Hawks Continue to Raid Oil’s Bottom 6

The purging of the Edmonton Oilers depth chart continued today for the Hawks as they reportedly came to an agreement with center Ryan Potulny.  Terms of the contract are $500,000 for a two-way contract. 

This move immediately puts Jake Dowell’s roster spot in jeopardy and continues the Hawks’ summer trend of not gift-wrapping roster spots for their depth players. 

Potulny had a break-out season of sorts last season with 15 goals and 17 assists in 64 games as he bounced between Edmonton and Springfield, their AHL affiliate.

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11 Responses to Hawks Continue to Raid Oil’s Bottom 6

  1. dominator says:

    I don’t really think Potulny is a good fit for fourth line center and I think Dowell will still easily fill that role but at this point the more competition the better.

  2. John says:

    I disagree but we shall see….

  3. John says:

    BTW, I disagree in terms of Potulny not being a good fit for 4th line center and Dowell easily filling the role. Unless Potulny pisses down his leg in training camp, he’s going to be on the Hawks, either as a 3rd line winger or 4th line center. He’s got the inside track on it.

    So either Skille or Dowell will start the season as the 13th forward. With Skille’s pedigree as a former 1st round pick, he’d have to put together an abysmal pre-season for the Hawks not to give him a few games. That’s why I think Dowell is fighting an uphill battle right now.

  4. dominator says:

    Well I have to admit I have seen more of Dowell than I have of Potulny so I may not have a good feel for him, but he seems a little soft for a fourth line center. I think either is going to be better than Colin Fraser though, so its a good start.

  5. John says:

    It all might be academic anyways as Pisani is hardly a pillar of health.

  6. Patrick says:

    I think that this is a decent way to spend a $500K 2-way deal, especially if he has any defense to his game (I know nothing about him other than his name reminds me of chickens). I’m with you, John, in thinking that he’ll make the Hawks, although I was kind of hoping that Makarov would get a decent look at some point. More likely next year now…

  7. dominator says:

    Craig Ramsay announced that Byfuglien will be coming to training camp ‘as a defenseman’. Which is stupid but what else would you expect from the Thrash?

  8. Wishbone says:

    Not sure I get what happened here. We got a guy who scored 15 (Buff and Ladd territory) with the Oil – the worst team in hockey – in less than a full season, who also plays on the PK, for basically nothing. How is this not a great move?

  9. ArlingtonRob says:

    I wonder how long until the Hawks try to bring Byfuglien back…saving him from the Trash seems like a noble endeavor.

  10. Lou says:

    Probably never – and with his switch to D – the cap won’t allow you to renew Seabs, add another Goalie (Turco is 1 yr), sign Brouwer and add Buff. Add in our D funnel that is due to arrive in the next two. Likely no more Buff. And moving Soup is still unlikely

  11. Marts says:

    Potulny is pretty good. Watched quite a few Oilers games last year (~40) and he played quite well game in, game out. He has pretty quality speed, and was a tireless worker which will serve him well in this organization (if it isn’t already a necessity). Last year he was fighting for a roster spot and sometimes you get a little more out of those guys. Knowing that he’s on a 2-way deal… I think we’ll get a similar effort.

    I have a lot of friends that are Oilers fans and they are loathing this move. Says something when a 30th place team has fans that are mourning/questioning the loss of a bottom sixer…

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