It All Starts Again

The preseason mercifully ended on Sunday.  If you’re of the belief that the only goal of the preseason is to get the regulars out healthy, well then the Hawks failed because they lost Brian Campbell for a month.  If you’re not so obtuse, then it was actually a pretty good preseason for them.

They saw enough out of two 19 year-olds that it’s going to take an act of God, or the salary cap, to keep them out of the opening day lineup.  As a team, they had several strong stretches of play once the regulars were in the lineup.  Their top players look like they’re ready to go, including Marian Hossa who has looked like a demon spawn thus far. 

So things could be worse. 

Losing Campbell stings, no doubt, but at least the Hawks now have a laundry list of candidates to take his place.  Unlike last year when the options were Nick Boynton, Jordan Hendry, and a swift kick in the nuts.  Nick Leddy will get the first look.  Brian Connelly the next. 

Campbell is expected to miss about 15 games. At the least optimistic prognistication, those two should give the Hawks 7 games of adequate play.  Joel Quenneville will have to mix and match the rest of the way. 

A bigger concern will be the second power play unit, but with so much new blood infused on the roster, it was going to take awhile for everything to click on that unit, with Campbell or without him.

The Hawks will likely make their final cuts in the next day or so.  It will be interesting to see what they do because it’s going to be pretty difficult to fit 24 contracts (that’s with the assumption Campbell isn’t placed on LTIR) under the cap to start the season.  So there’s still a couple things left to decide.

–In the next week, we’ll start up our farm updates.  The OHL, WHL, and QJMHL have all begun their seasons and due to simple laziness, we haven’t started keeping tabs.  No longer.

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7 Responses to It All Starts Again

  1. Sam says:

    Dude, come on. Simple laziness is my standard setting.

  2. Patrick says:

    What about Vishnevsky? Why isn’t he getting any love as a Campbell replacement right now? I thought he was the most replacement-ready out of all of the young D-men.

  3. John says:

    I was going to mention him but he was one of the first players sent to Rockford so I don’t think his chances are very high at the moment. It’s going to be Leddy, Connelly, and a lot of patch work in the next month or so.

  4. Big Tony says:

    Morin sent to Rockford today. Not the worst thing for him and Beach to play a bunch out there.

  5. dominator says:

    Potulny and Cullimore on waivers per McKenzie

  6. Dave Morris says:

    Gentlemen of The Fifth Feather, finally we can look forward to real hockey after a summer of tweeting by MSM Hockey Scribblers about their BBQs, hammocks and K-Chuk’s Kontrakt.

    So Soupy’s on the sidelines for 5 weeks? Hey, it could be worse.

    Remember last year.

    And Les Hawques not only survived, they thrived.

    How does it feel to be Champions?

  7. Lou says:

    TSN – top 50 players

    3 Toews
    5 Dunc
    15 – Kane

    I’d say we might be okay.

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