The Third Man In Radio

On Monday night, I had the distinct pleasure of joining Chris Block on his weekly radio show.  (Bob was stuck in the office until the wee hours of the morning).  You can listen to the show here

As one would predict, we covered the news of the day – the Marty Turco signing and subsequent denial of Antti Niemi – from nearly every angle.  After that, we touched on a few more interesting topics including which Hawk traded this summer will be missed the most, who they should’ve traded, the next Hawk defenseman to be dealt, Hawk defensive prospects, the Nick Leddy situation and just how silly it’s becoming, and of course, James Wisniewski’s new deal. 

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

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2 Responses to The Third Man In Radio

  1. Francis Roberts says:

    Enjoyed the radio show very much. My two cents worth on Niemi/Turco:

    I think the Hawks made the correct, albeit gutsy call. The extra $1.45 million gives them some welcome options:

    They can hold onto it to provide some injury cushion during the season.

    They can now ensure that the competition for roster spots in training camp will be decided more by the best young players, not just the cheapest

    They can try to pick up an experienced 5-6 Defenseman

    For all the bitching and moaning about Brent Sopel last year (I did my share) he filled a valuable role that remains unfilled. He was very good on the PK, where mobility did not matter as much as shot blocking and experience, and he could be a tough guy when needed. For all his good points, I just don’t think Jordan Hendry has this in him.

    I hope that Stan has a poor man’s Sopel on his shopping list.

  2. chico maki says:

    Enjoyed the show, only comment i really disagreed with was that team/locker room chemistry was overrated. Last year’s team was tight both on and off the ice and I believe it resulted in a championship as most of them grew into there skates. We will see how Q handles this dilemma with new personalities to mold, first test will be the game in Atlanta ! Eager vs. Scott or Beach…….TBD

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