Holding Pattern

We’re still here.

Unfortunately, the Hawks remain in a holding pattern while they wait for Antti Niemi’s arbitration hearing scheduled for Thursday of this week so there isn’t much to discuss.  They did, however, manage to lock in Bryan Bickell for the next three years at a very reasonable $542k cap hit.

So there’s that.

Otherwise, nothing much is shaking.  In the next couple days, we’ll have a review of the underwhelming Blackhawks Championship DVD up.  By then, the Niemi negotiations will probably be close to wrapping up one way or the other.

Until then….

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14 Responses to Holding Pattern

  1. Marts says:

    Bickel for $540k looks to be a good deal. Happy with that one. Here’s hoping the arbiter doesn’t go buck nuts and hand Niemi some ridiculous amount.

  2. Dave Morris says:

    Have you guys bought your Marty Turco Hawks jersey yet?

  3. blackhawkbob says:

    We did. John has primary custoday, and I get it every other weekend. It’s complicated.

  4. Lee says:

    What has happened to John Madden. Is he still un-signed by anyone?

  5. blackhawkbob says:

    Still not signed. Potential suitors are said to have been “horrified” by his Stanley Cup DVD dancing.

  6. Marts says:

    I think I could handle Turco. He’s a little long in the tooth now, so perhaps this isn’t a valid comparison, but when Dallas was a top tier threat he seemed to flourish (relatively) when only facing 18-23 shots per game. I think he could expect the same level of rubber in a Hawks jersey this coming season. Some guys aren’t capable of going 5-10 minutes between shots. He always seemed like a guy capable of playing that way. He runs into problems when the team needs him flopping around in street-hockey-mode. That said, rather have Niemi @ 2 mill…

  7. John says:

    Ideally, you’d like to think the Hawks will be able to play the same system as flawlessly next year. However, with two brand spanking new lines which will be less talented, I don’t think it’s realistic to assume the Hawks will be limiting the opposition to 20 shots a night on a regular basis. At least, not right out of the gate.

  8. Marts says:

    Fair enough, but I still think the success of the Hawks will still be predicated on a puck possession game which limits opponents opportunities (the old other-team-can’t-score-if-we’ve-got-the-puck ideology). Two new lines or not, I think their success will be contingent on them being able to build that type of game throughout the line-up, and under those circumstances I still feel Turco can be successful. That being said, for all we know Turco wants 3.5 a year or something obscene.

    Out of the gate, I agree, they most likely won’t execute the game plan to a tee but I think they may be closer to it than many pundits think (I’m referring to the media mass that has declared us the “Florida Marlins”).

  9. Lou says:

    Marts – we are closer. This is a good team. just a few short years ago we were saying who is this Versteeg guy and Fraser? Brouwer over Skille and Ham Sandwich. Same game different year.

    This is going to be a fun ride.

  10. Brody says:

    Just saw this:


    Looks like Leddy might of signed.

  11. Patrick says:

    John (and all) – even with six new forwards and two new defensemen, I think that this team can be just as good as last year’s team, but we don’t know that yet because there are so many new faces. Here are some predictions:

    1. Towes and Kane continue their growth and each produce a few more points this year.
    2. Hossa and Sharp produce more this year because they’ll have a full year together, and they can play together before Thanksgiving this time.
    3. Browuer plays well enough on the top line to get a good contract boost mid-season, scoring more goals than last year.
    4. Stalberg plays we well as Versteeg did last year and will be on the second line because (from what I have seen), he doesn’t require the puck like Versteeg did, but has wheels and can seem to finish.
    5. A full year of Bolland makes the third line go, and Bickell and Makarov will be decent wingers and solid surprises (yep, it’s basically two rookies on the third line, and while neither one of them are Andrew Ladd, I don’t think they’re chopped liver either).
    6. Dowell centers the fourth line with Koepcky and Skille playing with him, and they hold their own – maybe a little production off of last year, but not too far.
    7. The top four of the D is the best in the league and Vishy, Hendry and Scott round things out.
    8. We avoid the doom and gloom and Niemi signs a two year deal, similar to what what’s-his-name got in Vancouver (the forward)

    The only concern I have is with injuries, but you can’t predict those, and there’s a little depth now down in the A (not much, but a little). Also, the special teams – who does what, especially on the PK.

    The Hawks are going to be just fine, and I like the chances at a repeat. No one out West has significantly upgraded themselves to steal the Hawks crown yet. LA is my biggest concern since they’ll be another year better, but I think that they can be beaten in a series.

  12. John says:

    We tweeted the same thing….

  13. Dave Morris says:

    John Madden will be on Dancing With The Stars next season. Says Mad Dog: “Hockey really isn’t that much different from ballroom dancing, and your linemates are, well, let’s face it, hotter.”

  14. dominator says:

    A prospect leaving Minnesota? Can’t say thats a shocker

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