Rock N’ Roll Fantasy

For the second straight year, the guys at Fantasy Hockey Scouts asked to contribute to their Blogger Breakdown and we gladly complied.  Here’s one of the questions they asked us:

Q1) Blackhawks Breakout of the Year?

Viktor Stalberg.  The centerpiece of the Kris Versteeg trade, Stalberg will be given every chance to play top 6 minutes for the Hawks, at least in the early going.  The former Hobey Baker finalist scored 12 goals in 39 games on a god-awful Toronto team and the hope is he can add to that with better linemates.

You can find the rest of the questions here.

–Nick Boynton received a one-game suspension (it must be served in the regular season) for his theatrics on Wednesday night.  The hilarious part is Boynton was previously suspended in the ’05-06 season for pulling the same stunt.  No word on whether he got his face pounded in that fight also.

–Jeremy Morin and Igor Makarov practiced with the veterans today.  They also got to dress in the main locker room in their own stalls.  Use that information for what you will.

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5 Responses to Rock N’ Roll Fantasy

  1. Seth says:

    Just thought you’d like to know…..Stalberg scored 12 goals in 39 games with the Toronto MARLIES, the Leafs AHL affiliate. He scored 9 goals in 40 games with the Leafs.

  2. John says:

    Yup, noticed that last night. Had already posted it however. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. feyer says:

    I guess this means Boynton makes the opening roster. Otherwise he is not much use as a call up since he would have to sit out a game once he gets called up.

  4. Cam says:

    Morin looked excellent again tonight against the Wings.

    I’d have no problem with him spending a year in the AHL, but I’m not sure he’ll need more than that.

    Pirri is impressive as well.

  5. Lou says:

    Pirri is in Rockford and his day will come. No need to rush him. Let him stay there and play every night on a top line

    John Scott is freaking huge on TV. Lee, try not to explode when he pounds someone on the top of their head down into the ice.

    Pisani, Skille, and Putulny looked good together, 4th line???? Burish who? Fraser Who? Eager Who?

    Anyone who thinks this team will not be in the playoff hunt is nuts. Yes delusional Philly and Detroit and Vancouver fans, I am referrring to you.

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