It was a busy weekend of Blackhawk re-assignments. 

On Saturday, they sent seven to Rockford- Brandon Bollig, Brandon Pirri, Rob Klinkhammer, Jonathan Carlsson, Simon Danis-Pepin, Ryan Stanton, and Ivan Vishnevskiy.  Then on Sunday, Shawn Lalonde and Chris DiDomenico were shipped west on I-90. 

The Hawks have 21 forwards, 10 defensemen, and 4 goalies left at camp.  Defensive-wise, there’s no debate on the seven guys who will open the season, assuming there’s no injuries.  Same thing with the goaltending.  

Up front, there’s no doubt left Jack Skille will open with the team after Saturday night’s performance.  Fernando Pisani and Ryan Potulny look like sure things.    

So that leaves two spots open and five guys in the mix: Viktor Stalberg, Igor Makarov, Jeremy Morin, Jake Dowell, and Jeff Taffe.  At this moment, Morin has to be considered one of the favorites as the Hawks are nothing but seriously impressed. 

The only way Makarov can open with the team will be if outplays Morin in these last 5 games (and practices, obviously), otherwise he’ll head to Rockford because he will not be the 13th forward. 

Taffe is a guy. 

To me, it’s a matter of semantics.  Jake Dowell has done nothing to deserve a roster spot.  Viktor Stalberg has looked a little off.  If everything stays true, then the Hawks will likely keep Dowell as the 13th forward and let Stalberg skate on Rockford’s top-6.  It makes no sense to keep Stalberg unless he’s playing every night.  Dowell is taking away someone’s minutes if he’s playing in Rockford so the Hawks may as well keep him in their press box.

Keep in mind, this is still pretty early in the process.  Morin has the capability of laying a stink bomb and Stalberg can still force his way on to the roster.  If the Hawks brass is as bright as you believe, then they won’t paint themselves into a corner and will wait on this decision until the last possible day.

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5 Responses to Rostering

  1. Patrick says:

    Any chance that someone gets traded off the roster before the Hawks break camp? My thinking is that it probably won’t happen, but it’s almost like the Hawks have too much of a good thing going, and will for years.

    I honestly believe that this team isn’t going to just contend for the playoffs, they’re going to contend for the Cup, and through the sheer will of Jonathan Toews, and the f-you attitude of Patrick Kane, I think they’ll win it again.

  2. Otter says:

    The more I look at the West, the more I’m thinking the Hawks go back to the Finals.

    I’m not seeing any up and comers other than the Kings. I think the Sharks are on the down slide. I don’t trust the Canucks. The Wings should have one, maybe two more, solid pushes left in them, but I don’t know if they’re better than the Hawks as of this moment.

    Phoenix and Colorado had nice years, but if they didn’t make the playoffs no one would be surprised. Eventually St. Louis should be solid, but they seem to be at least a year away. Everyone else either old or a total mess.

    Seems like slowly the power is shifting to the East… which is good for the Hawks in the short and long term.

  3. feyer says:

    I too think the Hawks will go back to the finals. As a fan of the team, it can be argued that I am somewhat biased in that view, but if you look at my track record, I predicted the same thing last year!

  4. Tom says:

    I’ve gotta agree that the West looks a little wide open.

    Sure, the experts have got Luongo(al) and “Hey, Sedin, your brother is ugly” Cannucks in first. But, like Otter says, you can’t trust ’em. We are the Patriots to their Colts.

    Flip the other way for Detroit. We are the Colts to their Patriots. Even if Detroit still has one or two punches left in ’em, it’s still enough to knock us around. I would’ve loved to have seen them in the playoffs last year as a measuring stick. Because, they still are the measuring stick until proven otherwise.

    LA is the team I’m worrying about, coming out of the West. They’ve got some very solid pieces together, especially defensively. Their offense may not be able to run w/ the Hawks, but they might not even see the Hawks in the playoffs (see: Detroit vs. Chicago in ’10 playoffs – oh, that’s right, didn’t happen).

    SJ can’t seem to get out of their own head when it comes to the playoffs. I’ll put them in the same boat as Vancouver. When they beat us, I’ll be worried.

    As for now, the Hawks look like they can give the post-season another deep run. It’s just a matter of who’s hot when, and who the Hawks have to face.

  5. Ken says:

    If camp broke today, my lines would be:


    Stalberg out. Morin next man up.
    Kopecky may swap out with Bickell, Pisani swaps with Skille.

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