shit out of ’em…

  13. John says:

    um, what ads? Is it Google related? If so, no need to click on them as we see no revenue from them.

  14. CT says:

    I don’t see any ads…but just in case:


  15. Patrick says:

    Yea – a very large ad by Google in the middle of this post. It’s probably a 4″ by 3″ thing. It’s from Faceoff Fanatics and they’re schlepping Stanley Cup gear. It’s matching to my location as well as it’s serving up a rotation of Denver stuff too. Never seen this from you guys before – PIB has the same ad running (may be other too, I’m just being lazy).

    No revenue from them, that’s bogus. Is the ad coming in via WordPress?

  16. Patrick says:

    Funny – now it’s gone. They’re onto me…

  17. Nick says:

    @Patrick, thanks for the link on Johnsson. His story is just plain weird/eerie. I really hope he isn’t dead somewhere.

  18. Mark Giangreco Roman Wrestler says:

    Kim Johnsson is traveling through time, but now has a bloody nose that keeps getting worse everytime the sky flashes.

  19. CT says:

    Et tu MGRW?

  20. Lou says:

    CT – beautiful. I talked about him in past posts. A short term Hawk but a fan favorite none the less

    I watched that game in Champaign with AC with our Fraternity. Half Chicago and half STL. It was awesome Lemieux hit Snepsts and so on.

  21. Dave Morris says:

    Bob/John> wondering what everyone’s thoughts on are on the possibility StanBow trades a starter (name your prime suspect) in a package for a high first round pick (name your trading partner, ie ATL, FLA, NYI, MIN).

    Some very talented young players available this year.

    Also, who in Rockford replaces which departed Hawks come training camp?

    Inquiring minds need to know.

  22. Brian Davies says:

    I kinda doubt any of the top 10 picks will move this year. NHL GM’s are a bit of a “monkey-see / monkey-do” bunch. After our rags to riches story, I think the GMs of all the really crappy teams out there are thinking:

    Step 1: Get a couple of high first-round draft picks. Step 2: When they turn into Toews / Kane, but are still on cheap entry level contracts, max out your cap on depth players. Step 3: Win Stanley Cup.

    So those really high picks are part of their elaborate fantasy of being only 2 years from a championship.

    I think our best case scenario is something like the Halak trade. Take a guy who looked great in the playoffs, probably better than he really is, and turn them into something on the order of a former mid-1st round pick and a former 3rd round pick. I know the GM in Montreal is getting crucified for that deal, but I would think Bowman was doing a good job if we got that kind of return for some of our 2nd / 3rd line guys.

  23. Dave Morris says:

    @Brian Davies> there is a contingent of Habinistas in Montreal who will crucify anything that moves, including themselves.

    Gauthier knew Halak was going to ask for 3-5 mil, for which he simply doesn’t have cap room. PG got what looks like a pretty fair deal: former 1st rounder now ready to play up front, and a budding Milan Lucic-type from the Western Hockey League.

    Your idea about a similar strategy for StanBow makes sense. Edmonton has a few kids who fit that profile.

    BTW Minny says they are ready to deal their 1st rounder. If the reports on are reliable, it also looks like ATL , NYI, and FLA might do the same.

  24. Lou says:

    Does the Hawk popularity get Larmer in the Hall tomorrow?

    He had a pretty darn good career and played every game for years and years.

    My favorite Hawk as a kid. Love to see his number in the rafters.

  25. Big Tony says:

    If a team’s current popularity gets a guy in the HOF who doesn’t deserve it, then the whole thing is a sham. I loved Larmer, but he’s not a HOF-caliber player. I could see the Hawks retiring #28, but he doesn’t belong in the company of guys like Howe, Savard, Hull, Bossy, etc.

  26. Dave Morris says:

    Bob McKenzie of TSN does have significant knowledge of NHL prospects. His draft rankings here. Good reading:

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