The Return of Nick Boynton

Here’s your veteran defensive presence for your 2010-2011 Chicago Blackhawks: Nick Boynton.  According to CapGeek, Boynton turned down retirement to sign a one-year deal with the Hawks for the league minimum, $500,000. 

That now gives the Hawks 7 defensemen under contract on one-way deals.  So unless there’s an injury suffered in training camp or the pre-season, this is very likely the unit who will be with the team when the Stanley Cup banner gets unfurled.  Their bottom three leaves a ton to be desired, but when your top four defensemen combine for almost $20 million dollars, there aren’t much better options.

With 7 defensemen and two goalies, the Hawks still have two openings up front and just over $2 million in cap space to figure everything out.  There are a ton of ways they can about filling those in (there are still a ton of unrestricted wingers looking for work but the Hawks may want to fill the gaps from within) so we’ll just have to wait and see what they do.

–There has been a lot of rumblings the past couple days since the Ilya Kovalchuk ruling because the arbitrator, Nick Bloch, said other deals which are similar to the Kovalchuk deal and will subsequently be investigated were the Roberto Luongo, Marian Hossa, Chris Pronger, and Marc Savard deals.  Of course, he may have spoken out of turn by naming Hossa in the statement because unlike the other three deals, Hossa already played year one of his contract.  The other three kick in this season.

The NHL has done a ton of ass-backwards and ridiculous things through the years, but overturning a contract which has already been approved for a year would immediately shoot to the top of the list.  That’s why I think Bloch may have made a blunder by naming Hossa in that group.  There’s just no conceivable way the Hawks receive any kind of punishment for this.  There’s not.

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15 Responses to The Return of Nick Boynton

  1. Marts says:

    I completely agree on the Hossa thoughts.

    The can of worms this could open if the league starts voiding contracts would be monumental. Although I agree that the Hossa contract should, effectively, be removed from this discuss for the reason mentioned – let me play devils advocate for a moment…

    The league voids Hossa’s contract NOW. All of a sudden 5+ million comes off the Hawks books? After they’ve traded away players to fit under the cap? I don’t see how this could remotely be considered ‘fair’. Sure, life’s not ‘fair’, but come on. You could argue that Hossa’s contract, in part, paved the way for the departure of Byfuglien, Versteeg et al. Had this been voided on or near July 1 I think we have every reason to believe Bowman would’ve negotiated/moved in a different manner.

    Now that I’ve stated the general unfairness of voiding a contract that, by all accounts, can’t be voided – what about some of the other contracts? 7uongo? The Canucks are up against the ceiling. Think they wouldn’t like a mulligan on the 7uongo deal? It wouldn’t be fair for them either. Personally I don’t want the league to void his deal because I actually like the fact that Van City has that much dough tied up in a goalie that we’ve shredded in his two biggest NHL games. But still…

  2. Lou says:

    Some of this is gamesmanship in the press setting the tone for the next CBA negotiations. If Bettman wasn’ a labor war and strike or lockout he can do thit. I think it is about psoturing for the CBA

  3. Otter says:

    No way that would top putting teams in Arizona, Atlanta, TWO in Florida, and Nashville. Over turning Hossa’s contract at least makes 0.000001% sense.

  4. Josh says:

    I fail to see how voiding any of these contracts makes any sense whatsoever. Is the league really saying that these contracts, which were all approved in the last few seasons by their offices, suddenly violate the EXACT SAME CBA they were approved under? How would that not prompt a huge legal battle with the PA?

    Bettman’s going to have to settle with the fact that this loophole was exploited a few times, and there’s nothing he can do to reverse that.

  5. Patrick says:

    As for filling out the roster – I’d want Aaron Asham for the third line. I think that 3 yrs at $2.7 (total) could get it done. The other player can come from within – Makarov anyone?

  6. Lou says:

    This is about posturing for upcoming negotiations. NFL is doing it with rookie contracts and guaranteed money. Baseball about drug testing. Bettman is sending the message about the cap and the long term cap circumventing contracts. NJ pushed the limit and got their tally whacked!

    Kovy can go to the KHL. He is not a top 5 player in the league and certainly not the best to claim the right to being the top paid. I’d argue he is not the top player on NJ, Parise is.

    Man did I mutilate the English language in my last post.

  7. Marts says:

    In entirely unrelated news:

    I just bought a new LG HDTV for this coming season from BestBuy in Calgary. On the cover of the box they have all the NHL team logos (I’m guessing LG is an official sponser?). Anyways, guess who’s on the cover?

    VIKTOR STALBERG! How the hell does he manage to get an LG box cover? I take this as an omen of good things to come… (hopefully we don’t see any kind of Madden-curse).

  8. Fork says:

    I agree, nothing will happen with the Hossa contract.

    Hell, since the one year off the contract was for $7.9MM, which is $2.6MM over his cap hit, the Hawks could conceivably restructure the remaining 11 years for the remaining amount, while levelling the years out, and wind up with a smaller cap hit – less than $5.1MM.

    I’m sure every other team in the NHL would be perfectly happy giving the Hawks almost a quarter million of free cap space.

  9. Big Tony says:

    Yeah I had the same thought pattern, Fork….contract voided, Hossa re-signed for a good bit less per season and Hawks get a big break. No WAY he’d go somewhere else if he had the chance.

  10. Lou says:

    Some other posts/blogs say this may not be confirmed yet

    Any scoop?

  11. Fork says:

    I think the whole Kovalchuk fallout (Hossa, Luongo, Pronger, Zetterberg, etc) is going away quietly, just the way Gary wants it.

    Besides, we’re getting stuck with a lockout in 2012 whether we like it or not.

  12. dominator says:

    Signed Fernando Pisani

  13. Marts says:

    Yeah just saw that too. Lets hope his colitis doesn’t act up. He missed a lot of games with the Oil last year because of it. Any word on what he signed for? I’m hoping it’s in the 600k range…

  14. dominator says:

    500k. He’s at least good on the PK which is always handy

  15. Marts says:

    For 500k he won’t hurt. You could do a lot worse than Pisani for that price. 2nd unit PK… not bad.

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