Red Wings 3, Blackhawks 2; Weekend Farm Wrap

I only caught brief glimpses of Saturday’s tilt.  To be honest, I’m more encouraged by the outcome then some probably are.  I anticipated a royal beating at the hands of the Red Wings (mostly because all Chicago teams get pounded in their ‘banner’ game) and the fact that it could have gone either way makes me feel a little more comfortable than Friday morning.  Feel free to disagree below.

–The IceHogs opened up their season Saturday with a 5-2 loss to the Manitoba Moose.  Brandon Bollig and Kyle Beach were the goal scorers while Brian Connelly, Ryan Stanton, Peter LeBlanc, and Kyle Hagel added assists.  Hannu Toivonen stopped 26 of the 31 shots he faced.

On Sunday, they beat the Grand Rapids Griffins 5-4 in a back-and-forth affair.  Ryan Potulny scored the game-winning goal halfway through the third.  He also had an assist.  Simon Danis-Pepin had a goal and assist as did Rob KlinkhammerJeff Taffe had two assists.  Evan Brophey and Igor Makarov scored the other goals for the Hogs.  

Shawn Lalonde had an assist and was a +3.  Beach had an assist and 3 shots on goal.  Alec Richards made 25 saves on 29 shots.

The IceHogs signed Garnet Exelby to a professional tryout agreement on Friday.  While he is not Blackhawk property per se, they will have the option to purchase his contract from Rockford if they see fit.    

Dylan Olsen had a goal and two assists as Minnesota-Duluth went 1-0-1 at the Superior Showcase.  Dan DeLisle had an assist in Saturday’s 6-6 tie with Lake Superior.

–2010 2nd round pick defenseman Justin Holl scored a goal in his first NCAA game on Friday night.

Jimmy Hayes had an assist in Boston College’s 2-0 win on Saturday. 

David Pacan had two assists in Niagara’s 4-1 win over the Barrie Colts.  He scored his first goal as an IceDog on Friday night.  He’s just under a point per game in the early going with 4 in five games.

Byron Froese had an assist for Red Deer in their 3-0 win on Saturday.  He had two assists on Friday night against the Brandon Wheat Kings.  Froese is currently tied for the league-lead in points with 14 in 9 games.  He has 3 goals and 11 assists.        

Phillipe Paradis had a goal and two assists for PEI on Saturday.  He had an assist in Friday night’s win.  He has 3 goals and 6 assists in 8 games so far.

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11 Responses to Red Wings 3, Blackhawks 2; Weekend Farm Wrap

  1. Lou says:

    Well we see how much Soup really does add to the team. Scott will trip over his feet again before the end of the year. Leddy will get better and better. Hendry might want to keep renting.

    Bolland is not a 2nd line center. He is a shutdown third line center and we can see why we need to have a ton of them develop.

    Bickell has indeed improved his game.

  2. Cam says:

    One other big-name prospect continues to roll as well.

    Ludvig Rensfeldt had 2 goals and 3 assist in 3 games this weekend for his Swedish Junior team.

    Despite being a wing, Rensfeldt has taken 85 draws this year and is credited with winning 68% of them.

  3. dominator says:

    Skille looked really good on Saturday, if only he would hit the net when he shoots…

  4. CT says:

    Ludvig Rensfeldt? FINALLY, the Hawks have stepped into the 21st century and acquired an undead player.

  5. royze1 says:

    Without seeing the future Hawks play a lot it’s hard to say with any degree of confidence if any of them can actually play, but it’s apparent there is some talent coming at forward. There isn’t a legit NHL calliber goaltender in the system that isn’t already on the NHL roster, hopefully that won’t be an issue for the Blackhawks. Outside of Leddy it doesn’t appear there is any help on the backline coming. Lalonde? From everything that has gotten out on him and from the little he played in the preseason he is a long way off if he’s even considered a legit prospect at this stage.

    Skille & Bickell look much more comfortable this year. Skille especially with the puck looks like he belongs. Before he was a run away train with the puck, now his head is up and he looks capable of making a play. Will he ever amount to anything more than a 4th line player? Probably not but he can be an effective 4th line player which is huge on a team with cup aspirations. Bickell looks like he’s 6’4″ 220+ lbs when he’s playing, his skating looks improved also. With his size & shot release & the talent around him he should be a 20-25 goal guy. I think he has the ability to replace Ladd with a better scoring touch. I think he still needs to be more forceful on the ice and present himself with more authority.

    The Hawks should be in pretty great shape for making moves for the future. They won’t be in cap hell next year, their 4+ mill cap penatly goes away. They’ll be 15.5 mill under the current cap (certain to go up 1 or 2 mill) with only 2 top 9 forwards (Brouwer & Kopecky) & 1 regular defensemen (Seabrook) to sign.

    While I don’t believe the Hawks aren’t a real contender this year. They are if things break right for them. I really think this is an orginizational deep breath year and the following few years are the years the Hawks will be 1st tier Cup contenders. Outside of Hossa their best players will be entering or just into their primes and they’ll be in a position to add to that core whether it’s from the minors/juniors or outside the orginization. They’ll be an extremely attractive option for a veteran who isn’t looking for the payday so much as everything that Chicago would offer. A 1st class orginization, a coach who knows how to treat players and a chance to win a Cup.

  6. Dave Morris says:

    CT still wishes the Hawks had signed Modano, mostly because he believes Willa Ford is serious talent who’s good in the room.

    What can anyone think of a team that considers, and actually employs, Todd Bertuzzi as a starter?

  7. dominator says:

    Crawford is getting the nod tonight and Sharp should be good to go.

  8. CT says:

    Dave, I agree with your Bertuzzi premise, but I have a hard time throwing stones when my team counts Tomas Kopecky among its starters.

    Screw it, I’m throwing stones, Bertuzzi sucks and belongs in prison. The Red Wings will be sunk by karma alone.

  9. Zach says:

    +1 on skille looking very strong, and who would have thought bickell gets 2 goals in the first two games.

    I feel like Q is going to have to give up on the Kopecky on line 1 experiment, he’s had at least three scoring chances he’s biffed on. Somebody else could be getting those.

    Also, the physical play (which was the subject of much offseason debate) seems to be going rather well. Skille put a couple guys down and Seabrook had a few good pops too.

    Dave Bolland has got to get it together.

  10. Lou says:

    CT – Perfect statement on Bertuzzi. A giant POS and deserve to have one of Herb Brooks’ legendary koho’s broken off…

    And Yes Dave Bolland needs to get it together. It could start with sheeding the Bobby Brady look

  11. Carla Pentimone says:

    The banner raising in front of the wings made up for the loss.

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